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Best Water Filter Pitchers: 2020 Reviews, Test Results, Buying Guide

Reviews of the Best Water Filter Pitchers

Best Water Filter Pitcher

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After careful testing and analysis, our choice for the best water filter pitcher is the ZeroWater Filter Pitcher. It’s the most powerful, NSF certified and removes 99.99% of contaminants in the water. While slightly more expensive than others, it is unmatched in performance and peace of mind.

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A water filter pitcher is a very simple, easy and inexpensive solution to filter and remove contaminants from water. Their unique design makes it easy for them to fit into refrigerators.  They are very affordable, reliable, portable and flexible to use.

This article is a comprehensive buying guide and expert water filter pitcher reviews wrapped in one. We also included a buying guide and sections showing the benefits of water filter pitchers and how to clean your water filter pitchers.

Water filter pitchers are one of the most used water filters in homes. The others include whole house water filters and faucet water filters.

The Best Water Filter Pitchers: Side by Side

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Water Filter Pitcher Reviews: Our Top Picks

Here is our review of the best water filter pitchers. These water filter pitchers have been tested and they meet the criteria of our test; capacity, the duration for filtering water, design, and cost.

Best Overall – ZeroWater Filter Pitcher

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Features We Love

  • Best TDS Removal Pitcher Filter
  • Reasonably Priced for Performance
  • Stands-Out from the Pack

If you’re serious about removing contaminants from your water but don’t want to invest in a full-blown reverse osmosis system, then you can opt for the ZeroWater Filter Pitcher. As one of the only 5-stage and NSF certified filters to remove fluoride, lead, chlorine and others, you can rest assured you and your family are safe with this high-performance pitcher filter. 

Most powerful water filter pitcher on the market, period.

More expensive than the basic filtered pitchers.

There is no doubt the ZeroWater water filter pitcher is an excellent choice. It produces water free from dissolved solids, minerals, and chemicals – 99.99% percent clean water, to say the least. The unit we reviewed has a 10 cup capacity. However, ZeroWater offers the unit in 6, 8, and 23 cup capacities. If several persons will use the water filter pitcher, you should pick the 23 cup model. Expect the unit to take time to filter the water especially with the 23 cup model. The water flow rate is impressive enough although it decreases over time. As for the filter, it has 5 stages and like we earlier mentioned, the unit uses ion exchange technology instead of the traditional carbon filter technology. 

Best Value – pH Restore Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

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pH Restore Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer operate in a multistage process to filter water. After spending over 6 hours handling it, we decided to crown it as the best value water filter pitcher in this review. It removes both organic and inorganic substances present in the water like lead, arsenic, Giardia, and it impedes bacteria growth. The filter likewise raises the pH level of water added to the filter. This makes the water less acidic and increases the alkaline level in it which in turn reduces inflammation, increases metabolism, and improves mental alertness. The unit has a unique slim-curved appearance. Need I say that the design is ergonomic? This makes it convenient and flexible to use at all times. Fitting it into a refrigerator won’t be a problem. And carrying it about won’t be either.

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Features We Love

  • Huge 15 filter.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • BPA free.
  • Digital gauge notifier.
  • Portable
  • Easy to replace filters.



  • It comes with two durable filters which have a long lifespan.
  • Very effective in removing minerals and chemicals from water, thus produces clean water.
  • It has a notification system (digital gauge) which notifies you when the filter is due for a change.
  • Very portable and thus requires a small space
  • It’s affordable, although its price is a tad higher than competitors.
  • Replacing the filter is a breeze.



  • None.
There is a lot of skepticism as to whether the alkaline in the water is good for the health. This article from Health Line will dissuade your fears. The pH Restore Alkaline Water Filter sports an indicator that notifies you to change the filters when it’s due for a change. According to the information we got from one of the sellers, the pH Restore pitcher has filters with a lifespan of 96 gallons. Pretty impressive we must say. During the course of the review, we came across a seller who indicated a 264-gallon filter life for the unit. This is arguably high, considering the fact that 40 gallon is the highest we’ve seen in the course of this review. We couldn’t establish the authenticity of the 264 gallons, however, the numerous five-star reviews on different e-commerce platforms attest to the quality of the unit.

Budget Pick – BWT Austrian Quality Compact Water Filter Pitcher

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The BWT Austrian Quality Compact Water filter is summarized in one word – affordable. This product does not only reduce heavy metals, chlorine, and heavy scales level in water but as well adds minerals like magnesium to the water which improves the taste of the water. It makes the water fresher, improves the water balance, and quality. Generally, every human needs magnesium which is an important mineral in the body. Therefore, using this filtered water to make tea or coffee adds a trace of magnesium to the body. Be rest assured that with this water filter pitcher, you’ll get cleaner, clearer, and quality water. You do not need to soak the filter before you can use it, unlike other competitors. The filter contains silver which does two things; prolong the filter’s life and provides protection from microbes.

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Features We Love

  • Compact design.
  • Very affordable.
  • Long lasting filters.
  • BPA free.
  • Adds magnesium to the water.



  • The pitcher’s compact design makes it easy to carry around and fit into a refrigerator.
  • It sports long-lasting filters which are easy to use.
  • The unit is very affordable and is BPA free.
  • A little bit of magnesium is added to the water.
  • The filters contain silver which removes microbes from the water and also prolongs its life.


  • None.
Changing filters is as easy as ABC and you won’t find it difficult getting a replacement. The first filters that come with it have a 2 month/lifespan. However, the filter is designed to filter only 40 gallons of water. Make sure you buy a dozen filters and keep it at home. One unique feature that is novel to the unit is that it has a place to set the date for filter change. This comes in handy and saves you the stress of having to mark the calendar. Grab your cups and drink up to 10 cups from the BWT Water Filter Pitcher.

Honorable Mention – Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

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The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher costs almost 4 times more than our budget water filter pitcher. However, it’s effective in removing about 98 percent of pollutants and contaminants from water. According to the data provided by Aquagear, this unit removes contaminants such as chloramine, fluoride, chromium, chlorine, copper, arsenic, mercury found in water. In addition, it removes organic substances in water as well. The filter is rigorously tested – according to data on their website – and it meets NSF quality certifications for filters. Aquagear claims to have tested the filter in Michigan for copper and lead contamination. The unit lives up to this claim as it annihilates both contaminants from water. Furthermore, the filter has a lifespan of 150 gallons. This is almost four times the standard 40-gallon lifespan we’re used to. In addition, it has 5 stags, thus ensuring no contaminant makes it into your water.

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Features We Love

  • 150 gallons filter lifespan.
  • NSF certification.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • The filter has five stages.



  • It has a very good design.
  • The unit removes almost all contaminants in water with to a high degree.
  • It comes with a filter that has five stages; each designed to remove specific contaminants.
  • The filter has a lifespan of 150 gallons.


  • Quite pricey.
One thing that will make you rekindle your decision about buying this unit is the price. Like we earlier mentioned, it costs almost four times the price of our budget water filter pitcher. However, that happens to be the only obstacle to owning the unit. If you can just look beyond the price, you won’t regret buying it. But if the price is a deal breaker for you, you should look at the other models on our review list.

Best Brita – Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

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The Brita Large 10 cup made it to our review list because of its design, price, ease of use, and how easy it is to replace filters. Brita isn’t a new name in the water purification industry. Their filtered water bottle is one of the best-filtered water bottles in the world. One of the leading water filter on the market. The company is responsible for the rapid growth of water filter pitchers ever since they gained popularity in the United States around the 90s The Brita 10 cup grand is designed to remove every contaminant in water to a high extent. We expected to have a slow flow rate from the water pitcher. However, the reverse was the case as the flow of water was impressive.

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Features We Love

  • 10 cups capacity.
  • 40-gallon filter lifespan.
  • Impressive flow rate.
  • Light indicator for filter change.


  • It has a capacity for 10 cups of water.
  • Your water will definitely be devoid of many contaminants.
  • It leaves traces of necessary nutrients like magnesium for your body.
  • We love the ergonomic design. You definitely will.
  • It’s very portable.


  • The flow rate drops significantly after a few days. However, your water purity remains the same and won’t change.
It is a very affordable unit and has a good flow rate. The compact design can fit into your refrigerator and kitchen cabinet. It requires just a small space. It also has a digital gauge which notifies you when the filter needs a replacement. The water filter pitcher has a notification system that tells you when the filter is due for a change – this is a major selling point. The notification signal has green, red and yellow light. When it turns red, that means the filter is absolutely due for a change.

Best Compact – Brita 5 Cup Metro Water Filter Pitcher

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The Brita 5 Cup metro water filter pitcher is a small and clear plastic pitcher that is specially designed to manage space. It has a filter that helps to reduce chlorine, copper, mercury, chloramine, chromium, and cadmium from water. For a five cup water filter pitcher, the unit handles its water filtration tasks well enough. In addition, its small size makes it possible to fit it into small spaces. If you’re a frequent traveler, you might want to consider getting it, a water faucet filter, or a filtered water bottle. In our opinion, this 5 cup model is just a mini version of the 10 cup model. It has the same filters which remove the same contaminants from your water.

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Features We Love

  • It’s small in size.
  • Filters have a lifespan of 40 gallons.
  • Indicator for filter changes.
  • Takes out a lot of contaminants from your water.


  • It has a filter indicator which comes in handy for tracking filter changes.
  • The small size of the unit makes it a good travel companion.
  • It has a stylish miniature design.
  • Impurities will never make it into your drinking water, thanks to its active filters.


  • None.
The Brita 5 cup metro water filter pitcher has an indicator which notifies you of when the filter needs a replacement. This is quite helpful because it’s not everyone that can keep a tab on the calendar for filter changes. Any shortcomings? No, not at all. 

Water Filter Pitchers: Comparison Table

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Buying Guide: Best Water Filter Pitcher 

In this section of the article, we’ll share with you several things you need to consider as you shop for a water filter pitcher that’ll meet your demands. The first thing you should consider is the number of persons that’ll use the unit.

How do Water Filter Pitchers work?

These pitchers come with a replaceable charcoal filter that consists of activated carbon granules. The charcoal uses an absorption method to get rid of the contaminants present in water such as chlorine, chemicals, and minerals. They can also remove the odor and color from water. After pouring the water into the pitcher, it goes into the first filter that removes dirt and impurities. Then, it goes into the container. When you want to take water from the pitcher to drink or cook, it passes through a bypass which does not interfere with the filter as it pours into the cup.

Who needs a Water Filter Pitcher?

Generally, anyone can benefit from using a water filter pitcher. As we mentioned earlier, the water we drink contains lots of particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye and to safeguard our health, it is recommended that we filter water before we drink it.

Number of People That’ll Use The Water Filter Pitcher

If you’re the only person that’ll use the water filter pitcher, then a 5, 6 or 10 cup model will do. However, larger households should opt for a larger water filter pitcher, something like the ZeroWater water filter pitcher which offers a 23 cup model.

Filter lifespan

This is the second most important factor you should consider when looking for the best water filter pitchers to buy. Most of the filters have an average lifespan of 40 gallons. This implies that you should change it after it filters its 40th gallon of water. How do you know when the filter is due for a change? Some units sport a light indicator to notify you. For others that lack the light indicator, simply keep a table calendar nearby.

The ease of use

Consider how easy it is to refill the unit and change the filters. Apparently, all the water filter pitchers we reviewed were easy to use and changing filters was as simple as ABC. However, the only thing we found amusing was the fact that some of the water filter pitchers took time to filter. This can be a huge deal breaker especially if you’re always in a hurry.

What Type Of Filter?

Water filter pitchers are fitted with filters of different types. They include

  1. An Activated Carbon Filter: This type of filter absorbs particles in the water as it passes through the filter. The filter eventually gets filled up by a lot of these particles and then, it requires replacement.
  2. A Cartridge Water Filter: It’s similar to an activated carbon filter. In fact, most cartridge water filters have an activated carbon filter in it as one of the filter stages. Cartridge water filters have filters with several levels which contain resins, mineral balls, carbon filters, etc. that filter the water as it passes through. The mineral balls add specific minerals like magnesium to your drinking water.

We suggest buying the filter in bulk. This greatly reduces the amount you spend on purchasing filters individually.

What type of contaminant does the filter remove?

First, you should do a water test to know the type of contaminants in your water source. Better still, a quick trip to the municipality and they’ll furnish you with it – that is if they’re your water source. Knowing what your water contains, you can now look for a water filter that can remove such contaminants. Most of the water filter pitchers available on the market are capable of removing contaminants such as chlorine, trihalomethane compounds, volatile organic compounds, giardia, and cryptosporidium, to mention a few.

Size of the Water Filter Pitcher

If you are a frequent traveler, a small water filter pitcher will be a good travel companion. With at least 5 or 6 cups capacity, you can at least be sure you’re drinking clean water on your journeys. If you’d like to drink the water chilled, then you should take note of the space in your refrigerator. Most water filter pitchers, however, will fit into a refrigerator especially if you remove a rack.

Construction Material

It’s no news that most of the best water filter pitchers are made from plastic materials. However, some are made of sturdy plastic which isn’t prone to easy damages. Also, take note of BPA certification for the water filter pitcher you’re about to buy. If it doesn’t have a BPA certification, you should rescind on your decision.

Filter Change Indicator

While this isn’t a very important feature, it’s worth having. This will save you the stress of having to mark your calendars and keep tabs on your filter changes.

How To Care For Your Water Filter Pitcher

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your water filter pitcher lasts long.

  1. The first thing to do after purchasing your water filter pitcher is to read the manual that comes with it. This contains instructions on how to operate the unit, replace the filter, clean it up, etc.
  2. Clean it regularly. Once a month cleaning with warm water will go a long way to ensure germs don’t build up inside.
  3. Replace the filters before the day of replacement reaches. We suggest buying the filters in bulk as it’s a cost-efficient way.
  4. Don’t allow children to handle the unit especially if it’s made of fragile plastic. One fall will lead to a crack on the side which will cause leakages not to mention injuries it might cause the child.
  5. Keep it away from hot surfaces and hot water or you risk damaging the unit. A hot water dispenser should be your go-to appliance for dispensing hot water.

How To Change Your Water Filter Pitcher’s Filter

  • Get a new filter.
  • Place it under a running tap for about 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Insert it filter into the pitcher.
  • Refill the water and allow it to filter, then pour it away afterward. This is to allow the carbon in the filter to activate.

Your water filter pitcher is ready for use.

Final Words

The above-mentioned water filter pitchers will ensure your water is devoid of all contaminants. This will reduce the risks of contracting water-borne diseases and generally improve your health especially with the addition of traces of nutrients like magnesium.

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Clean water isn’t a choice. It’s a must.

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