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Woder 10K-Gen 3 Water Filtration System review

Woder 10K-Gen 3 Water Filtration System

If you are interested in getting the best water filtration and purifying system for your home, then you should consider buying the Woder 10K-Gen 3 Water Filtration System. It is a simple water filter that does not require much of an installation but your water will have a good taste. It is equipped with a long-lasting filter that can take you about 3 years on average use.

This filter is often used in conjunction with water sources that have undergone a pre-purification stage. The large capacity filter is designed to provide you with pure and healthy water by eliminating 99.99% of contaminants such as lead, volatile organic compounds, odors, heavy metals, bad tastes, chromium 6, carcinogens, mercury, and others.

Key features

Finest materials

One thing that makes this product stand out among others is the fact that it is built with long-lasting materials which have been tested and approved by regulatory bodies and other independent laboratories. This is to increase your confidence in the filtration work of this system even before using it.

Easy to install

This water filtration system is designed with your ease of installation in mind. It comes with all the kits you will need for its quick and easy installation. It contains a filter body, inlet/outlet hose that fits perfectly into standard pipes. The content of the assembled kit includes filter head, 3/8-female compression inlet hose, 3/8-compression outlet hose from ¼ standard pipe respectively.

Long-lasting filters

Wooder-10K-Gen3 filters can last for a minimum of 3 years on average use. This is because the filter relies on microparticles which implies that it contains much filtering ingredients than regular filters. Therefore, it can perform its water purification functions for years and remains effective.

Removes contaminants but leaves essential minerals

Essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, and chloride are not produced naturally by your body but are needed for your daily living. This product has a unique technology that allows it to remove over 99% of water contaminants but leaves the essential minerals just as the way nature wishes for a drinking water to be. Unlike most residential filters that use Reverse Osmosis technology, which removes everything including the essential minerals that your body needs, this product purifies your water and makes it healthier for drinking.


  • Removes 99.9% contaminants
  • Healthy drinking with essential minerals that are beneficial to the body
  • Fresh tasting water just like spring water
  • Promotes a healthier and smoother skin
  • Cleaner looking dishes without watermarks
  • Easy to install
  • Very cheap
  • Single filtration stage but very powerful
  • A single filter can last for 3 years
  • Fast flow rate


  • Cannot be used with well water
  • Not used with hot water
  • Does not work with salty or softened water
  • The safety of drinking water may not be guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be concerned about total dissolved solids?

For a water to be considered healthy, it must have a certain percentage of dissolved solids which are called essential minerals. The use of TDS meters in the measurement of water purity may not be appropriate. In fact, water that has no TDS is not safe for drinking and is considered “dead”.

Can one filter be used to supply two sinks in our bathroom?

Yes, you can use it to supply two sinks if you can find an adapter that okays it. One will be used for the supply while the other will be for the discharge side.

Has anyone used this instead of the filter for their refrigerator? Removing the filter in the fridge and putting it in-line instead

Almost all refrigerators have a bypass plug which allows it to be fitted with the filter. With this, you can run an unfiltered tap water through the refrigerator to any inbuilt icemaker or indoor dispenser.

I want to put this in my RV but we only take a handful of trips a year. Is it acceptable to let the product sit in a storage for an extended period?

Yes, you can if the temperature it can be exposed to is not less than 37f degrees. Most RV owners always purchase one of our inline filters.


The Woder filter is the best water filter for your home, especially if you are using it in conjunction with water that has undergone some purification stages. It comes with a selective filtration technology that attracts impurities or contaminants but leaves out essential minerals which are needed for your wellbeing.

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