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Reviews of the Best Bottom Loading Water Dispensers of 2020

Reviews of the Best Bottom Loading Water Dispensers

Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser
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It took us a couple of days to review the five bottom loading water dispensers below. In the end, all of us here at AvidWater concluded that the best bottom loading water dispenser is the Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser. It has a self-cleaning feature, it’s compact-sized, and it’s inexpensive.

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To ensure you always drink clean hot and cold fresh water, you need a water dispenser in your home and office. Top loading water dispensers have gained so much popularity but they’re gradually getting replaced in most places with the bottom loading water dispensers.

Using a bottom loading water dispenser, you save yourself the stress of having to lift the large water bottles. In turn, you save time you would have spent in cleaning the floor, no thanks to spills that occurred when you flipped the

There are many bottom loading water dispenser brands on the market. The purpose of this best bottom loading water dispenser is to help you make a perfect choice.

Below is the table showing the bottom loading water dispensers we are reviewing.

Best Bottom Loading Water Dispensers: Compared

Best Overall
Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser
Editor Rating:
5 Star Rating
Stainless Steel
15 x 12.6 x 40.6 inches
Budget Pick
Primo Black 2 Spout Bottom Load Water Dispenser
Editor Rating:
4.8 Star Rating
14.2 x 12.2 x 40.9
Best Value
Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser
Editor Rating:
4.9 Star Rating
Black w Stainless Cabinet
13 x 12 x 41 inches
Primo Black Stainless Steel 3 Spout Bottom Load Water Dispenser
Editor Rating:
4.9 Star Rating
14.2 x 12.2 40.9
Brio Essentials Bottom Loading Water Dispenser
Editor Rating:
4.8 Star Rating
Black w Stainless Cabinet
44 x 15 x 14 inches

Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser: Our Top Picks Reviewed

Overall BestWhirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

best bottom loading water dispenser image
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Arguably, the best bottom loading water dispenser in the market now is this Whirlpool self-cleaning dispenser. Below, we outlined our reasons for selecting it.

The first thing you’ll notice about the unit is its 6th sense self-cleaning technology. It is clearly a unique selling point of this unit. Have you used a water dispenser that not only dispenses water effectively but takes care of the water purity too? The Whirlpool Self Cleaning water dispenser is the one.

This 6th Sense Self-cleaning technology purifies the water before dispensing, by using unstable oxygen to break down bacteria and viruses in the water. However, it is important to note that this self-cleaning technology shouldn’t be depended upon wholly for water purification.

Whirlpool equipped this dispenser with a powerful durable water pump and a water siphon that sucks up the remaining water in the bottle more than others.

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Features We Love

  • 6th sense self-cleaning technology.
  • Light indicators.
  • Attractive stainless steel front.
  • Safety button.


  • The unit sports a very slim design.
  • It features a light indicator which blinks when the water is empty.
  • Setting it up is as easy as ABC.
  • Loading water is a lot easier thanks to the smooth opening doors.
  • There’s a temperature gauge that gives you total control.
  • It features a LED display that is easy to read.
  • Terrific customer service.
  • A safety hot water button that prevents young kids from getting hurt. It makes the dispenser toddler resistant.


  • It is quite pricier than competition although the margin isn’t much.

Third of the many amazing features of this Whirlpool Water dispenser is its temperature capacity. It’s cooling technology is top-notch. It cools by forming a large piece of ice in the water tank, producing refreshingly cold water that is 9oF colder than water dispensed by most water dispensers. In addition, it always produces hot water at steaming temperature for making a delicious tea and brewing coffee.

Furthermore, this water dispenser is built solid – to last very long. It features a solid steel frame that can hold over 300lbs and is suitable for use with 3-gallon bottles and 5-gallon bottles. Thus, you can use it anywhere – home, office, yoga studio, gym etc.

As far as safety goes, this water dispenser is safe. The hot button is toddler resistant. It also features a Resource SaverTM switch in the back, for turning off the hot water when not in use.

What’s more? The design of this water dispenser makes it possible for the unit to add a touch of resplendence to your interior decor. This adds a luxurious feel to your home or office whilst delivering pure and refreshingly cold or hot water to meet your needs.

Best ValueAvalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

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The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser offers you the best value – in our opinion.

­It is packed with features that make it worth every penny you spend on it. First, you have the 3 temperature choices it offers users. You can choose hot, cold or room temperature and you will get it.

Secondly, it is highly efficient. The compressor produces cold water as cold as 47° F. This automatically eliminates the need for you or people that use the dispenser to add ice cubes to their water.

The hot water is hot enough for a tea, coffee or any hot beverage you love. It’s not too hot but not too cold either. If you prefer something that dispenses only very hot water, then read our review of the best hot water dispensers.

To protect your children from getting hurt, Avalon included the standard child lock switch on their hot water faucet.

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Features We Love

  • Hot water sprout child lock.
  • Night-light.
  • Three temperatures settings.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • 3 color choices.


  • The Avalon’s design is quite impressive and it’s not bulky.
  • It comes with a night light that lights up the machine at night when the light in the room has been turned off.
  • In addition to the night light, it has an empty bottle indicator light which notifies you of the emptiness of the bottles.
  • It uses 3-gallon or 5-gallon water bottles and offers three water temperature choices
  • There’s a child safety lock on hot water sprout to protect little children from getting hurt.
  • The unit is noiseless during operation. You’ll only hear the sound of the water pump when you want to draw water from it.


  • No self-cleaning technology although it isn’t a must-have feature.

This unit boasts of a spacious bottom loading compartment can accommodate 3-gallon or 5-gallon water bottles. The fact that it can take that large sized water bottle notwithstanding, it is compact shaped and will fit into small spaces with little or no hassles.

An empty bottle indicator light tells you when to replace the bottle. There is also a night-light that makes it easier to use this water dispenser at night. Furthermore, it sports an easy to use push button, that makes every drink stress free compared to other water dispensers.

Added to its many useful features, the Avalon Bottom loading water dispenser comes in 3 color choices – black, stainless steel, and white. This will go a long way to blend with the interior décor of the room where it is placed in. 

Budget-FriendlyPrimo Black 2 Spout Bottom Load Water Dispenser

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The sleekly designed Primo Black 2 Spout Water Dispenser is one budget water dispenser you shouldn’t miss. To start with, it saves costs – as at the time of writing this review, Primo offered coupons for this unit.

Quite surprisingly, this water dispenser features a multi-step reverse osmosis system although it is optional. It’s mostly suitable for users who don’t want to spend money buying water bottles. It certainly is the company’s way of making sure users have clean water to drink every time.

As with all the other water dispensers we’ve reviewed so far, this unit offers you 3 temperature choices (hot, cold and lukewarm).

It heats water really fast and evenly – great for making tea and brewing coffee. But for “real hot water”, you’re better off with a hot water dispenser. The hot water sprout on the unit has a child safety lock that keeps protects against hot water spills.

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Features We Love

  • Child safety lock.
  • Dishwater safe removable stainless steel drip tray.
  • Multi-step reverse osmosis.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Ergonomic design with a resplendent black color.


  • Stylishly designed and adds a touch of finesse to your interior décor.
  • Heats water fast and evenly when you need the hot water.
  • It is usable with 3 gallons and 5-gallon bottles.
  • There’s a child safety lock in the hot water.
  • Bottle loading is easy and the door doesn’t hinder you.
  • 3 temperature choices – hot, cold and lukewarm.
  • Budget-friendly and saves cost.


  • No self-cleaning technology.

The unit requires no plumbing or installation. Aside from that, it uses the standard 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles that are eco-friendly and reusable. The unit’s bottom loading compartment door doesn’t get in the way when you are loading a water bottle.

To help contain water spills, Primo included a water drip tray. The tray is stainless steel and is easy to clean and it’s totally dishwasher safe.

One last unique selling point of this Primo water dispenser is it’s Energy Star rating. But don’t expect much shavings from your energy bill. Primo gives a one-year warranty on this unit. 

#4. Primo Black Stainless Steel 3 Spout Bottom Load Water Dispenser

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This dispenser is the second out of the three Primo water dispensers on this review list. It differs slightly in physical features from its other counterparts. Every other thing remains the same.

It is designed to provide water in 3 temperatures – cool, ice cold, and hot. Primo added a push-button to this unit in place of the lever on the water sprout. In addition to that, they also included a child safety lock to forestall any accidents when kids tamper with the hot water button.

The unit requires no plumbing and is easy to set up. It can utilize a 3-gallon bottle or 5-gallon bottle and it comes with a free first 3-gallon water bottle. If you’re lucky, perhaps, you’ll get a 5-gallon bottle included in your unit.

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Features We Love

  • Nightlight.
  • Child safety lock.
  • Dishwater safe removable stainless steel drip tray.
  • Optional multi-step reverse osmosis system.
  • Comes with a free water bottle for the first purchase.


  • The unit sports a night-light that makes it easy to operate at night.
  • Stylishly designed, it blends easily with the room’s interior décoration.
  • Usable with 3-gallon and 5-gallon water bottles. It comes with either of the two bottles for free.
  • The child safety lock provides a layer of protection for children.
  • 3 temperature choices – hot, cold and lukewarm.
  • Budget-friendly and saves cost.
  • Water bottles are reusable and eco-friendly.
  • Compact-sized and easily fits into a small space.


  • No self-cleaning technology.
  • Water may not be as cool as you’d expect.

There’s no self-cleaning technology – it’s not a standard feature anyway so it’s absence won’t make much difference. It does, however, have a 1-year warranty attached to it in addition to the UL and Energy Star certifications. 

#5. Brio Essentials Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

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Next on our review of the best bottom loading water dispenser is this Brio Essentials dispenser. It’s a distant relative of the Brio CL250 commercial grade water dispenser. Here are some of the few reasons why we’re rooting for this dispenser.

First, it comes out of the box in black color – unfortunately, that’s the only color available. But that doesn’t impede on its functionality. Brio designed it in such a way that it is suitable for use in the office or at home.

The unit appears somewhat taller than its counterparts. Well, it’s only a few centimeters taller than our budget pick dispenser. The tall height comes from the fact that Brio designed the unit to be compact enough to fit into small spaces.

Its black color is complemented by a stainless steel coated door that covers the water bottle compartment. As you’d expect from a modern water dispenser, it dispenses hot, cold, and room water temperature. The hot water, however, is not hot.

This makes it imperative to opt for a standalone hot water dispenser or a water heater. They supply very hot water than water dispensers like this one which is most suited for dispensing cold water.

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Features We Love

  • Bottom loading.
  • Can accommodate 3 and 5-gallon water bottles.
  • Compact design.
  • Dispenses three water options.
  • Comes with the child safety lock.


  • This dispenser is compact shaped and this makes it possible to fit it into tight spaces.
  • It can accommodate the standard 3 or 5-gallon water bottles.
  • There’s a child safety lock for protection from hot water spills.
  • It dispenses hot, cold, and room temperature water. The cold water is “chilled”.


  • The hot water may not be as hot as you expect.

For easy use, the dispenser has a three-push button faucet, one for each water type you want. In addition to that, there is a hot water safety lock available on the hot water sprout. This reduces the risks of getting scalded by the hot water.

Brio equipped this dispenser with three light indicators. Two indicates the readiness of the hot and cold water for use while the third will notify you to change the water bottle.

The main advantage of having this bottom-loading unit is that it removes the stress of loading water on top. Its water bottle compartment can accommodate both the three and five-gallon water bottles.

We suggest using the five-gallon water bottle so you could have more water for only a few dollars more.

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Compared

Water DispensersOur RatingColorSizeSelf
WhirlPool5Stainless Steel15 x 12.6 x 40.6 inYes$$$$$
Primo Black 24.9Black14.2 x 12.2 x 40.9 inNo$$$
Avalon 4.9Black/Stainless Steel13 x 12 x 41 inNo$$$
Primo Black Stainless4.9Black14.2 x 12. 2 x 40.9No$$$
Brio Essentials4.8Black/Stainless Steel14 x 15 x 44 inNo$$$$

Benefits of Using A Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Like we mentioned earlier, there isn’t much difference between a top loading and a bottom loading water dispenser save for the place where the water bottle is placed. But then, a bottom loading water dispenser still has a slight edge over its top-loading counterpart.

Below. we’ve outlined some of the benefits of owning a bottom loading water dispenser.

Saves space

Arguably, this isn’t a major benefit of a bottom loading water dispenser given that top loading units also have the same characteristics. Most water dispensers in general, sport a space saving design which allows it to fit into tight corners or spaces.


Top loading water dispensers are tough to refill no doubt. It requires that you lift a five-gallon water bottle which weighs over 40 pounds. This causes back injury, especially with frequent refills although a lot of people don’t see it the same way.

Using a bottom loading water dispenser, the task of lifting heavy gallons of water is eliminated. You only have to deal with the compartment doors that cover the bottom loading areas on some units.

Easy to install

Generally, water dispensers are quite easy to install. You certainly do not need any professional to handle any installation. All it takes is to open the bottle cabinet, peel off the seal on the bottle and place the water pump cap and nozzle inside the bottle. Then you set the bottle inside the compartment and close the door.

How Does A Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Work?

A bottom loading water dispenser has different parts:

  • Probe assembly – connects the water pump to the water bottle and water tanks
  • The probe hanger – keeps the assembly clean during refills
  • Pumps – pumps water into the hot and cold tanks
  • Hot and cold tanks – heat or chill clean water and holds it until you dispense the hot or cold water.

Now, let’s look at how these parts work to give you clean and fresh water.

To get your bottom loading water dispenser up and running, open the unit, press the water pump button and place the nozzle of the water pump inside the water bottle.

Then, gently slide the water bottle into the cabinet and press the hot or cold dispense button. While pressing down the hot or cold button you will hear the pump making a loud noise which is normal.

Once you install your bottom loading water dispenser and press the hot tank dispensing button. The heater heats water to the ideal temperature in approximately 20 minutes.

On the other hand, the cold water dispensing tank chills water between (37°F – 50°F) in less than one hour – that’s a pretty long time although it’s worth the wait.

How to Load Water Into A Water Dispenser

Here’s a quick video showing how to load water into your water dispenser when water is finished in your water bottle. Given the fact that most of the bottom loading water dispensers don’t have transparent doors nor empty water bottle light indicators, you should constantly check the water level in the water bottle.

Buying Guide: Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

In this section, we’ll point out a handful of things you should take into consideration before buying a bottom loading water dispenser.


The capacity of a bottom loading water dispenser simply refers to the size of the compartment that holds the water bottle. Generally, water bottles for water dispensers are usually between 3 to 5 gallons.

However, the size may not be the same. Therefore, if you have the dwarf-and-wide water bottles, then you should get a water dispenser that can accommodate the water bottle on all sides.

Proximity to a power source

Water dispensers require electricity to function, hence, it’s imperative to place it in a suitable place close to a power source. It should be placed close to a wall in a space where it doesn’t hinder movement in the home.

Self-Cleaning Function

The self-cleaning function should have been named appropriately – self-filtering would have been a more suitable name. This feature, although it’s not very important, filters the water inside the dispenser as it travels from the water bottle to the spout.

Features such as this make one bottom loading water dispenser cost slightly more than a similar spec system.


Look out for important certifications and Energy Start ratings on your chosen dispensers.

Safety Feature

The most prominent safety feature on a water dispenser is a child lock button. Don’t buy a bottom loading water dispenser that lacks a child lock button.

Drip Tray

The drip tray collects wastewater that spills when you are pouring out water from your dispenser into your cup. If your unit has no removable drip tray, then you’d have to deal with a lot of spills.

Noise Level

Manufacturers of bottom loading water dispensers don’t always include the sound level. However, they advertise it as noiseless units. Most of the units advertised as noiseless make small negligible sounds during operation.


Although the color isn’t an important factor, it is worth considering especially if you’re concerned about the interior decor of your home. Most of the units on the market are available in only two colors; black (with a stainless steel cabinet) and white.

Both colors will blend with any interior decor.

FAQs on Bottom Loading Water Dispensers

Let’s quickly debunk some rumors before we wrap up this review. Here are some frequently asked questions about bottom loading water dispensers.

Are bottom loading water dispensers better than their top-loading counterparts?

Well, in our opinion, the bottom loading units are better since they save you the stress of lifting up heavy water bottles. In turn, this reduces the risk of back pain.

Should I buy a self-cleaning model?

If you’re unsure of the purity of the water from the water bottle, please get a self-cleaning model. However, if the water in your home is filtered, then buy a model that doesn’t have the self-cleaning feature.

How hot is the hot water from a bottom loading water dispenser?

The water is hot and can cause scalding and burns. Hence, you should always opt for a bottom loading water dispenser with a hot water safety button or switch.


Bottom loading water dispensers are budget-friendly water dispensers. They are easy to use, refill, and maintain. It reduces your chances of getting back pain as a result of lifting heavy water bottles.

In the end, buying the best bottom loading water dispenser boils down to one thing; choice. Choose wisely.

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