Springwell UV Filter & Water Purification System: 2023

Interested in the best UV water filter for well water? Stop looking now! We understand how difficult it may be to sift through all the possibilities to choose the best system for your well water filtration requirements, given the variety on the market. 

Bacterial contamination in wells is a common complaint among homeowners. The most effective method for treating well water for bacteria, viruses, algae, and other microbes is shock chlorination, although it is a complicated and labor-intensive process. In addition, a specialized carbon filter is required to eliminate the flavor and odor of chlorine from water.

A top-tier Springwell UV filter is available in the market. Let’s take a close look at it so you can buy with confidence.

Springwell UV Filter

FeaturesSpringwell UV Filter
Contaminants removal99.9%
Flow rateHigh
Digital monitorYes

About Springwell UV Filter

In 2023, we recommend the SpringWell SPRW-UVC5-15 as the top UV purifier for your house. This is because it is a whole-house filtration system, meaning that the ultraviolet light (UV) rays cleanse the water throughout the entire house, removing 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other waterborne illnesses. Buying this entire home filter will put your mind at ease since you will know that all of your household water is safe.

SpringWell UV Water Purification System



When used to well water, the device eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria and other microbes. You won’t need to boil or chlorinate the well water again after installation.

The UV light is what makes the device work. The ability of ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms in water is well-known. E. coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia lamblia are just a few of the viruses and bacteria that it effectively combats.


Tanks, valves, and fittings from SpringWell come with a lifetime guarantee except for UV devices, this lifetime warranty covers all SpringWell products. There is a ten-year warranty on the stainless steel reactors and a three-year warranty on the electronics, which includes the ballasts in the controller head. The warranty for the light and sensors is one year. 

Flow rate

If you turn on a lot of faucets at once, even with a high flow rate, the pressure can go down. Sediment or low incoming water pressure are two more potential causes of a reduction in water pressure.

Digital monitor

You can keep track of the system dynamics using the electric monitor that comes with the device. It gives specifics on how well the item worked.

The adaptor may check the UV levels on other devices as well. You may add more ultraviolet (UV) sensors to the system using the expandability connector.


With the electronic monitor, maintenance is a breeze, and you can be certain that the water you consume is always completely clean. To prompt you to change the UV bulb, it shows visual warnings. Before 7 days have passed, you’ll receive a gentle nudge to change the bulb. After 7 days, you’ll get a more urgent notification to cease using the water since it might not be safe to drink.


By doubling the required UV radiation, the SPRW-UVC5-15 can eradicate the majority of dangerous infections. Even the most harmful organisms, like E. coli, which usually only requires 6 mJ/cm² to kill 99.9% of it, won’t be able to get through your water supply because of the huge margin of safety at 30 mJ/cm².


Its UV system is as simple to set up as any other filter from SpringWell. It comes with everything you need to set it up. An electrical outlet is required, however, power extensions are also an option. For do-it-yourself installation instructions, you may consult the user manual or get in touch with SpringWell’s tech support.

Build quality

In general, the item is well-made. We had a conversation with SpringWell’s head of product development, and he assured me that the firm spares no expense in obtaining the materials used to construct its goods, which are all American-made. The people at SpringWell aren’t like other businesses; they’re not looking for the lowest way to maximize revenues. 

System upgrades

Any whole-house water filtration system is compatible with the device. It is compatible with other brands of water filters as well.

An RO water purification system is an available upgrade for SpringWell customers. For the majority of private wells, this improvement is the last step in treating water for human consumption.

Changing UV bulbs

You can find vital information like the UV lamp’s remaining life on the UV disinfection system controller. It also has statistics for monitoring performance and useful diagnostics for troubleshooting if issues emerge. An optional UV sensor that tracks the strength of UV rays is also available for update at a later time.

One wonderful thing about the Springwell Blackcomb UV water filter system’s bulb is that it won’t need replacing more frequently than once a year. 

Pros And Cons

  • Easy installation
  • Digital monitor helps in making replacement and maintenance easy
  • Great flow rate
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Expensive

Pro Tips

  • Aside from changing the light bulbs, you should inspect the system for any leaks, accumulations on the inlet and outlet ports, and faulty electrical connections. Using a microfiber cloth to dust the device every two to three weeks will keep it clean and in excellent working order.
  • The product’s guarantee will be nullified if the UV purifier is installed before the sediment-water filter. Just so you know, it’s suggested to use a 5-micron sediment filter, so this shouldn’t be an issue if you do!


Pure Water for Human Consumption

A water purification system that employs ultraviolet light can kill any potentially dangerous bacteria, viruses, cysts, or protozoa in the water. The fact that a UV filter system is both simple and inexpensive should be enough to persuade most individuals to have one.

No Additional Chemicals

The best way to clean water with UV light without adding harmful chemicals (like chlorine) is by using an ultraviolet water filter.

Only the hazardous microbes are rendered dormant and prevented from multiplying during the UV treatment; no substances are removed or added to the water. As a result, it is an eco-friendly and risk-free method of disinfecting water in your house.

Reduced Upkeep

Among the many benefits of UV purifying systems is how little upkeep they require. Upkeep consists of just changing the bulbs once a year and, preferably, the quartz sleeve every other year. Very easy!

Water Flavor Remain Unaltered

Continuing from the previous point, the chemistry and, by extension, the taste and fragrance of UV-filtered water are unaltered because no additional components are introduced to it. You don’t need to chlorinate your water supply as you used to.

Best for

To add a UV purifier to your water treatment system, the SpringWell UV Water Purification System is a great choice. Its small form factor should make it easy to incorporate into your existing water filtration system, and it functions just as well with both municipal and well water. 

Out Take

When it comes to UV water purifiers, we recommend the SpringWell UV Water Filter System. You get all the UV power you need, plus it has some cool extras that make it last longer.

Plus, it’s small enough to fit almost any place and comes with the industry’s best guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

After how many uses does a UV filter need cleaning?

Contaminant accumulation on the UV quartz sleeve of your water purifier can diminish the overall efficacy of the UV light and make it less efficient at transmitting UV light, thus it’s necessary to clean the sleeve regularly. Each year, give the quartz sleeve a good cleaning and make sure it’s well-maintained. 

Following the installation of the SpringWell UV water purification system, is it necessary to install any additional drinking water filters?

Yes. Water microbes (such as viruses and bacteria) are the only ones that ultraviolet light can kill. There is no other impurity that they can eliminate. Therefore, to eliminate TDS and VOCs from your water, it is essential to install a drinking water filter following the UV system.

Would city water be suitable for the SpringWell UV system?

Yes. The SpringWell UV system is highly effective on both municipal and well water. Verify that Springwell has specified the minimum water quality requirements.

Would you recommend a UV light filter?

When it comes to house HVAC systems, ultraviolet (UV) lights are a top improvement. To ensure that the air you breathe is safe, ultraviolet lights are the way to go. Anyone with a home HVAC system should get them since they are cheap, effective, and easy to maintain.

Final Words

Investing in an ultraviolet water filter is a smart move. All you have to do is install a high-quality one that is appropriately sized. When it comes to UV water purifiers, the SpringWell UV Water Filter is without a doubt the finest option. 

Whether you have a private well or utilize the water from the city, this device can purge your water of any harmful bacteria or viruses. It has a sophisticated controller head that lets you track your system’s life cycle, and you can customize it with cool accessories to make it even better and last longer. 

It outshines the majority of competing systems on the market in terms of quality and innovation. Despite the price, it’s money well spent.

I hope that this detailed Springwell UV filter review will be of great help to you. 

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