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The Suteck 8 Gal Moonshine Spirit Kit Distiller review

The Suteck 8 Gal Moonshine Spirit Kit Distiller

If you are looking for the best water distiller for your home, you should consider the Suteck 8 Gallon Moonshine Spirit Kit. This special appliance is designed for distilling different things, including water and alcohol. Whether you like beer, whiskey or spirit, the Moonshine Spirit Kit will prepare the most refined, great tasting drinks. It is indeed the best choice for an amateur or expert alcohol brewer. 

You can use it to distill fruit wine, water, and brandy and to refine plant extracts for medicinal uses. One thing you will love about the Suteck 8 Gallon distiller is that the pot can be heated by stoves or other heating source. Prior to carrying out any alcohol distillation process, however, we highly recommend purifying fresh water as it will remove any remnants of contaminants left after the production process was completed. The components in the package include the following:

  • A stainless steel boiler with a 4-clamp and thermometer
  • An air valve for fermentation purpose
  • Two, ninety centimeters silicone hoses
  • A thumper keg
  • A copper cooler  along with a stainless steel cup and copper pipe
  • A large bucket  with a 14.2” or 36cm diameter and the same height
  • English manual book with recipes.

Key Features

Safe and robust construction

If you want to buy one of the most durable and safest distillers, pick the Moonshine Spirit Kit. It is made of safe and non-toxic red copper and stainless steel. So expect no toxic lead in any of its components; all parts are designed with food-grade materials.

Large capacity

If you plan to distill a lot of alcohol and water, the Suteck distiller is a great choice. It has a capacity of thirty liters or eight gallons. The 13.8” Diameter by 13.8” height container is big enough to produce enough distilled drinks for your guests. It also comes with a specially thickened fermenter and produces tasty drinks.

Built-in dial reading thermometer

This appliance comes with a metal thermometer that produces Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. This gives you a chance to inspect the temperatures quickly and easily when the distiller is working.


There are three pots, a thumper keg, and other high-quality components. This is just the right thing as it boasts an independent airway design that enables the distillate to rise quickly and become purer.


This huge alcohol distiller is a complete distillation appliance that suits beginners and experts. It is easy to install, use and maintain even when you haven’t handled a similar gadget before.


The Moonshine Spirit Kit is a multi-purpose item that will help you explore your creativity when it comes to brewing drinks, including whiskey, ethanol, wine, hydrosol, essential oils and so on. It is an ideal home distiller for seawater, steam and alcohol distillation.

A total Money-Back Guarantee

This is a water distiller that you can confidently purchase and use in several different ways. That’s because there is a Money-Back Guarantee offer you can make use of if you are not satisfied with it and get a full money refund.


  • This domestic distiller provides a cheaper way to distill alcohol, essential oils, water, and other things.
  • There is a 100% Money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly
  • Built to last


  • Some people wish that the copper worm could be bigger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone know the diameter of silicone hoses?

Yes, these have a diameter of 1 centimeter or 0.39 inch.

In what units are the thermometer readings offered?

These are usually given in both Fahrenheit and Celsius

Does the customer find the condensing coil in the package?
Yes, he or she should.

In which country is this home appliance made?

It is made in China, possibly, but the important thing is that it works just fine.

Does this item have any written instructions or a video one can view?

Yes, check the Clawhammer supply online page. It has good instructions that will help you start using this appliance.

Can I unscrew his metal thermometer and fit it with an electrically regulated heating element or a thermostat to make it automatic?

Yes, it has a nut on the bottom that can be unfastened.


If you want a home-use distiller that is able to multi-task, the Suteck 8 Gallon Moonshine Spirit Kit makes a great pick. It works perfectly fine and is able to keep distilled water and alcohol separate. It is inexpensive and user-friendly and we would recommend it.

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