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Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser review

Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser

Some homeowners don’t want to risk hot water access to their children, especially when they are not around. So they long for a water dispenser that offers this protection. Besides, they may envisage some financial constraints, yet demand a functional water holder to meet their specific requirements. The obvious pick would be a water cooler .In case you are such a person, then you need the handy Nutrichef countertop water cooler dispenser. This unit is small in size, yet provides your drinking water requirements effortlessly. Further, it’s cheaper than the competing brands concerning prices. But the significant benefit you derive from this unit is the hot water protection button. This safety feature prevents unintended hot water splash from occurring

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Key Features

LED indicator light

The led indicator shows whether the hot or cold water function is on. The green lamp lights when you are cooling the water. Similarly, a red one turns on when you are heating the water. But they turn off when the water attains the ideal temperature. The lamps are perfect indicators for your water requirements. 

Top loading

The advantage of a top loading water dispenser is that you continuously view the remaining water level. Hence, doesn’t need a level indicator of to open the unit to check status. 

Hot and cold water supply

The dispenser can heat and cold water. It saves the hassle of switching on your microwave to warm water. It’s a useful feature when one desires to quench his/her thirst with cold water while another member of the household craves for a hot tea.  The cooler simultaneously serves both these needs.

Child lock

Another gain making Nutrichef dispenser one of the best water coolers is the child lock mechanism present. The latch prevents against any risk of a child burning from hot water or draining the supply.

Energy efficient

The best water dispenser is also a certified energy-efficient water device. It uses low heat to operate and saving you energy requirements.

Silent performance

The Nutrichef water cooler is quiet. You only hear the occasional electric hum of the electric pump when the unit is working.  

Small portable size.

The product is small and free standing. It fits well on top of any countertop or stool.  

Color options.

The unit comes in grey and black colors that blend well with the surrounding walls.

Safety certification

The product is certified and compliant to the US electrical gadgets safety standards.


  • Silent water dispensations
  • Dispenses both hot and cold water
  • Uses both 3- and 5-gallon water bottles
  • Easy to install, set and use
  • The child safety pin eliminates accidental hot water splashes
  • The unit is heavy duty, and commercial grade mechanisms allow for extended usage
  • Small and compact
  • A high water pressure relief your impatience, especially when you are thirsty for a quick drink
  • Available in two colors – silver and black
  • It cost less in comparison to other similar brands


  • Slightly bulky.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cooling and heating parameters of this cooler?

The unit cools water to a chilly 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Similarly, it heats water to attain a scolding 175 degree Fahrenheit.

What can I use the front cabinet for?

The small cubicle in front of the water cooler is perfect for storing plastic disposable water cups and paper towels for wiping water drips or holding hot cups.

What is the shipping size of the unit?

The water cooler’s dimensions measure 12.2 x 20.2 x 12.6 inches. It weighs a 14.7 pounds with all the shipping accessories loaded. Its unpacked weight is 9.93 pounds.

What material is the dispenser made from?

The dispenser is made from high-quality plastic materials. The plastic tests positive for BPA absence and found to be free from harmful carcinogen matters.

Is this product NSF certified?

No, unfortunately, it is not certified by NSF.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, the unit is guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects and parts malfunction. But improper handling and unauthorized repairs are not covered.


Nutrichef countertop dispenser is one of the best water coolers. It’s light and small, yet silent and efficient. You get your water quickly in any form – hot or cold. Further, the safety protection button is a plus for parents with little children. You can choose from two shades. The compact size fits any countertop and frees up space.

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