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Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler: A Great Office Choice

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser review

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser offers one of the best values in the market. The Dispenser comes as a bottom loading model which makes it one of the best value for money offerings in the sector for you to find a bottom water dispenser The Dispenser provides a good amount of features that are efficient for its purpose while also not being over the top helping the brand to maintain the price tag in the market. Key features of the product include a three temperature setting and indicative night lights and this comes in a well-designed solid steel structure that is compact as it comes. The model also has holding capacities for both 3-gallons and 5-gallon bottles to use that has a strong syphon mechanism that is dispensed via ease to use but safety guaranteed push to dispense buttons while also being safe with a toddler lock.

The feature-packed dispenser holds a reputation for being the best value for money and here is why it holds the reputation.


Key Features

Three temperature settings

The dispenser has three basic temperature settings that offer cold, hot and room temperature water to its user. The efficient cooling and heating systems provide well cooled refreshing water that the company boasts that the water needs no ice for extra cooling. The dispenser also provides steaming hot water perfect for coffee and tea. The more normal room temperature option offers a good refreshing temperature to your water.

Bottom Loading

The unit is one of the well-designed models in the market when it comes to bottom loading models in the industry because of its compact and small size, while also being able to accommodate both 3-gallons and 5-gallon models.

Indicative Night Lights

The indicative lights are quite an innovation which acts as an ambient night lighting. This provides enough lighting to easily see the spout buttons. There is also indicative light that lights up empty cans so as to let you know the water can is empty.


  • Design

The sleek and trendy steel built is a design that is one that is durable but all also an aesthetic fit to any sort of room or setting the dispenser is set to.

  • Three Color Choices

The model boasts a well-built body but is not limited to just the steel finish but 3 really well-balanced color schemes to go with your interiors bests.

  • Child Safe

The dispenser sports a safety lock system when it comes to dispensing water while also innovatively provide a simple push to dispense buttons hence making dispensing and safety, both easy and practical as it gets.

  • Enhanced Usability

The ease of use when it comes Avalon’s push-button spouts makes it a dream come true when compared to other models in the price range while also providing less force on the spouts making this easily broken part a safety net aiding in longer life for the dispenser.

  • Energy Efficient

The dispenser is certified to be energy efficient, hence providing the customer with the best of worlds at a price that is not too high on the scale.


  • Lack of varied temperature control

Although, the model offers 3 temperature settings, depending on the user sometimes precise temperature control may be required and these users are better off looking for other alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove the drip tray?

The drip tray removable and can be easily slid out from the body and cleaned. There is, however, no self-draining system in the dispenser.

How cold does the water get?

The cold water dispensed from the dispenser is found be around 47 F and this is the normally the temperature for ice cold water and hence, it is refreshing to drink on a hot day.

Can you turn off just the heater if you don’t need hot water?

Yes, the button on the back of the dispenser can be found for turning on and off the hot water heater in the dispenser.

Have there been any issues with the pump?

No, there are no general complaints any parts including the pump without a good reason for the product.

Are cleaning instruction provided?

Yes, a detailed guide to cleaning the water dispenser is included in the pack and is essential for users to read and work accordingly.


The Product still stands true to the initial claims for the dispenser to be a true value for money. The feature-rich product offers all essential needs for most user needs. The 3 temperature controls and the energy efficient rating combined with compressors that are efficient in cooling while also being built to last.

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