Kind Water Systems Reviews (Formerly Evo)

Established in the USA, Kind Water (formerly Evo Water Systems) is a water treatment company that provides premium UV purification, water softening, and whole-house filtering systems.

Some of the most respected names in the business recommend their products, and they’re also typically thought of as one of the best options for water softeners and whole-house filters. 

Kind Water Systems is well recognized for its creative approach and use of NSF-certified components in high-quality water treatment systems. This has contributed to its impressive popularity. Any information you may need about these Water Systems and their products is included in the coming sections of this post about Kind water systems reviews.

Kind Water Systems Reviews

In this post, we shall have an in-depth look at the top 3 water filtration systems offered by Kind. 

  • Whole House Water Filter with UV
  • Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener with UV
  • Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softening Combo with UV

Kind Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softening Combo with UV (E-3000UV)

FeaturesWhole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softening Combo with UV
Flow rate15 GPM
Sediment filter5-micron
CapacityUp to 6 bathrooms
InstallationDIY/Some users may need professional
Filter replacementAnnual

Invest in an E-3000UV if you’re looking for top-tier filtration. It filters out contaminants, makes water softer, and eliminates most bacteria that live in well water.

Kind Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softening Combo with UV
Kind Water Systems, Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener Combo with UV Purification

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Flow rate

Effortlessly integrating all of the previously evaluated features, the E-3000UV maintains high quality throughout. With its 15 GPM flow rate, it provides clean, soft water for homes with up to seven bathrooms, just like all other Kind Products.

Low maintenance

Due to the annual replacement of the UV lamp and sediment filter (catalytic carbon block), this softening unit requires nothing in the way of maintenance.


If you’re looking for a less noisy alternative that nonetheless produces soft, wholesome water, free of salt and chemicals from any of your home’s faucets, this is it. 


In addition to being completely maintenance-free, it also comes with a lifetime warranty that will protect you in the event of any failure.

The drawbacks

Naturally, the E-3000UV despite being the priciest Kind product, its many advantages more than justify the cost. The other negative aspect for common residents is if you don’t have any plumbing skills, it’s best to employ a professional plumber to install the most intricate Kind system.

Pros And Cons

  • Removes hundreds of contaminants
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High water pressure and flow rate
  • NSF certified
  • Expensive
  • Installation may need professionals

Kind Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener with UV (E-2000UV)

FeaturesWhole House Salt-Free Water Softener with UV
Flow rate15 GPM
Sediment filter5-micron
CapacityUp to 6 bathrooms
InstallationDIY/Some users may need professional
Filter replacementAnnual

To ensure that you may drink worry-free water from any of your household faucets without having to worry about the harmful effects of salt or hard water scale, the Kind employs cutting-edge, high-performance salt-free conditioning technology. When combined with a UV light purifier, the Kind E-2000 system may eradicate any lingering germs or boil warnings. 

Kind Water Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener with UV

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Water pressure 

The nicest aspect is that your water pressure won’t go down when you acquire all that. The Kind’s maximum flow rate of fifteen gallons per minute is enormous, and it can handle a home with as many as six bathrooms.

Customer service 

Putting it on a wall is a breeze with the provided installation kit. The customer service is excellent and will help you through any problems you may have.


You won’t have to worry about upkeep for this system because it doesn’t need salt, power, or a drain line to work. The eSoft conditioner changes the water’s physical makeup instead of chemically modifying it like an ion exchange procedure, so there’s no need to refill the salt-free cartridge.  


It takes no more than a few minutes to change out the sediment pre-filter.  If your water has a lot of silt, you may cleanse it numerous times before replacing it, which is a wonderful feature. You should change the sediment filter annually at the very least. 

Warranty and Certification 

Made entirely in the USA from NSF/ANSI-certified materials, the Kind water system is sure to last.  It comes with a 120-day money-back guarantee in addition to a top lifetime warranty in the market.

This implies that you may get your money back in full if you install the system and aren’t satisfied with it within 120 days!

Pros And Cons

  • Eco-friendly
  • Smart and user-friendly design
  • NSF certified
  • Low maintenance
  • Expensive

Kind Whole House Water Filter with UV (E-1000UV)

FeaturesKind Whole House Water Filter with UV
Flow rate15 GPM(Gallons per minute)
CapacityUp to 6 bathrooms
InstallationMay need professional
Filter replacementAnnual

Like many Americans, you may have had or may experience coliform bacteria issues if you use a private well for your water supply. The Kind UV purifier, in conjunction with the E-1000 whole-house water filter, is one of the greatest options for protecting your water supply from harmful microbes.

Kind Whole House Water Filter with UV (E-1000UV)

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Contaminants removal

With a power density of 30 mj/cm2, the KindUV lamp produces intense ultraviolet light. Consequently, it gets rid of the most prevalent bacteria and viruses found in water supplies, including coliform, salmonella, and legionella strains.

However, sediment and turbidity removal is an essential first step in getting the most out of a UV purifier. This is why the Kindsystem incorporates a UV light into its whole-house setup. After going through the carbon and sediment filters, the water is clear of any sediment or turbidity that might reduce the UV lamp’s effectiveness.


The E-1000UV differs from the E-1000 in another respect: how complicated it is to install. To put it simply, you need to hire a professional to install the combination unit because it is not as user-friendly as the prior one.

Flow rate

The rest of the device’s characteristics are identical to those of the E-1000. With a 15 GPM flow rate, an annual filter and UV lamp replacement requirement, and a lifetime guarantee, this water purifier has you covered.


Guaranteeing the longevity of your investment, Kind Water stands by its product with a limited lifetime guarantee. Additionally, all products bought through the official website come with a 120-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Customer support

You may reach their helpful customer service representatives at any time, day or night. Feel free to contact them by phone or the online form on their website if you have any questions or concerns about their goods. 


The only real maintenance need is changing the filter cartridge every so often. It is easier to change the filter housing because of its twist-and-release construction. 

The only Drawback

The E-1000 UV has the same limitations as before, including an inability to handle minerals found in hard water and harmful heavy elements like lead and arsenic.

Pros And Cons

  • High flow rate
  • Certified components 
  • Good customer support
  • Low maintenance 
  • Filters may be difficult to install

Kind Water Systems

Decades of expertise in the water sector are possessed by the Kind Water Systems. Their primary goal from the start has been to provide low prices without sacrificing quality, performance, or usability.

They rebranded as Kind Water Systems in early 2023 from Evo Water Systems to better reflect their purpose of delivering superior water solutions that prioritize sustainability, customer happiness, and community welfare. 

Kind employs salt-free softener and state-of-the-art filter technology, offering cartridge whole home solutions that are unparalleled in the water business. The lack of floor space required for installation and the ease of usage make cartridge systems superior to tank-based alternatives.

Their products and services are great since they are less harmful to the environment and don’t utilize any chemicals or wastewater in their operation. And the extraordinary aspect is that they’re not expensive. Furthermore, you can find the Kind water systems coupon code by searching. 

What is the target of Kind UV disinfection water systems?

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection kills bacteria, viruses, spores, and cysts, but it doesn’t filter out sediment, add chemicals, or eliminate unpleasant smells or tastes.

Kind UV water treatment is effective in removing:

  • Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Bacilli that cause dysentery
  • E. coli
  • Bacteria that cause tuberculosis
  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Hepatitis B virus 
  • Cholera
  • Fungi
  • Certain other viruses

Do Kind ultraviolet light water purifiers pose any health risks?

Without causing any harm, ultraviolet light may cure water. It doesn’t change the chemical makeup of water or utilize any hazardous chemicals. An ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer disinfects with ultraviolet (UV) light. Like it does for tiny living things, ultraviolet C light is toxic to people. While the UV bulb is on, it poses no danger unless you come into contact with it or gaze directly at it.

While chlorine treatment does the trick, the safest option is ultraviolet light. For protozoa that chlorine treatment misses, ultraviolet light is the way to go. Compared to chemical disinfectants, a UV system is less hazardous and requires less maintenance. Chlorine water treatment calls for an accurate retention tank, injections, and solutions. These days, UV water purification is a common tool in wastewater treatment facilities for removing dangerous chemical contaminants in treated water, such as chloramines and chlorine.

When is a Kind water system with a UV purifier useful?

If your water has germs in it or if you want extra protection in the event of a natural disaster, UV purification is the way to go. Your city’s water supply is already polluted when the water treatment facility issues a boil water advisory. No matter what happens to your water source, a UV system will keep your water safe from viruses and other hazardous organisms.

Unless you want to use chemicals to disinfect your water, a UV water purifier is necessary if you have a private well or keep your water in a tank. That is the responsibility of the well owner to disinfect the water, and the best method to accomplish that is by using UV light. Before using ultraviolet light to treat well water, a Rusco spin-down filter works wonders as a prefilter.

Installation of Kind (Formerly Evo) water system

The Kind water system’s inline design makes installation a breeze. There are just two connections on it: one for water in and one for water out. This makes it a do-it-yourself project that won’t take more than two hours to finish.

You can find detailed instructions for installing their filtration systems in their installation guide, or you can check various YouTube videos. The filter changes are so quick that a bypass isn’t required, but we installed one nevertheless.

With every filtration system, you get an installation kit that has everything you need to put it on the wall. In addition, it may be placed either indoors or outside, depending on your residence. Plus, unlike tank-based versions, it won’t be an eyesore, so you can bring it with you when you relocate. However, if you don’t feel confident with your installation skills, you can ask their professional team for installation services. 

Customers’ Reviews of Kind Water Filtration Systems with UV

In general, Kind Water Systems’ customers are satisfied. Their favorite part is how simple these systems are to set up and keep running. Furthermore, after installing a Kind system, several consumers noticed a dramatic improvement in the purity and quality of their water.

Kind water softener reviews also show praise for the compact design of Kind systems compared to more conventional whole-house filtering equipment that employs tanks. They were able to save more room than they would have with other brands because of this.

Finally, consumers have complimented the delivery service, saying that their orders have arrived promptly every time.

We saw that many consumers were unhappy with the systems’ durability, which might impact how long they last. These water filters are more likely to sustain external damage than tank-based ones because they are cartridge-based and the cartridges are located outside. As a result, the Kind gadgets don’t last as long.

Benefits of Kind Water Filtration Systems

Always Stain-free Bathrooms, Sinks, And Showers

Using purified water for cleaning is just as beneficial as drinking it. Mineral deposits and soap scum become less noticeable on dishes. Because fewer bacteria are present, showers stay cleaner for longer. The reduced chlorine concentration keeps clothes looking brighter. Because there is less lime and calcium, the drains do not become blocked.

Elevated Pet Water Quality

Good for both you and your pets, what’s good for you is good for them. Pets can have longer, healthier lives with fewer health problems if the water they drink is clean.

Aside from perhaps better skin and fur, pets bathed in filtered water may have fewer cases of skin irritation due to the reduced residue that rinses off compared to tap water. 

Environment friendly

Americans drink 50 billion bottles of water. Every year, the world’s bottle consumption surpasses 200 billion. It takes millions of years for plastic bottles to decompose, adding to environmental pollution. The environment will surely suffer the consequences of this amount of rubbish. Filtration systems for water provide all the benefits of treated water without the hassle and expense of using individual bottles.

Less Exposure to Harmful Chemicals in Drinking Water

Your average glass of tap water contains more than 2,000 harmful chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates the amounts of less than 60 of these substances. Not all of the remaining compounds have had their long-term effects thoroughly investigated. The water in your house can have up to 99.9 percent of contaminants removed by a filtration system.

Improvements to Well-being

An ancient proverb says: “You are what you eat.” This is, to a certain extent, correct. It would be more accurate to say, “You are what you drink.” Some 70% of a human being is water.

So, clean water isn’t just necessary; it’s essential to your survival. Improving nutrient absorption, strengthening nails and hair, and speeding up the healing process are all benefits of drinking pure water. Soap residue is easier to rinse out of hair and skin when using cleaner water. Skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, and dermatitis respond better to purified water.

Improved Cooking Water

Improving the water quality has a direct impact on the cooking process. To start, a lot of people find that their tap water has a chemical scent or is slightly sour. This has the potential to significantly impact marinades and sauces. Pasta, for example, might have its texture altered if the water from the tap has too many minerals. Those who like the kitchen will find that a water filtering system greatly enhances the flavor and nutritional value of their dishes.

Extended Lifespan of Appliances

Using filtered water instead of tap water extends the life of appliances including dishwashers, clothes washers, showers, and toilets. Clogged and worn-out drains and pipes are just some of the problems that can result from lime and calcium deposits. To keep your appliances running for longer, use cleaner water to prevent these. To find out more, go into this: There are seven major drawbacks of hard water.

Decreased Probability of Specific Health Issues

Filtered water drinkers had a 33% lower risk of gastrointestinal illnesses compared to tap water drinkers, according to studies. Furthermore, many people experience the agonizing agony of kidney stones due to the calcium in tap water. When compared to tap water, filtered water is far gentler on the stomach’s delicate chemical equilibrium. Acid reflux and ulcers are both made less likely by this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any salt-free softeners that work?

Kind Saltless water softeners do dissolve the calcium and magnesium that cause hard water in your house, protecting your pipes and appliances from the buildup of scale. The crystallization process eliminates the need for chemicals and salt, preventing scale buildup by more than 99 percent. Therefore, saltless softeners are better for the environment than salt-based ones.

The lifespan of a Kind water filter is what?

There is a 12-month replacement interval between Kind carbon block and sediment filters. You can wash the sediment filter as many times as you need to. A new cartridge for your eSoft salt-free water softener is never necessary.

Is it necessary to have a Kind water purifier system for my entire house?

Although it is essential for human survival, water that is polluted can cause serious health problems. A whole-house water filter may put your mind at ease by ensuring that your family is constantly drinking water that is free of contaminants.

Do Kind water softeners work?

To solve the problem of hard water, Kind water softeners remove minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water, but they do not filter the water. You still need a Kind water filter, even if you have a water softener, to remove impurities and make the water safe to drink, cook with, and bathe with.

Final Words

When it comes to whole-house filtration, water softening, and ultraviolet (UV) water purification, one reliable brand is Kind Water.

The Kind E-1000 UV system is an excellent value if sediment and chemicals are your only concerns. We recommend the E-1000UV if you are looking for a device that can kill microbes as well. It’s a great combo of the E-1000 with an extremely efficient 30 mj/cm2 UV light.

An environmentally conscious and low-maintenance option for addressing hard water issues is the Kind E-2000UV Salt-Free technology. Homeowners with mild to moderate hard water supplies will love it since it’s healthier and easier to use than standard water softeners.

In contrast, the E-3000UV, a hybrid of the E-1000 and a salt-free water softener, is our top pick for dealing with hard water. The E-3000UV combination is one of the greatest options available if you’re looking for a gadget that can handle sediment, chemicals, water hardness, and microorganisms all at once.

Finally, we hope that these Kind water systems reviews will be of great help to you. 

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