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pH Restore Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher review

pH Restore Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The pH Restore Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher enhances your drinking water properties. Did you know that water with a higher pH level increases your cognitive alertness as well as improve your metabolic rate? Fear not about the myths associated with the pH level. They are now debunked conclusively.

You get the fringe benefits of this versatile pitcher over and above clean and freshly filtered water. So why do many homeowners highly regard this pitcher? Compare water filter pitchers, and you find that the pH restore removes all organic and inorganic matters present in your drinking water.

This vase significantly reduces stubborn heavy metals such as lead and mercury in the water. Further, it extracts arsenic, giardia, chloramine, fluoride, chlorine, and bacteria. You get a fresh taste and pleasant looking drinking water in your glass. What’s more, the pH level of this liquid is enhanced, improving your physical and psychological concentration levels.

But the pitcher doesn’t only measure from the filtration point. It is also sturdy. Its slim ergonomics blends well with your kitchen vases. Further, it is versatile – allowing for fridge use apart from water-filtering chores. Its portability makes it an essential must-have picnic and survival equipment. 

Are you concerned about changing the pitcher filter? Worry not, for the long life LED indicator will notify you when this process is due. And you get a high-capacity 96-gallon filter life to enjoy before thinking about replacing the durable filter.

Key features

High capacity 15-glass filter

The pitcher is a blessing to a big outing and gathering. With a water capacity to fill fifteen glasses, each member of your team gets to enjoy safe drinking water without any restrictions.

Digital filter LED notification

The pitcher has an automatic progressive digital filter indicator. This indicator reminds you when the filter requires changing.

Has an insane 96-gallon filter lifespan

Compare water filter pitchers, and you find that this filter lasts the longest ever in the industry. A massive 96-gallon capacity makes it a desirable leader in durability.

Highly portable

The pH pitcher fits tight compartments within your fridge and RV cabinets. This nibble feature makes it an ideal travel companion. 

Quick filter replacement

The filters are easy to replace. You only unscrewed the filter element from the pitcher and screw in the new one. This replacement takes just seconds.



  • Large supply capacity of fifteen cups of water
  • The unit is very portable
  • Eradicates many contaminants in the water
  • A long life of 96-gallons size
  • The pH restoration gives an additional therapeutic boost to your metabolism
  • The pH rich filtered water helps you improve your overall alertness
  • Maintains all useful nutrients in the filtered water
  • Has a unique and ergonomic design
  • Electronic filter change indicator lamp


  • The flow rate drops a few days after, but your purity will not be affected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many filters does the pitcher come with?

The pitcher is supplied with two free long life filters so that you enjoy clean, filtered water for an extended duration.

What’s the capacity of the pitcher?

The pitcher has enough water to fill 15 glasses. This measures about 3.5 liters of pure and nourishing drinking water.

How does pH restore filter works?

The filter has a five-stage filtration process. These include zeolite filters, stone and ceramic ball blend filter, which is followed by the micro-nets filtration process. Other includes the coconut carbon charcoal procedures, then finally followed by the highly efficient ion exchange resin process. This guarantees 99.99% purity.

How can I clean the pitcher?

You can hand wash the lid and reservoir with a soft brush and clean lukewarm water.

Which minerals are restored in the filtered water?

Essential minerals such as selenium and calcium get restored while the pH and ORP level of the water altered for additional healthy gains

Does this pitcher, save money and the planet?

Yes, you save both money and the ozone layer by eliminating over 8,300 single-use plastic bottles. Further, you also help reduce the dump site refuse.


Compare water filter pitchers, and you like the 100% money-back warranty offered against the manufacturing defects of this uniquely useful pitcher. You get the mineral-rich water for the pitcher but without the harmful chemicals and metallic impurities. The long life filter, as well as the large capacity pitcher, are all for your enjoyment.

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