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Primo black 2 Spout Bottom Load Water Dispenser review

Primo black 2 Spout Bottom Load Water Dispenser

The Black 2 spout bottom load water dispenser from Primo is one of the most recommended bottom loaded dispensers for the budget restraint consumer in the market. The water dispenser is considered a workhorse without the bells and whistles for everyday users. The basic features are well built and designed to make the total experience a good one as per needs.

Below are the features and factors that will answer most of your questions when it comes to considering the dispenser for your needs.

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Temperature Settings

The Dispenser uses two temperature settings for dispensing both ice cold water and piping hot water according to the needs of the user. There are also separate buttons for turning on and off the cooling and heating functions of the dispenser.

Bottom Loading

The major difference that makes Primo’s water dispenser is the bottom loading facility that was made accessible to the budget-friendly shoppers in the market. The bottom loading technology makes it much easier for users to avoid lifting and installing new bottles without spilling which is especially the case with older users.

Primo Owned Water Refill Services

Primo offers nationwide water Refill and exchange stations that are not only convenient but also safe with Primo that goes through a 9 step purification process with added mineral for the best experience when it comes to ensuring quality.  The Refill stations can help you reduce waste by refilling your own bottles.


Dishwasher safe removable stainless steel drip tray

The dispenser comes with a stainless steel drip tray that can be easily slid off from the main body and cleaned. Primo has also made the job easier for their users by providing a drip tray that is dishwasher safe.

Multi-step reverse osmosis

The users are given coupons by Primo to get purified water from thousands of Primo stations across the nation that is processed by multiple filtration processes and then treated with ultraviolet and reverse osmosis treatments to ensure the highest quality water for a healthy hydration experience.

Ergonomic Design

Primo Black 2 is a water dispenser that is sleekly design in black. The stylishly designed unit comes with a finishing touch that just adds to your interiors.

Sleek Door Design

The compartment inspired door system Primo have seemed to be the solution when it comes to a long lasted problem at the bottom loading dispenser problem which was the door hindering the ease of installing new bottles.

Budget Friendly

Primo was a success when it comes to bringing the budget tied users in the market for bottom loaded dispensers. The aggressive price point with the coupons that is provided along with the purchase makes sure customers are given access to clean and purified water without additional costs saving more money.

No Installation

The unit comes with no plumbing or installation processes that need to be undertaken to start using the product. The ease of installation is a boon to the type of customers that are looking forward to bottom loading dispensers to avoid the physical work.


No Self Cleaning Mode

The self-cleaning mode is a boon to most of the user that are looking for minimum physical work to access pure water and hence sometimes considered an important feature. Primo brings a slightly less solution which is done by providing a drip tray that is dishwasher friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Dispenser only work with Primo water bottles?

No, in fact, many users have reported having only resorted to using other bottles only, while the company, however, recommends the using of their own bottles.

Can Primo handle 3-gallon Water bottles?

Yes, Primo accommodates both 3-gallon and 5-gallons bottle as per the requirements of the user.

Is there a room temperature water dispensing option?

No, However, the workaround to getting room temperature water is to simply turn off the water heating feature using the button behind the dispenser.

Is there a self-cleaning mechanism in the dispenser?

No, there is no self-cleaning mechanism and the users are expected to follow the instructions with the packing and follow instructions. The cleaning process ensures the best experience.

Will it still dispense water if the power goes out?

No, the dispenser needs electricity and a power outlet to ensure smooth dispense of water from the bottom loaded jar and is a common problem when it comes to bottom loaded water dispensers.


The evident verdict is that for a budget restrained user that is in the market to find a bottom loaded water dispenser that does the job done without the bells and whistles, The Primo Black is a good fit and if you have a little more budget there are better features but at a higher price.

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