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Rheem RTEX-13 Residential Tank-less Water Heater review

Rheem RTEX-13 Residential Tank-less Water Heater.

You need a rapid heating device to warm your bathing and washing water. This need is particularly acute in winter when the temperatures are extremely low. The most suitable remedy lies with the installation of electric tankless water heaters . These devices offer additional benefits not available in other heating devices.

And the ideal brand in this category is Rheem RTEX-13 residential electric tankless water heater. The gadget is small and doesn’t require any space to set. It is easily mounted on the wall to provide instant hot water at a particular point. Similarly, you could also fix as a heating unit for several faucets that are within proximity to each other.

The heater works by heating cold water passing through the circuit. It has two copper wires that rapidly heats the water flowing within the device. Besides, it doesn’t require a tank to store water while heating. Therefore, there is no time wasted in steaming as the water flow is not interrupted.Let’s look at the features that make Rheem heater a reliable heating device.

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Key Features

On-demand hot water supply

The electric heater provides an instant heating mechanism for water passing through it. There is no reason for waiting long before the water heats up.

High-efficiency performance

The creative design of the gadget and a highly sensitive thermostat of the tankless water heater continuously monitors the flow of water and adjusts the heating temperature range to achieve an optimum energy utilization. It ensures that you get your hot water as fast as you want it while keeping the energy loss at the lowest rate possible.

LED indicator light

The heater has a digital thermostat that you can adjust through a dial. The dial links to a LED panel – displaying the current temperature. Hence, the accurate temperature reading is visually available on the screen. 

Self-modulation mechanism

The self-modulation is another feature that makes the Rheem electric tankless water heater a favorite for many users. The device can adjust the heating pace by continually programming the water demand, the room temperature and the water flow rate. 

Energy efficient

The Rheem electric heater is engineered for efficiency. Understandably, its power consumption is way above the standard energy efficiency rating. However, it operates in a way that makes it conserve considerable power. Tests indicate an efficiency level of 98.8% while delivering hot water.

Small portable size

The unit measures just 4 x 9 x 13 inches and weighs 8.5 pounds. This small dimension makes it apt for wall mounting. Further, it has die threads to allow for quick connections. 

Safety certification

The product is tested and certified as compliant with all electrical safety standards applicable.

Simple installation process

Rheem water heater comes with the 0.5” adapter and a three-inch cable as well as the instructions manual for installation. The inclusion of these accessories saves on the fixing cost as you only need a qualified electrician to fit the gadget.


  • Tank-less doesn’t need water to store water before boiling.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Small and compact
  • Elegant design
  • Comes with fitting accessories
  • Provide hot water continually
  • Temperature indicator
  • LED lamp
  • Instant supply of hot water


  • Difficult to fix. Installation by experts only
  • Not energy efficient

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this heater be used in other establishments apart from residence?

No, the heater is strictly for residential use only.

What is the power rating for the device?

The heater is electric corded equipment using 240 volts at 13KW.

What is the warranty duration of this gadget?

The limited warranty duration for the product is 12 months.

What material is the heater made?

The electric heater is a casing of an electrical circuit. The cover is heavy duty stainless steel casing coated with fire-resistant anodic magnesium panel. This cover ensures excellent heat transfer inside while also prevent the unit from overheating. It’s safe to touch while in operation – though not recommended.

Does the heater make noise during operation?

No, the heater is absolutely silent. You only gauge that it’s working by the hot water flowing from the connected faucets.


You get scolding hot water supply rapidly from this device. The small size fits well in a cubicle in a bathroom or kitchen. It offers quiet operations. The robust construction and quick installation make this gadget an excellent and efficient heater. Besides, it’s rustproof, and durable casing ensured long trouble-free service. The warranty confirms that it’s a reliable and sustainable electric tank-less water heater.

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