Black Friday Water Bottles Sale

It is finally black Friday and your favourite water bottles are almost free. It’s not just bottles, these are a lifestyle. We know this is why we are presenting you with a sustainable and health-conscious choice and we are also super excited to announce the Black Friday Offers. Among game-changers, the Larq Water Bottle is unique.

This creative water bottle blends cutting-edge technology with environmental consciousness. Prepare to discover why the Larq Water Bottle and Shell Water Bottle are creating a stir in the hydration industry. And keep an eye out for the Black Friday deal, which may further increase the accessibility of this eco-friendly bottle.

We’re here to help you make better, healthier decisions in life with the arrival of Black Friday water bottles. Grab this chance to purchase these bottles as they both weigh less in your pocket this time.

Don’t Miss out on the Water Bottle Black Friday Sale

Attention, eco-conscious shoppers! This Black Friday, Larq and Shell Water System are offering incredible discounts on their innovative Water Bottles. This is your chance to snag this eco-friendly and self-cleaning bottle at a fraction of the regular price.

This Black Friday, you have the opportunity to grab the Shell Water Bottle System at amazing discounts:

  • 25% off on selected models.
  • 35% off on your first order.
  • An unbelievable 75% off with free shipping.

Don’t miss out on these incredible deals, and redefine the way you hydrate, all while making a positive impact on the environment. 

Access the deals. It’s here!

Comparison Table

FeaturesLarq Water BottleShell Water System Bottle
Filtration TechnologyUV-C LED disinfectionMulti-stage filtration
Filter ReplacementApproximately every 1-2 monthsTypically every 2-3 months
MaterialStainless steel with a UV-C LED capEco-friendly and recyclable materials
Self-CleaningYes, every two hoursNo self-cleaning, manual maintenance
Water Quality MonitoringNo water quality monitoring system availableSmart sensors and app integration
App SupportDoes not include App supportDedicated app for water quality tracking
DesignSleek and modern designDurable build designed to last
Sustainability FocusReduced single-use plastic bottles and carbon footprintMinimizing plastic waste and promoting sustainability
PriceBuy NowBuy Now
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The Larq Water Bottle

Imagine a water bottle that not only keeps you hydrated but also helps the environment. The Larq Water Bottle does just that. With features like self-cleaning and the elimination of single-use plastic bottles, it’s a product that caters to both personal and planetary well-being.

Why Choose the Larq Water Bottle?

Hydration with a Purpose: The Larq Water Bottle combines functionality with purpose. By choosing it, you’re actively reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.

Self-Cleaning: Larq’s proprietary UV-C LED technology eliminates up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and viruses from your water, ensuring every sip is clean and safe.

Rechargeable: The bottle’s rechargeable feature ensures you’re not only saving the environment but also your wallet—no more need for constant battery replacements.

Stylish Design: The sleek, modern design of the Larq Water Bottle fits seamlessly into your active lifestyle, whether you’re at the gym or in the office.

Sustainability at Its Core

Ditch the use of plastic now because Larq Water Bottle is here. That too with the Black Friday Sale!!

One of the standout features of the Larq Water Bottle is its commitment to sustainability. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and hello to a greener, cleaner planet.

Reduced Plastic Waste: By using the Larq Water Bottle, you’re preventing hundreds of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills and oceans.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: The Larq Water Bottle’s durable design and long-lasting use further reduce your carbon footprint.

Convenience and Responsibility: Embrace the convenience of a self-cleaning bottle while taking responsibility for the environment.

The Technology Behind Larq Water Bottle

The Larq Water Bottle’s primary innovation lies in its use of UV-C LED technology. This cutting-edge feature ensures the water you drink is free from harmful microorganisms. It’s a game-changer in ensuring clean, safe hydration.

How Does the Self-Cleaning Process Work?

UV-C LED Disinfection: Larq’s patented UV-C LED technology works by destroying harmful microorganisms at the DNA level. It’s effective, safe, and eco-friendly.

Automatic Cleansing: The bottle self-cleans every two hours, so you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your water. Just fill it up and enjoy.

Peace of Mind: With Larq, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your water is free from bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

Shell Water System

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The other amazing deal we have brought you is the Shell Water Bottle System. This is emerging as a groundbreaking innovation. Combining state-of-the-art technology with eco-conscious design, we are taking you through the remarkable features and benefits of the Shell Water Bottle System. And for the savvy shoppers, we’ve got exciting Black Friday deals with discounts of 25%, 35%, and an astonishing 75% off.
Imagine a water bottle that not only quenches your thirst but also takes care of the environment. The Shell Water Bottle System does just that. With its advanced features and commitment to sustainability, it’s changing the game in the world of hydration.

Key Features

Advanced Filtration: The Shell Water Bottle System boasts cutting-edge filtration technology, ensuring your water is free from contaminants and impurities.

Durable Build: Designed to last, this water bottle system is built to withstand the demands of everyday use, reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles.

Sustainable Material: The bottle is crafted from eco-friendly materials, making it a responsible choice for those who care about the environment.

Innovative App Integration: With its dedicated app, you can monitor your hydration, track water quality, and even receive filter replacement reminders.

How the Filtration Works

Multi-Stage Filtration: The system uses a multi-stage filtration process to remove impurities, bacteria, and unwanted tastes and odours from your water.

Activated Carbon Filter: The activated carbon filter plays a crucial role in enhancing the taste and quality of the water, ensuring it’s as close to nature as possible.

Smart Sensors: The system’s sensors continually monitor water quality, so you always know what you’re drinking.

Environmental Impact of Larq and Shell Water Bottle System

Reduced Plastic Waste: With Larq and Shell Water Bottle System, you can drastically reduce your consumption of single-use plastic bottles, thereby minimising plastic pollution.

Durable Design: These water systems are built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements and the production of more plastic bottles.

App-Enabled Efficiency: This system’s app helps you optimise your water consumption, ensuring you never waste a drop.


The Shell Water Bottle System and the Larq Water Bottle provide cutting-edge options for sustainable and clean hydration. Even more thrilling are the amazing Black Friday sales that are now in place. You may get big savings with Larq, from 25% off on some models to an amazing 75% off on super-saver packages. Early birds may save a whopping 35% on the Shell Water Bottle System. These savings offer a special chance to adopt sustainable and clean hydration for a small portion of the usual price.

Which of these two outstanding water bottles is best for you will ultimately rely on your personal preferences. considerably, however, the Black Friday discounts make both choices considerably more alluring, guaranteeing that you can satisfy your desire for sustainability while making significant savings.

Don’t miss out on these incredible discounts and the chance to make a positive impact on your hydration and the environment.


How often should I charge my Larq Water Bottle?

The Larq Water Bottle typically requires charging every 1-2 months, depending on usage.

Is the Larq Water Bottle dishwasher safe?

No, it’s not. To maintain the integrity of the UV-C LED cap, hand wash the bottle.

Can I use the Larq Water Bottle for hot beverages?

The Larq Water Bottle is designed for cold and room-temperature beverages. Avoid using it for hot drinks.

Is the UV-C LED safe for humans?

Yes, it’s completely safe. The UV-C LED in the Larq Water Bottle is designed to disinfect water without any harm to you.

How do I know when the self-cleaning cycle is in progress?

The bottle’s LED indicator will display a pulsing purple light during the cleaning cycle.

Can I replace the UV-C LED cap?

Yes, you can purchase a replacement cap from Larq if needed.

How often do I need to replace the filter in the Shell Water Bottle System?

Filter replacement frequency depends on usage, but generally, it’s recommended every 2-3 months.

How does the app integration work?

The dedicated app connects to the system via Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor water quality and receive filter replacement reminders.

Is the Shell Water Bottle System made from recyclable materials?

Yes, the materials used are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Can I purchase replacement filters separately?

Yes, replacement filters are readily available to ensure the continued purity of your water.

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