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AquaTru Reviews: Most Powerful Countertop Filter on the Market

AquaTru Reviews: RO Countertop Filtration System

If you’re in the market for a countertop RO filter system, our Aquatru Reviews will help. Its creative design and excellent filtration mechanism harness the power of reverse osmosis, the first and only filter of its kind. This characteristic offers a unique and effective way to clean all water from contaminants.

Aqua Tru Countertop Water Filter: How it Works

Aqua Tru Countertop Water Filter system uses three different kinds of filters to remove about 128 chemicals and gasses from one gallon of water. It takes less than 15 minutes to eliminate residues and toxins from the tap water.

The highly effective patent-pending technology is used in this water filter. It features a four-stage reverse osmosis system that promises to reduce substantially if not remove the entire harmful compounds from your tap water. The filter eliminates impurities such as lead, chromium-6, herbicides, and pesticides, as well as many other dangerous cancer-causing contaminants.

With no installation or plumbing required, AquaTru also eradicates 15 times more water impurities than the best-selling water pitcher filter. The AquaTru Countertop Water Filter system is an inexpensive, quick and easy-to-use water filter that enables the consumers to have purified water right from the tap.

Key Features

AquaTru’s Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology is a four-stage purification process:

  • Mechanical Pre-Filter – mechanical pre-filter to extract large particles and sediments
  • Reverse osmosis pre-filter – activates carbon pre-filtering system to siphon off chlorine
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane – applies reverse osmosis to filter off inorganic compounds
  • Activated Carbon Filter – enables carbon VOC Filter to eliminate organic chemicals

Up to 600 and 1200 gallon filter life

Concerning longevity, the filters on this unit have a lifespan of 600 gallons and 1200 gallons respectively. Changing the filters is a quick twist and seal process. The filter works for between six months to two years. They come included with your first AquaTru system.

Smart water-saving technology

The AquaTru Countertop Water Filter system purifies one gallon of tap water into bottled -quality water in approximately 12-15 minutes. It compares well with other water filters that waste up to 90% of water. This factor is yet another reason to have a highly rated water filtration system.

AquaTru fits on your countertop

Overall, the AquaTru Filter is 14″ tall x 14″ deep x 12″ wide. Its compact and sleek design allows it to sit on your countertop without sticking out from the edge. This feature accentuates its ergonomic design while reducing its chance of tipping off from its harness.


  • Long lasting filter life
  • Eliminates of 120 types of impurities from tap water
  • Removes a larger amount of contaminants with a higher degree due to its 4-stage filtration process
  • It requires no unique installation to set up.
  • Ergonomic and slim design
  • Economical with superb water saving feature


  • The purchase of the four-filter system is quite costly.

Frequently Asked Questions: Aquatru Reviews

What is the size of the clean water tank?

The filter measures 7.75″ (19.69cm) tall x 5.75″ (14.61 cm) wide x 9.625″ (24.45 cm) deep.

How much does AquaTru weigh?

The net weight is 16 pounds.

What is the capacity of AquaTru filter?

The filtering compartment holds about a gallon of water. This highly rated filtration system has a clean water tank compartment that holds about 3 quarts of purified water.

How quick it the filter?

AquaTru purifies 4 gallons per hour

What power rating does AquaTru use?

AquaTru operates with a 120-volt AC wall electric plug.

Is the plastic in AquaTru safe?

AquaTru uses Tritan plastic that is the class as BPA and BPS plastic compounds. However, extensive tests on Tritan for toxic substances have demonstrated that it is safe and free of estrogenic and androgenic activity. If you, however, prefer to avoid all plastics, you can simply transfer the purified water into a glass pitcher after the filtering.

Can I purchase extra clean pitchers?

Yes, additional water holding vessels are available for sale at our online store.


Aqua Tru Countertop Water Filtration System Review
  • Editor's Rating


The perfect water filter for those looking for reverse osmosis without any installation hassles.

If you want a truly highly rated countertop filtration system with a high-grade filtration feature, then this product is for you. AquaTru store pure filtered water ready for use. Besides, you save time and money that would have otherwise been used to procure expensive bottled water or ineffective filters.

You further enjoy the warrantee and superb after0sales service and part available for all AquaTru customers. Using this product puts your family’s drinking water out of contaminants’ way.

*last price update: 2020-09-20 - See Details

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