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The InSinkErator H-WaveC Hot Water Dispenser review

The InSinkErator H-WaveC Hot Water Dispenser

If you are looking for the best hot water dispenser for your home, you should consider buying the InSinkErator H-WaveC Hot Water Dispenser. It is an amazing system that will provide you with all the hot water that you need without you having to resort to using a kettle or heating it on the hob.

Key Features

Instant hot water dispenser

One of the main features is the instant hot water dispenser that collects in a 2/3 gallon hot water tank made from stainless steel. The water that is sent out is near boiling point.

Easy Temperature control

The temperature can be easily controlled thanks to the temperature control feature being easy to control. The tank is durable and there will not be a problem when it comes to making tea and coffee.

Automatic shut off control for hot lever

When the correct temperature has been reached, there is an automatic shut off control for the hot lever. When it arrives, the temperature control will have been set to 200 degrees F but can be changed to range from 160 degrees F. Thanks to the shut off feature, this is a perfectly safe system to use.


The warranty is for 3 years and ensures that there will be a visit to the house if a service is required. It is a mixture of new and more established designs. It is going to immediately be the perfect addition to the home and many users wonder how they managed without it.

Easy to install and safe

Setting up is not going to be a problem as there are no tools required. You will be relieved to know that it has dry start protection that maintains safety when the water level is low.

Easy to fit the faucet

The faucet is a standard size and only needs a small hole to fit it. As long as the counter is 3 inches utmost thick, it will be a perfect fit.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning is easy as there is no need to use any substances that could cause damage to the system.  Jars can be fully cleaned out and lids can be removed without having to boil the kettle, making it one of the best hot water dispensers for tea and more.


  • It is an easy system to install. No extra tools are required, and no special installation skills are required.
  • There is a choice of two colors, so you don’t just have to accept not having an option. Choose the one you feel more comfortable with.
  • There is a water faucet included.
  • Hot water can be held in the tank which is 0.6 gallon in size and this will be plenty big enough for the average family’s hot water needs.


  • It is a little more expensive than other similar units. When you see what is entailed, this is understandable, especially considering the fact that there can be call outs when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a wide range of temperatures to choose from in F?

It ranges from 160 degrees to 210 degrees and the best temperature to aim for is around 175 degrees. If it reaches the higher end of the scale, the amount of steam involved causes the water to spray a little upon exit.

Which way does the control lever move? If it goes backward is a lot of room required for full use?

The lever does move backward away from the sink. It will only take a space of a little over an inch to be able to utilize the dispenser correctly.

I am finding that the water from my new dispenser tastes sour. Is this due to something that happened during installation and can it be corrected?

If you have a copper pipe, then that could be the issue. Try running it for a while and you should be able to work out if that is the case.

Does it take long to install?

If it is a professional who is installing it, then it should not take longer than an hour.

Can the spout be swiveled around?

It does move and can go around 30 degrees either way. This is ideal because if it went further, the water would spray in areas other than the sink.


You will be able to find models that are cheaper than the H-Wave but there are advantages to this. It has a three-year warranty which is more than other brands and models provide. Installation is easy and if required, the faucet auto lever shuts off if you set it up to. All the hot water you could need can come out of this system and you will have a tank large enough to ensure that you are not going to run out.

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