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Primo Black Stainless Steel Three spout bottom load Water dispenser review

Primo Black Stainless Steel Three spout bottom load Water dispenser

Primo Black Stainless steel three spout bottom loading water dispenser is one of the more premium feeling models that compete with the higher bracket models in the market. The affordability combined with the practical upgrades from the Primo lineup has made the workhorse a better one.

To find a bottom loading water dispenser that is a little better with newer features besides the usual, this is a good option to consider without breaking the bank.

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Key Features

Temperature Controls

The temperature controls come already set in the Primo dispenser that dispenses hot, cool and ice cold water from the three spouts. The Setup is found satisfactory in most cases. However, some user has found the cool water is not as cool as expected.

Bottom Loading Design

The bottom loading design does a boon for those looking forward not have to lift and flip bottles into a dispenser which also help avoid the spills. This has been a standard in the Primo water dispenser line and has continued to satisfy the needs of the user over time.


Nightlight is a premium feature that is usually found only the higher lineups in the water dispenser industry; however, Primo has managed to bring the same quality and experience to its users at the much smaller price bracket.


The business model that Primo offers is one where the users can have their bottles refilled and also exchanged across the thousands of stations that Primo has a setup with the coupons they received with the purchase.

Energy efficient

Primo has made sure these machines not only run effectively but also efficiently with the UL certifications and Energy star ratings.


  • Night Light

The ambient night light to help its users to find and see the taps is an extra feature that is usually only found in higher models on the market to date. This is particularly helpful to home users.

  • Child lock

The Pushbutton system of Primo comes with a safety child lock to help reduce any toddlers or kids from hurting themselves with the hot water that is dispensed from the dispenser.

  • Push Button water dispense

Primo has replaced its push to dispense system for push buttons in the black stainless steel model that is being reviewed here today. This is a much process for daily users while also proving less prone to dispenser taps being introduced to much force or abuse.

  • Easy to install

Primo has kept all installation processes and plumbing requirements to nil for a user to start using their product. The plug and use nature of the unit is a great factor when it comes to its less physically fit customers.

  • Budget Friendly

Primo has kept the promise of being budget-friendly even while competing with the premium bottom loading options in the industry by keeping the costs to a reasonable tag while also providing coupons that give access to their customers with high quality treated and purified water for their customers from refills stations across the nation.

  • Compact Design

The modern and sleek design is a boon for interior designs while also being quite compact while also being as practical as possible with the budget restraints, Primo has done a good job to make no compromise in the premium look of the dispenser.


  • No Self Cleaning

This model has seen no change in Primo’s dispensers not providing any form of the self-cleaning mechanism but just like all the three models of Primo’s water dispenser, the unit comes with easy to pull out drip water tray that is dishwasher safe to clean and keep safe.

  • Cooling is a little less than expected

This was one of the only complaints that were related to this model of Primo Dispensers by some users, However, no complaints are shown this to be a hardware issue but of some other manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any water bottle with the dispenser?

Yes, the design of the dispenser allows for bottles of both 3 gallons and 5 gallons be used inside the dispensers and is not limited to Primo provided bottles.

Is the product self-cleaning?

No, the product doesn’t come with any form of self-cleaning technology, however, the user using water stations primo are provided with water that is purified with state of the art technologies.

Can hot water dispensing be turned off?

Yes, both the cooling and heating feature of the dispenser can be turned off with the help of the switches on the back.


The black stainless steel model from Primo is one of those budget-friendly bottom loading dispensers that have been revived and revamped to compete with higher-end models at the smallest price bracket. Besides, the small issues that are related to cooling technology being a less competent, this is a good choice for a user looking a better-looking workhorse the works just as fine as it looks.

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