Kind E-3000 Reviews: Water Filter and Salt-free Water Softener

The Kind E-3000 water softener has become widely noticed in the market due to its commitment to addressing problems caused by hard water in an efficient manner. In this comprehensive review, we will thoroughly explore the essential characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. 

Additionally, we will provide you with Kind 3000 water softener reviews to provide you with more insights and perspectives from individuals who have experienced the product firsthand.

Overview: Kind 3000 Water Softener

The Kind 3000 Water Softener is designed to combat hard water problems effectively. It utilizes advanced technology to remove minerals that cause hardness, leaving you with softer water for everyday use. One standout feature is its user-friendly design. The Kind 3000 is crafted with simplicity in mind, making installation and operation hassle-free.

Even if you’re not a plumbing expert, this water softener aims to be accessible for everyone.

Plus, if space is a concern, the Kind 3000 will not disappoint. Its compact design ensures it doesn’t take up much room, making it suitable for various installation locations in your home.

Kind Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softening Combo with UV
Kind Water Systems, Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener Combo with UV Purification

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Detail: Kind e-3000 Water Filter and Salt-free Water Softener With UV 

Specification Table 

Max Flow Rate Up to 15 GPM 
Max CapacityUp to 6 Bathrooms
System Dimensions29″(H) x 31¼” (W) x 8″ (D) – Includes UV System
Max Hardness1282 PPM or 75 GPG
Connection Size1” FNPT
Operating Pressure25 to 120 psi
Operating Temperature36 to 120°F
pH Range6.5 to 9.5
Max Iron0 mg/L
Max Hydrogen Sulfide0 mg/L
UV System Max Flow RateUp to 15 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) 30mJ/cm2 @ 95% UVT
UV System Connection Size1” MNPT
UV System Operating PressureMax 150 psi
Power Requirements110V systems with North American NEMA 5-15, 3-wire plug
Lamp Power (Watts)50
Total Power Consumption62 Watts
Chamber Material316L Stainless Steel, A249 Pressure Rated Tubing
Operating Temperature (UV System)2-40°C (36-104°F)
Max Iron Removal<0.3 ppm (0.3 mg/L)
Max Manganese Removal<0.05 ppm (0.05 mg/L)
Max Turbidity<1 NTU
Max Tannins (Organics)<0.1 ppm (0.1 mg/L)


The Evo Kind E-3000 Water Softener and UV Purification System is a really great water treatment solution for your home. It does two important things to make your water better. First, it softens the water, which means it removes things like limescale buildup that can be bad for your appliances. Second, it uses UV technology to make sure your water is super clean by getting rid of tiny living things you do not want in there.

This water system is designed to work well in houses with up to 6 bathrooms, and it can handle a lot of water flowing through it  which is up to 15 gallons per minute. Even though it does a big job, it’s not big and bulky itself. It’s actually pretty small and will not take up much space in your home.

Moreover, setting it up is easy, and you will not have a hard time using it. The buttons are simple, and you can pick how you want your water without any stress. It’s like having control over your water to make it just the way you like.

Besides, the system is built to last and is made of strong materials like stainless steel. It can handle different water conditions and is energy-efficient, meaning it does not use a lot of electricity.

You can trust this water system because the company believes in it so much that they offer a guarantee. Plus, if you are not happy with it in the first 120 days, they will make it the system right for you. So, the Evo Kind E-3000 is not just a water softener but it’s a smart and reliable solution to make your water softer, cleaner, and just the way you want it in your home.

Pros And Cons

  • Versatile Compatibility
  • Durable Construction
  • Comprehensive Contaminant Removal
  • Effective Water Treatment
  • UV Purification Technology
  • High Flow Rate
  • Compact Design
  • Initial Costs 
  • Space Requirements
  • Electricity Dependency
  • UV Lamp Replacement
  • Not Suitable for Extremely High Temperatures

Key Features Of Kind E-3000 Water Filter System 

When it comes to fixing hard water problems, the Evo Kind E-3000 is a real game-changer. Let’s talk about what makes it stand out:

Efficient Water Purification

The Evo Kind E-3000 excels in effectively eliminating undesirable elements in water, such as limescale buildup. Leveraging intelligent technology, it ensures the prolonged lifespan of your appliances and delivers a significantly improved water quality experience.

Space-Friendly Design  

Unlike bulky alternatives, this water softener boasts a compact and space-efficient design. It seamlessly fits into smaller areas, providing the luxury of excellent water quality even in limited spaces.

User-Friendly Operation

Operating this device is a breeze. With straightforward buttons, it allows you to easily customize your water preferences without any hassle. It’s like having the power to tailor your water experience effortlessly. 

The Evo Kind E-3000 is your solution to hard water issues, offering a compact yet powerful solution that enhances water quality without complicating your daily routine.

Performance of Kind e-3000 Water Filter 

With an impressive water softening capacity, the Evo Kind E-3000 is designed to handle the demands of households with moderate to high water usage, making it suitable for families of varying sizes. The other information about

Regeneration Process

The unit’s regeneration process has been finely tuned to enhance its efficiency, skillfully managing the delicate equilibrium between the effectiveness of water softening and the endeavor to minimize both water and salt consumption. In other words, it’s designed to fix itself in a way that maximizes its effectiveness in softening water while being mindful of using as little water and salt as possible.

Effective Hard Water Treatment

Individuals who have incorporated the E-3000 into their water systems have consistently reported a significant enhancement in water quality. The E-3000 demonstrates its effectiveness by actively mitigating the accumulation of limescale on various fixtures and appliances, leading to a noticeable improvement in their overall performance and longevity.

Low Maintenance

The thoughtful design of this unit incorporates features that significantly decrease the frequency of necessary maintenance, offering a convenient solution for homeowners who prioritize a hassle-free experience in managing their water softening system. Plus, this design not only ensures effectiveness but also enhances user satisfaction by minimizing the need for frequent attention and upkeep.


Evo Kind places a strong focus on optimizing energy usage, striving to enhance the efficiency of the E-3000. This commitment involves meticulous efforts to minimize the device’s electricity consumption, ensuring it operates in a way that has a minimal impact on overall energy usage and promotes sustainable practices.

User Experiences

Users frequently express their satisfaction with the Evo Kind E-3000, highlighting its dependability. They particularly note positive changes in skin and hair quality, along with a noticeable extension in the lifespan of household appliances. 

On the flip side, some users offer constructive criticism, often mentioning difficulties during installation and the learning curve linked to the control panel as common concerns in critical reviews.


The Evo Kind E-3000 water softener is highly effective in transforming hard water into soft water. Its compact size and user-friendly interface, featuring straightforward buttons, make it convenient to operate. 

Although the installation process may pose a slight challenge, and the initial cost is a bit higher, the long-term benefits include improved water quality and enhanced comfort in your home. Therefore, choosing this water softener is a wise decision for a dependable solution to address hard water issues.


Is professional installation necessary for the Evo Kind E-3000 water softener?

While the installation process is designed to be user-friendly, some users have reported challenges. Professional installation is recommended for those less experienced with plumbing to ensure proper setup.

How often does the Evo Kind E-3000 require regeneration, and is it customizable? 

The regeneration frequency depends on water usage and hardness levels. The unit’s control panel allows users to customize regeneration settings, balancing water softening effectiveness with salt and water consumption.

Can the Evo Kind E-3000 handle large households with high water usage?   

Yes, the Evo Kind E-3000 is designed with a high water softening capacity, making it suitable for households with moderate to high water usage. Regular maintenance and monitoring are essential to ensure optimal performance.

Does the Evo Kind E-3000 impact water pressure in the home?

The Evo Kind E-3000 is designed to minimize pressure drop, ensuring that softened water is delivered throughout the home without a noticeable impact on water pressure.

What is the warranty period for the Evo Kind E-3000 water softener?

The warranty period may vary, and it is crucial to check with the manufacturer or retailer. Typically, Evo Kind offers a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a specified duration.

How does the Evo Kind E-3000 contribute to energy efficiency?

The Evo Kind E-3000 employs energy-efficient technology in its regeneration process, reducing overall energy consumption. This makes it an environmentally conscious choice for those seeking to minimize their ecological footprint.

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