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NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring Bottom Loading Water Dispenser review

NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Drinking water is essential for your health. And this is why you need a reliable and functional water dispenser at home. But a water cooler is not only to draw water into your glass.

You need to consider certain aspects to help you drive more gains from investment in the best water coolers, however subtle. NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring Bottom Loading Water Dispenser offers this value for money.  The peculiar features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Its elegant design makes it an instant hit. You like the standalone feature that allows it to fit in any part of your house. Besides, the color scheme blends well with any background. All these factors make NewAir one of the best water coolers around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Key Features

Bottom Loading

The bottom loading mechanism provides an easy and convenient way to replenish water bottle. Many find it hard to lift a full bottle and secure it in the small harness. In fact, many dispensers get broken when this procedure is done incorrectly. Besides, the effort expended in heaving the 5-gallon is avoided.

Safety child lock

The device has a child lock mechanism. This device protects you from an accidental switch of the hot water button. This is particularly important where small children mill around.

Water level indicator

Checking the water level is easy as looking at the ware level indicator. This light shows when the water is due for replenishment. You don’t have to keep opening the cabinet to view the water quantity in the barrel visually.

Hot and cold water supply

The dispenser can heat and freshwater. You, therefore, don’t need to turn on your microwave to warm a cup of coffee.

Energy efficient

The NewAir water dispenser is also environment-friendly. It uses low heat to operate, saving you from paying inflated energy bills. This feature makes the device one of the best water coolers to acquire.

Compact size

The product is small and free standing. You don’t need a wide area to place it. It fits well along the corridors.

Safety certification

The product is certified and compliant with the US council for water quality assessment standards.


  • Silent water dispensations.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Protects children from burning with hot water child lock
  • Supplies both hot and cold water
  • Available in two colors – white and black
  • Easy maintenance – requires only occasional cleaning.
  • Low energy requirement. It’s also a five-star rated energy efficient device


  • Lack of night light makes seeking water during the night hard
  • Expensive
Does the cooler have a night lamp?

No, unfortunately, this unit does not have the night LED lamp

How do I disinfect the water cooler?

Cleaning your unit for germs is easy. You should drain after finishing your water. First, plug it off power, remove the water bottle, drain water from the supply circuit. Now pour a mild solution with disinfectant and gently scrub with a long soft brush. Flush the entire water system twice with clean and lukewarm water. Wipe the visible parts dry. Your unit is ready to take a new water bottle.

What is the size of the cooler?

The unit measures 12.2 x 13.6 x 41 inches. It weighs 35 pounds when unpacked.

What material is the dispenser made of?

The cooler construction material is high-quality plastic materials. The plastic parts pass testing for BPA presence.

Does it filter water?

No, Newair water cooler doesn’t filter water. It just dispenses water from the water bottle.

Is this product NSF certified?

Yes, the unit is tested and complies with the NSF standards. Hence it’s certified.

How does the bottom loading mechanism I this product work?

The unit abstract water from a bottle set beneath. The water bottle holding cubicle is set at the floor level to ease loading of a full container. Once placed inside the chamber, the bottle is connected to the dispenser tube that transfers water to the holding chamber above it. Fetching water from there works just like the front loading units. However, the concealed water bottle makes the product more presentable.


NewAir is one of the best water coolers on the market. Its convenient bottom loading mechanism allows for easy replacement of water bottles. The hot water protection switch endears the unit to parents with toddlers. This feature prevents inadvertent pouring of hot water. It’s designed to bring out an elegant and fancy addition to your room.

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