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Expert Reviews of Water Filters & Treatment Systems

Expert Reviews of Water Filters & Treatment Systems

AvidWater helps buyers find the perfect water treatment solution for their homes and businesses alike.

Our experts in water treatment research, test and compare the best water filters, water softeners, water heaters and other water treatment systems available on the market.

Water Filters

There are dozens of types of water filters available today. Some only filter water in a bottle or pitcher, while others can filter water for a whole house.

Water Filter Pitchers

Water filter pitches are the most common type of water filter found in the average home. They are inexpensive, effective and available at any retail or online store. Water filter pitchers are best used to improve the taste of water and provide a container for keeping cold water in the fridge.

These types of filters are not effective at providing safety against hazardous contaminants, and are not recommended for water sources like water wells or lakes.

Under Sink Water Filters

Under sink water filters offer between 3 and 6 stages of water filtration. The 3 stage carbon and sediment filters can provide clean drinking water to an entire family. The 5 stage or more filtration systems use reverse osmosis, which is the most effective water filtration method available.

If you draw water from a well or lake, you should strongly consider an under sink reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Countertop Water Filters

Similar to water filter pitchers, countertop water filters improve the taste of water at an affordable price. They have the added benefit of increased filter life over the water filter pitcher.

Some countertop water filters use reverse osmosis if you need highly purified water.

Faucet Water Filters