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Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Water Filtration System review

Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Water Filtration System

If you are looking for the best whole house water filter, you should consider buying the Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Water Filtration System. Buying a budget is sometimes a necessity rather than a choice but that does not mean that you should have to have poor quality.

With the Watts WH-LD whole house filter, you get a little extra than some systems provide, making it a good choice at this level. It is among the cheaper whole house water systems available and is one of the easiest to install – if not the easiest.

If you follow the instructions closely, it will be in place in a matter of minutes. It comes as a 5 – stage model but the 1- the stage is the most popular due to the cost.


Key Features


This is a 50 – micron filter and there are concerns that it is going to let contaminants through when they should be kept out. Thanks to a bypass valve, filters can be changed quite easily, and a water softener can be added.


As well as giving clean drinking water, the ice maker, washing machine and water heater will all be protected. Even rust can be kept out as the filter does an excellent job of removing all impurities.

Bypass valve

This will make it easy to shut the filter down if you need to for some reason. This will include when there is a need for the filter to be changed or when you want to shut down your whole house filtration system.

Fitting Ports

The ports are ¾ of an inch which is the standard for household plumbing and as a result, they will be easy to fit all systems. Due to the stainless-steel inserts providing you have some plumbing knowledge; installation will not be a problem. You can see through the housing and notice the amount of sediment being filtered.


The minimum temperature will be 40 degrees F while the highest will be 100 degrees F. This is a safe heat level when operating a powerful machine such as this filter that serves the entire household.


  • The system will be safe as it adheres to the industry standards and regulations.
  • NSF regulations are followed as well as the Environment Technological Verification Program.
  • Products are continuously tested and this shows that the products produced are all of a high quality.
  • Orders can be placed online 24 hours and if there are issues there will be a Customer Service representative available to give advice.
  • Produces delicious drinking water due to the three-stage filtering process.


  • There is not a mounting bracket and while one is not definitely needed, the lack of one does take away the options you have when fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the filter take chlorine out of the water?

Charcoal is required to remove chlorine and this filter does not have it. This will be for the best, as chlorine will be good for the water as it helps to remove other bacteria and sediment.

Is there a mounting bracket included?

This will have to be purchased alongside the filter. It is possible to get away without using one as there is the chance to mount it inline. If you want to use a bracket, the one to buy is the Culligan UB – 1 with screws.

When fitting does the main water supply have to be turned off to replace the filters?

Fortunately, there is a bypass built into the system, so it is not necessary. It may, however, be a good idea to do this if it is not too inconvenient to do so.

What is this filter’s maximum flow rate?

It is eight.

If one has a lot of iron in the water, will this whole house filter remove it?

Yes, it will remove iron even from well water with a lot of it. If a 1-micron cartridge is used with this filter housing, it will definitely remove a mineral like iron.


The three filters – 50 microns then 20 microns and 5 microns will be suitable for cleaning the water and are able to remove any bad smells or tastes and it can take up to a week for there to be an improvement, but once it starts the difference is clear to see. With the right filters, correctly fitted, there should be a decent gap between the times you have to change them. There is the risk of water pressure dropping, but if that is the only problem faced, it can be said that this is a great way to ensure that you get clean water.

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