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agaki T-Kjr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater review

Tagaki T-Kjr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater Review

If you are looking for a high-quality tankless water heater that is cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly then the Tagaki T-Kjr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heateris for you. It has an overall dimension of 20.3”H x 13.8” W x 6.7” D which makes it compact for an indoor installation. It is designed by the reputable Japanese company Tagaki which has been one of the best manufacturers of tankless water heaters in the world.

The good thing about this product is that it is very small in size yet, can supply water efficiently to two bathrooms at a time without compromising on its flow rate which is about 6.6 gallons per minute. The Takagi is one of the best tankless water heaters in the market with the ability to provide you with a variety of benefits.

Key features

Compact Size

One of the things that will thrill you with this product is its small size and lightweight. It is designed to take less space in your room but provides you with an incredible performance.

Efficient temperature monitoring

The product is designed to monitor the flow of water through its two thermistors which measure the temperature in real-time. This serves as a protective mechanism to the unit by ensuring that the system can shut down once the temperature reaches its peak. With this, you can enjoy an effective and lasting product.

Effective air-fuel ratio sensor

The Takagi water heater comes with an air-fuel ratio sensor which tracks the level of harmful pollutants it emits into the environment. This makes it very cost effective and eco-friendly.

Easy installation

This product can only be installed by a Tagaki certified technician but the manual that comes with it allows you to install it very easily by following the step by step instructions. However, a DIY installation will void the warranty on the product; and that is a risk you may not want to take.

High flow rate

This product comes with an impressive flow rate at a maximum supply of 6.6 gallons per minute. In addition to this, it has a maximum BTU rating of 140,000.


This product can serve you for over 10 years with low maintenance cost. It comes with a 10-year product warranty for residential buildings and 5 years for commercial apartments. However, this warranty is only valid if the unit is installed by an agent that has been recognized by the manufacturer.


  • A whopping 10-year warranty
  • Can be installed easily
  • Advanced switches to aid its performance in buildings that are located at different altitudes
  • Conversion kit for switching from natural gas to propane
  • A high and impressive flow rate


  • Relatively expensive
  • It is relatively difficult to create a separate ventilation for it
  • The warranty is only validated if the product is installed by the company’s experts
  • It can only supply a maximum of two bathrooms
  • The safety can be compromised if there is a leak in the gas pipes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for me to share the stack with the furnace?

No. It has been stated in the instructions that you cannot share this product’s vent stack with the furnace.

Can this unit work in altitudes of 7000ft and above?

This device comes with DIP switches that allow it to perform in relative to the altitude of the environment. However, it is best to contact the company for altitudes of 7000ft and above.

Does the system handle hard water and how well can it?

It is important for you to install a scale inhibitor if your water hardness is more than 7 else you may damage the heat changer with time.

Does the item include a horizontal vent kit? If not, where can it be ordered from?

No, it does not. You can order it from Amazon.

Is this one direct vent? Which implies that vent passes through the wall and not to chimney?

Yes, the vent is direct. However, you should not fail to adhere to the vent instructions.

According to the description, it is good for small apartments. Will it be good for an apartment of 1500sq/ft 2-4 people?

Yes. It can accommodate an apartment with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with 4 adults without problems.


The Tagaki T-Kjr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater is a good product that is designed to offer you a good value for your money. Despite its small size, it can supply your apartment with constant hot water on your demand.

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