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JETERY Faucet Water Filter review 2020

Tap water may look clear, but actually contains a high concentration of pollutants and contaminants that are harmful to your health. Give the importance of water in your everyday life, purification is thus essential. The JETERY faucet water filter uses a long-lasting isolate that dispels odors and impurities in the water.

The product strives to deliver the optimal filtration for your household.  Its advanced filtration technology focuses on providing pure and healthy water. As such, you enjoy the fresh, contaminant-free water. Besides, the flow of optimized for your needs.

How does the filter serve you?

The JETERY water filters for faucets don elegant appearance design that makes them ideal fits for many kitchens. Interestingly, also, the product is BPA free and is made from first-grade materials. This factor prevents the secondary pollution of drinking water by water purification equipment, ensuring you enjoy a safe drinking water

For the best purification experience, you should change your water filter every 320 gallon or six months, whichever comes first. The JETERY faucet filter is compatible with standard faucets only. It, unfortunately, does not work with pull-out handheld faucets.


Key Features   

A 320-gallon lifespan.

The JETERY faucet filter provides you with an impressive filter life of 320 gallons. This is to ensure longevity and reduced cost of filter replacements annually. The frequency is the equivalent of about six months that translates to only two filter replacements annually.

The JETERY faucet filter system is easy to install.

This product is a breeze to install. All the needed installation accessories to enable quick filter attachment to the faucet are made available with the unit. It also fits many household faucets except for the pull-out or spray style faucet.

High-Flow Rate.

The JETERY faucet filter has a 0.5 GPM high flow rate. This capacity design helps you obtain a cup of pure water in just six seconds.

Highly Absorptive Activated Carbon Fiber Technology.

The unique design of the water filters for faucets are effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria inside the devices.  Further, it absorbs chlorine, unpleasant color, odor, and other harmful substances from tap water. It also preserves the useful mineral elements in your water for you to enjoy healthy drink straight from your faucet.

Practical 3 Stage Switch.

This feature comfortably allows you to switch from tap water to filtered water which is pure. Hence making direct drinking, cooking or facial cleaning easy.


  • The unit is easy to install with a constant flow rate of 0.5 GPM.
  • The filter lifespan is 320 gallons, approximately six months.
  • JETERY faucet water filter fits most standard faucets.
  • Very economical. With the JETERY faucet water filter, you save on the cost of 2400 bottled water.


  • The JETERY faucet water filter does not come with a light indicator for filter change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this faucet filter remove chlorine?

Yes, the unit will remove chlorine taste and odor from the water.

Does the unit include the filter?

Yes, the unit includes filter.

What type of faucets does it fit?

The unit fits most standard faucets.

Is there any light indicator to show when the filters need changing?

Unfortunately no. This product doesn’t come with the light indication feature.

When running The JETERY faucet water filter on save option does it still filter water?

No, save mode disables the filtration mechanism of the filter hence doesn’t filter any water.

Does this unit filter “hard water”?

Yes, it filters hard water.

Does it get 99.99% of lead out of the water?

Yes, this faucet water filters the lead from tap water. It applies the highly Adsorptive Activated Carbon Fiber Technology which is very effective.

After how long do you have to change the filters?

After using the filters for four to six months, they become obsolete. Also, their effectiveness ceased after attain the flow capacity of 320 gallons.

What are the package dimensions of the JETERY faucet filtration system?

The package dimensions are: 7.4 x 5.6 x 3 inches


This product is suitable for most households – large or small. The JETERY water filters for faucets are simple to install, affordable, filters perfectly well, and is not overly broad. Additionally, their simplicity and cheapness don’t compromise on quality or sleek appearances. You can taste the water quality coming from a JETERY faucet Filter. This product is a definite buy if you desire a constant flow of clean water.

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