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Whirlpool bottom loading and Self-Cleaning water dispenser review

Whirlpool bottom loading and Self-Cleaning water dispenser

Whirlpool bottom loading and Self-Cleaning water dispenser is, as the name suggests a bottom loading water dispenser and this particular model from whirlpool is easily one of the top models when you look to find a water dispenser that can take a beating while also providing you with the best options when it comes to the drinking water. What makes whirlpool a top spot contender is the fact that the machines come built all around in solid steel that Is aesthetically pleasing as it is built strong. The dispenser is loaded with whirlpools patented top technologies but the most exciting feature of this machine is not just a water dispenser but also a water purifier using whirlpool’s self-cleaning technology.
Now that you have the basics, let’s get into the gritty details of the product.

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Key Features

Self-cleaning 6th sense technology

The Self-cleaning technology utilizes injections of unstable oxygen into the water so as to help kill bacteria, thereby automatically purifying water before consumption. The display also indicates while the Self-cleaning process is running.

Bottom Loading Technology

The machine utilizes whirlpool’s fifth-generation bottom loading technology, which is considered state of art with its powerful water pump and water syphon that sucks up more water than most others in the market. The design also accommodates both 5 and 3-gallon bottles in its belly.

Attractive stainless steel front

The well thought out design in full stainless steel front has the dispenser built like a tank with a solid steel frame and side sheets. The built is Vibrant.

Safety button

The designers have gone with well-built unbreakable faucets while also providing hot buttons that’s toddler resistant making it safer with the hot water situations.

State of Art of Cooling and Heating Capacity

The makers boast a 9 F colder than most other competitors in the market while also dispensing steaming hot water that can be used perfectly for even coffees and teas. Whirlpool’s patented cooling technology forms ice inside the cooler to provide the best experience compared to its competitors who struggles to reach around 50 F. The dispenser also comes with easily adjustable temperature settings to set the cool and hot temperatures according to need.

Resource Saver

Another amazing feature that comes along the proprietary cooling system technology that turns on the compressors less frequently is the resource saver button that comes in the back which allows hot water to be turned off while not in use.


  • The Design

The design is easily the most visible pro that the dispenser offers beside the top of the industry features, which makes a statement piece and an eye candy in any room or situation that it is taken up for.

  • Easy Setup

The setup that comes only with an almost plug and play style of manufacture, making it almost nonexistent when it comes to setting up the dispenser.

  • Temperature gauge

The temperature gauge provides the best experience not by offering just the variable temperature controls but also by providing one of the coldest temperature settings in the industry with whirlpool’s patented technology.

  • Safety

The unbreakable water dispensing taps aligned with the safety buttons for toddler protection offers the best safety features to go with this highly efficient machine.

  • Light indicators

The light indicators and the screen display a lot of information, including the cleaning process of the dispenser, making it the icing on the cake in this machine.


  • Pricing

The only con to put forward on this machine is that it is easily one the expensive side of dispensers, but it is expected when the machine packs this much of a punch all in one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the temperatures for both cold and hot be set specifically to need?

Yes, the dispenser comes with temperature controllers separately for both the cold and hot water, which can turn up and down to reach an optimum temperature for your purpose.

What happens to the ice formation after the power is out?

The ice formation inside whirlpool’s patented cooling technology is a feature that cools efficiently. However, upon losing power the ring slowly defrosts based on the room temperature but it will reform once the power is back.

Does the Dispenser have any kind of backup power?

No, the dispenser does not have any kind of backup power during the event of an outage.

Is the Holding Tanks Stainless steel too?

Yes, the holding tanks are also built from the best quality stainless solid steel.


The Dispenser is the best when it comes to bottom loading options and even on the top when it comes to the water dispensers. However, if budget is a concern, it is time you make your research for other options and gauge your needs before you commit.

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