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Tier1 48, 000 Grain High-Efficiency Digital Water Softener review

Tier1 48, 000 Grain High-Efficiency Digital Water Softener

Expert water softeners reviews have shown that the Tier1 48000 grain water softener is the perfect choice for you when you are on a budget. This water softener comes with a 48000 capacity grain rating. The beautiful shiny blue color makes it easy to spot and hard to miss anywhere you find it. It is one of those amazing water softeners that do more than just removing the hardness in the water you use in your home.

It is like most other water softeners you can find in the market today in terms of its features and mode of operation. However, it stands out from other water softening units in that you can save more than a hundred bucks from the purchase of this unit.

The Tier1 48,000 grain high-efficiency digital water softener comes with the typical LCD display and very responsive control buttons. You can set the unit to regenerate easily without any difficulties.

Key Features


We all love that one product that offers us the desired efficiency and delivers the quality services we require. This is what makes the Tier1 water softener the ideal softening unit for you when you are working with a tight budget.

LCD digital screen with responsive control buttons

This water softener comes with an LCD screen. It also has the right control buttons to help you change your settings and choose your regeneration preferences.

Comes with an installation kit

This Tier1 water softener is one of the few softening units that comes with its own installation kit and manuals. This installation kit and manuals make it easy for you to carry out the installation of your water softening unit yourself.

48, 000-grain capacity

The grain ratings of this water softening unit may not be considered high. It is enough to control the pressure of the water and support a free flow.


  • With a grain capacity of 48000, this water softener is efficient enough to supply the required volume of soft water to serve a family of 6 people.
  • You can do the installation yourself with the help of the installation kits it comes with.
  • It is far more affordable than most other water softeners in its category.


  • None at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide some of the most frequently asked questions from customers and the right answers to them to help you know what to do with your water softener at every point in time.

Can I install my Tier1 water softener myself?

This water softener comes with an installation kit which makes it easy for you to install your water softening unit without anybody’s help. However, we always advise you to allow a professional handle the installation for you to prevent damaging your water softening unit. If you already have good pex pipe plumbing lines and fittings in your home, the installation doesn’t take more than 20-30 minutes.

Is there a warranty for the Tier1?

The Tier1 water softener like every other modern water softening unit from a reputable manufacturer would come with the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty can cover a whole 5 years or more.

How efficient is it?

The Tier1 water softener comes with a grain rating of 48000, which is considerably high enough to soften enough water for a household of 5-6 people.

How about the ease of use?

Anyone can operate and use the Tier1 water softening unit with the help of its very responsive control buttons and a digital LCD display screen. Also, the programmings are quite easy as compared to the more complicated programmings on other models.

Does it come with a bypass valve?

The Tier1 bypass valve has been adjudged the best size by users as compared to the valves found in other water softeners. This unit has a compact and smaller bypass valve which makes things easier for you.

How about salt consumption?

Well, the salt consumption of the Tier1 water softening system is extremely low. This is a good thing because it saves you the stress and cost of having to search for salt to put in there every now and then. It can run on one bag of salt for 5 whole months.


If you want to save cost on an easy to install a water softener, you can invest in the Tier1 water softener. This inexpensive and easy to use water softening unit will keep your home supplied with the best softened clean water for all your water needs.

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