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APEC 5-Stage RO Water Filter Review: A Solid Mid-Range System

APEC 5-Stage RO Water Filter System review

If you are looking for the best under-sink filter for your home, you should consider the APEC 5-Stage RO Water Filter System.This special filter is designed to remove up to 99% of water contaminants such as chlorine, arsenic, lead, bacteria, heavy metals and over 1000 other contaminants. You can use it to enjoy a fresh, clean and tasty water for your home. If you need the best quality water for cooking, making coffee, drinking, and washing then this is the best choice for you.

This water filter system is made from standard components and materials that are known for their high contaminants rejection rates, quality, long-lasting and reliable. You can live a healthier life and still save yourself from spending money on overpriced bottled water by using this complete 5-stage water filter.

Key features: APEC 5-Stage RO Water Filter System

Super-efficient carbon blocks

The carbon blocks are carefully designed to remove chlorine and other heavy chemicals from the water. The surfaces of these carbon blocks are larger to increase the contact area with the chemicals in the water. This design has helped in maximizing contact time and in guaranteeing a pure, safe, and chemical-free drinkable water.

High-quality fitting protection

Stainless steel is used in the construction of the fittings to ensure a firm grip. The use of special O-ring helps in the prevention of leakages. You do not require any leak detector or an extra clipping part while using the product.

Easy installation and maintenance

You can install this RO system yourself by simply following the tips on its video guides. Also, the product comes with a detailed instruction manual for you to follow. Once you set it up properly, be sure to enjoy a safe and reliable water filter for your home.

Long-lasting filters

The premium long-lasting filters can be used in the treatment of well or tap water. It uses the ROES-50 reverse osmosis technology to high quality, clean, pure, filtered and contaminant-free drinkable water at an affordable price.

Lead-free designer faucets

It comes with a 100% lead-free designer faucet including FDA certified tubing and parts to ensure safe and contamination-free water. The system has been used in the US successfully for over 20 years and has been reliable in offering a noise-free, long-lasting, trouble-free performance.

Manufacturer’s warranty

The system comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty with registration. In addition to this, it is guaranteed under the Amazon purchase and delivery guarantee.


  • Filtration stage is 5 which offers better performance than the 3-stage
  • Comes with faucet and a holding tank
  • Uses reverse Osmosis water filtration technology
  • Can remove up to 99% of contaminants
  • Does not require extra lock clips against leakage
  • The tubing and parts are FDA certified
  • It is dependable and long-lasting


  • Takes more time before the tank is filled
  • Extracts useful minerals and compounds from water
  • Users must use daily mineral and vitamin supplements

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the housing not transparent?

We do not use transparent housings for our products because of the susceptibility of polypropylene materials to crack in about 4-5 years of usage. Therefore, we wish to save our customers from the pain of losing their filters.

Does this filter remove hormones?

This system uses a 0.0001-micron Reverse Osmosis membrane and carbon filters that are powerful enough to remove hormones and other drugs from the water.

How big is the system? How much space do we need in the under-sink cabinet?

Our water filter system is designed to be mounted under the kitchen cabinet with space still available for kitchen trash and dustbin under it.

How often should the filters be changed?

The time for the changing of the filters is largely dependent on the quality of water flowing through it. Other factors include the chlorine level, TDS and temperature of tap water. However, the schedule for changing the filter is as follows: stage 1,2 &3, every six-twelve months, 2- 3 years for stage 4/membrane, 2-3 years for stage 5 polishing filter.

Does the tank have to be cleaned at any time?

There is no access for you to clean the tank. Endeavor to fill it to the brim when you are using it for the first time, then release the water to flow off.


APEC 5-Stage RO Water Filter Review
  • Editor's Rating


A solid choice for anyone looking for both reverse osmosis and an under-sink configuration. Enjoy affordable up-front and filter replacement costs with the APEC 5-Stage RO Water Filter System.

If you are interested in drinking non-contaminated water at an affordable price then this product is for you. However, because of its ability to remove about 99% of the contaminants which includes some minerals that are beneficial to your health, you will need to take a daily supplement for these minerals to maintain balanced health.

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