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The Megahome Stainless Steel Distiller review

The Megahome Stainless Steel Distiller

The Megahome Stainless Steel Distiller can give you one gallon of pure vapor distilled water in just five and a half hours. It offers top quality 304-stainless steel condensing coils and an upper cover, one of the reasons why it is super durable.  The body’s outer shell is made of stainless steel, meaning that the inner side and outer side are heavy-duty and reliable. So, if you want the best water distiller for your home, you should consider the Megahome Stainless Steel Water Distiller.

Another good reason to check this out is the fact that it is one of the best-priced water distillers on the market now.  It will give you your money’s worth and more. As there is a glass collection bottle with a detachable lid, the Megahome Stainless Steel is among the most expedient distillers you can find. It has the simplest working mechanism as all you must do is fill the chamber with fresh water and push the start button. Once the cycle is over, the machine will turn itself off. If you are in the U.S or Canada, this water distiller is 110 to 120 volts

It offers the following components:

  • A top condensing unit
  • A distiller body
  • The main power cord
  • A glass collection bottle as well as a porcelain nozzle insert
  • A cleaner for the Boil Chamber residue, 8ounce
  • Activated charcoal sachets. One package with six filters that will be enough for six months.

Key Features

Produces the purest water

If you want a domestic use appliance that will work speedily and remove all the unneeded toxins and contaminants from your water, then select the Megahome distiller. As aforementioned, it produces a gallon of water every 5-1/2 hours.

Best construction

This water distillation machine boasts 304 stainless steel interior and exterior surfaces, a material that is known to be toxin-free and long-lasting. So it is designed to produce the purest water for drinking and cooking and doesn’t let it touch any plastic material.

Glass collection bottle

One of the main features of this item is a glass collection bottle. When water is put into the chamber and the button is pushed, the distillation process will begin. Then the steam distilled water will trickle into a porcelain-lined nozzle and into the glass collection bottle. Megahome water distiller lacks cheap plastic parts that would only contaminate pure water.

Underwrites Laboratory(UL) approved

This home water distiller is UL approved. The UL is a reputable third-party global safety science company that meticulously tests products to discover if they abide by essential safety standards. All Megahome water distillers are UL-listed and are totally safe and trustworthy.

One year warranty and great customer service

This Megahome water distiller comes with a full year warranty cover that will help you when there is an issue with the device. The company’s customer service is above reproach and has consistently produced wonderful products and support for more than twenty-two years.


This Megahome Stainless Steel distiller is extremely easy to use if you are a first-time buyer. Just pour water into the distillation chamber and press the start button. This will help the machine kickoff the distillation process by bringing the water to 212 degrees or boiling point. This heat is enough to kill all micro-organisms and as vapor rises, it leaves the impure residue and enters the stainless steel cooling coils. The steam is then cooled and re-condensed into clean drinking water; the distiller shuts down automatically.


  • Environmental friendly as it does not make use of single-use plastic bottles
  • It removes 99.9 percent of water impurities and germs
  • Produces great-tasting pure water for drinking and cooking
  • Simple to use and highly durable
  • Safe for human use


  • It does have some plastic parts such as a plastic spigot

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this remove fluoride as it is difficult to find fluoride filters?

Yes, it removes fluoride. However, you should let the water come to a boiling point prior to turning on the condenser unit.

Is there a water level shut-off or a thermal shut off button?

According to the product description, the appliance turns itself off automatically when the water reaches its boiling point.

Is there a plastic material used to construct this water distiller?

The water drips from the cooler tube into a plastic spigot with a glass insert that keeps the charcoal filter intact. This does not mean that the water gets contaminated by this tiny amount of plastic. Instead, the appliance produces a gallon of the purest drinking and cooking water.

Are there replacement parts for this distiller?

Yes, if you break something, just make sure you visit the Nutriteam’s website for new parts.

How much does it cost to distill water with this appliance? What’s the KWh cost?

As this water distiller uses 580Watts, divide this figure by 1000 to get this in Kilowatts. Next, multiply the answer by the number of hours you will be running the appliance to get the total amount of a kilowatt hour of electricity consumed.


If you are searching for a water distiller that will produce the purest gallon of water every 5.5 hours, we recommend the Megahome Stainless Steel Distiller. It will also help you recover every dollar spent on it initially.

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