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The Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Distiller review

The Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Distiller

If you are looking for the best water distiller for your home, you should consider the Pure Water Mini-Classic Countertop Water Distiller. One of the most dependable products available now, the Mini-Classic water distiller works as expected and is easy to maintain. Additionally, it is among the most durable water distillers as it is made of first-class glass and stainless steel materials. These materials do not contaminate the water.

A compact, countertop steam water distiller, the Mini-Classic CT generates very high-purity distilled water from any fresh water source. The appliance can be put to use as soon as it arrives, as it needs no installation. It is ideal for small families, those who live in apartment buildings, and RVs. An approved version of the Mini-Classic II, the Mini-Classic CT boasts an advanced design and will be the best choice if you want the purest drinking water.

Key Features

Durable and Clean

This water distiller is designed to last longer and produce clean water for drinking every single day. As it is made of high-grade stainless steel and glass, this home appliance is enduring and toxin-free. No contamination can be expected.

High-purity steam distilled water

The Mini-Classic Countertop water distiller is reliable when high purity vapor distilled water for drinking and cooking is needed. The steam-based appliance will consistently give your family and your clean water, boosting your overall health.


If this is your first time to purchase a water distiller for your home, then select the Mini-Classic Countertop water distiller. It is idiot-proof in terms of usage as no installation is necessary. You will be able to take it out of the delivery box and use it right away.

Saves storage space

This is not a mega home appliance that will consume a big storage space. It will rest on a kitchen countertop and will be good for small families.

No plastic contamination

Once your water is distilled and purified, it will only come into contact with the glass and stainless steel rather than plastic. Thus, it will not be exposed to chemicals found in plastic materials and will be safe for drinking.

Locally made

Most people feel happy to purchase a home appliance that is made in the USA. The Mini-classic CT is a U.S designed product that is extremely easy to use and beneficial.

Fast flow rate

Once the water from almost every freshwater source is put in this distiller, it will be purified until it is ready for drinking. Then it will flow out quickly when you want to fetch some for drinking or cooking.


  • If want high-purity water, the Mini-Classic CT is the best choice
  • The distiller is user-friendly and requires no installation
  • Requires trivial maintenance
  • Consumes just a small space on your kitchen countertop
  • Can purify water from virtually any fresh water source
  • It is durable and free from plastic-based chemicals


  • Compared to the average water distiller, this appliance is costlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some distillers offer a two-stage heating process and first remove anything that boils off at a lower temperature than h20. Does the Mini-Class CT offer this ability?

Most home distillers don’t offer a 2-phase heating process, the industrial ones do. Nonetheless, whilst most home distillers’ mechanism setup is unique, they work the same way.

How much electricity does this water distiller need?

It uses 800watts and current draw is 6.9ampheres (120volts). Using this water distiller is comparable to running a tiny air conditioner or turning on the 8 to 100W light bulbs. So the actual cost would vary based on where you live. Based on kilowatt hour (KWH), however, it could mean eight cents per hour.

How can I re-mineralize my distilled water? Do I add some Hawaiian sea salt or some baking soda like some people do?

One of the key reasons for distilling water and making it purer is to get rid of positively charged inorganic minerals from the body. So you don’t need to re-introduce them to the purified water. Instead, make some pure vegetable and fruit juices and drink them to obtain organic minerals.

There is a 15-year guarantee cover. What does it cover as most ordinary people may not know how to troubleshoot and repair a water distiller problem?

The guarantee will only cover the stainless steel parts and two years on the electrical system. Don’t worry as the manufacturer has the best customer care service.

Where will the mineral residue go to after distillation?

It will collect at the bottom of the distilling chamber. So it is advisable to clean this chamber after use.


Even if the Pure Water Mini-Classic Countertop Water Distiller is compact and small, it can be used to make at least two to four gallons of clean water daily. It is the best family unit if all of you are looking to generate the purest water for cooking and drinking. Above all, it lacks plastic contaminants and has a long, 15-year guarantee cover.

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