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The Durastill 8 Gallons Per Day Automatic Distiller review

The Durastill 8 Gallons Per Day Automatic Distiller

If you are looking for the best water distiller for your home, you should consider the Durastill 8 Gallons Per Day Automatic Distiller. Being huge capacity distillation equipment, the Durastill 8 GPD can be suitable for commercial uses as well. Available with a four-gallon stainless steel tank, this equipment is able to produce a consistent flow of sparkling, clean water.

It can be connected easily to any source of water for quick filling or refilling and can automatically shut itself on and off. Hence, the Durastill 8 GPD distiller is one of the best distillation systems made right in the U.S. A perfectly constructed distiller, this Durastill machine is sturdy and convenient when it comes to storage. The boiling chamber does not fill beyond the required level when refilling and if you have a soft or filtered water line, no scale will form the distillation process is over.

Key Features

Durastill 30L Water Distiller

If a lot of pure water for drinking, cooking, washing or any other activity is needed at home, the Durastill 30L distiller will produce it. This is equivalent to 8 gallons of water per day and you are able to produce less if you wish.

15-liter storage tank

One thing that makes this product special and handy is because it comes with a 4-gallons or 15-liter storage tank. This stainless steel tank is robust and will last longer. It will also allow you to store clean water for future use.

Durable stainless steel components

This water distiller is designed to offer high performance for several years and this is ensured by high-quality stainless steel components. It has a 316-Alloy stainless steel evaporator that will resist corrosion and last longer and a 1000watt heating element made of a stainless steel superalloy (incoloy).

Easy to fill and refill

The Durastill 8 GPD Automatic distiller is easy to fill and refill. Simply connect it to a source of water via the convenient faucet with water site gauge. It will automatically fill or refill and then turn itself off when the correct level is reached. However, the appliance can convert from an automatic-fill to a manual-fill when there is no tap water line.

Easy installation

Once your distiller is delivered, you can begin using it in a short while. There is an installation kit, pre-filter and post-filter and fittings that will make the installation work easier.


Most people have 110 to 120V outlets and this water distiller needs just that. It doesn’t use the 22O to 240V power outlets. As well, there is a self-sterilization feature that is will help you keep your empty reserve tank clean. Just spin the fan switch off for a few minutes when steaming and this will activate the feature. Finally, there is a gas vent system that will get rid of VOCs before condensation occurs.


  • This is a high capacity water distiller that produces up to 30 liters of clean water per day.
  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel that increases its lifespan.
  • Comes with an installation kit and this makes it easy to use.
  • Offers a storage tank that could host up to 15 liters of clean water.


  • This is a high-end, expensive water distiller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I plug in this unit in my 220 power outlet?

No, you cannot. The Durastill 8 GPD Automatic Distiller has 110V to120V configuration.

Where is this product made?

It is made in the USA.

How is the boiling chamber opened for cleaning?

Take a look and you will see that the lid on top comes with a crossbar and wing nuts that are easy to open.

Can this unit be filled manually as well?

Yes, just spin the auto-fill switch to off and the machine will be on a manual-fill mode.

Do I get a warranty after the purchase?

Yes, there is a full-year warranty that will cover labor and parts a hundred percent.

Is the fun too loud and does the appliance gets too hot?

It is not particularly loud and does not get too hot when working.

Does purified water come in contact with plastic?

Yes, but all plastics are food-grade, BPA-free and safe.


This is the water distiller you should get if you need a lot of soft water at home. With whopping 30-liters of water, you can do virtually any activity that requires the use of clean, purified water. Whether you need clean water for drinking, cooking, laundry, bathing or preparing tea or coffee, then get the Durastill 8 GPD Automatic Distiller.

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