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Primo White 2 Spout Bottom Load Hot and Cold Water Cooler Dispenser review

Primo White 2 Spout Bottom Load Hot and Cold Water Cooler Dispenser

Primo White 2 Spout Bottom Loading Water Dispensers are ideal for large institutions like schools and libraries. The unit has a powerful cooling and a heating element that provides a steady supply of safe drinking water at required temperatures.

But what makes this unit one of the best water coolers is its revolutionary antibacterial technology. A specific metal inserted within the water channels to eliminate bacterial buildups in the system. This sterilization process leaves the water fresh and healthy.

What do you gain from purchasing this unit?

You enjoy the 1-year limited warranty on the product. Besides, this product’s construction is intended to guarantee safety for your family. And for this reason, they have used only the high-class food grade and long lasting stainless steel materials within chambers that hold water during heating or cooling. Additionally, the bottom loading mechanism saves you energy and inconveniences associated with lifting a 5-gallon water bottle every time you replace water.

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Key Features

Sterile atmosphere

Perhaps the most striking feature of this water dispenser is the antibacterial technology. This element eradicates all bacteria and germs from the water dispenser.

LED indicator light

The led indicator shows whether the hot or cold water function is on. This is a perfect indicator for your water requirements.

Easy bottom loading

The quick front loading feature saves energy and is convenient for people suffering from hand and back injuries. Loading is more comfortable than the top method.

Hot and cold water supply

The dispenser can heat and cold water. It saves the hassle of switching on your microwave or cooking top to warm a cup of coffee.

Child lock

Another benefit of this water holder is the child lock mechanism present. You avoid the risk of scolding from an accidental opening of the hot water tap.

Energy efficient

The best water dispenser is also a certified energy-efficient water device. It works on low heat.

Silent operation

The Honeywell water cooler is silent. You hear the occasional electric hum of the electric heater. Otherwise, you would even notice it unless you see.

Small portable size

The product is small and free standing. It fits well on top of any countertop or stool. 

Color options

The unit comes in grey and black colors that blend well with the surrounding walls.

Quality certification

The product is certified and compliant with the Water Quality Association of America.

Water spill tray

A tray has been set to collect the occasional spill of water. This item makes the unit clean and tidy.


  • Silent water dispensations.
  • Dispenses both hot and cold water
  • Really hot water dispensation.
  • Uses both 3- and 5-gallon ware bottles.
  • Convenient bottom loading mechanism.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • The child safety pin eliminates accidental hot water splashes
  • Energy efficient.
  • Small and compact, taking small space
  • Available in two colors – silver and black, blends well with all color schemes


  • Comes only in one color – white.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have an indicator light?

There are two types of light found in most coolers. The typical heat (red) or refrigerate (green) lights and night LED lamp. This unit comes only with the function lamp but not the night lamp.

How do you know if the water needs changing?

There is a water level indicator light in the front side of the unit. It lights when the water level gets low. But you can also visually check the water level by opening the bottle chamber and assessing the available quantity.

What’s the purpose of the hot water safety lock?

This feature makes Primo water cooler one of the best water coolers. The hot water safety lock protects users against inadvertent switching on of the hot tap. As such, this function is essential where children use the dispenser.

Does the cooler have a filter?

No. It doesn’t come with a filter. However, there is an antibacterial disk inserted within it to help guard against the accumulation of bacteria and germs.

What material is the dispenser made of?

The dispenser is made from high-quality plastic materials. It’s been tested for BPA and found to be free from harmful carcinogen matters.

Does it have a warranty?

Yes, this cooler comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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