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iSpring RCC7AK UV, RO, pH+ water filter system review

iSpring RCC7AK UV, RO, pH+ water filter system

If you are looking for the best underwater filterfor your home, you should consider buying the iSpring RCC7AK UV, RO, pH+ water filter system. You can experience safe, clean, and tasty water anytime you turn on the faucet as this system contains 7-stages of filtration and sterilization that can remove 98% of lead and over 99% of other water contaminants and pollutants.

You can enjoy crystal clear ice cubes, better tasting coffee, healthier baby formula, and fresher tea with this filter system. The iSpring RCC7AK UV is perfect for the purification of well water, stream, and lake water sources that contains excessive micro-organisms which can lead to waterborne diseases.

Key features

Alkaline Remineralization filtration technology

RO is still the best way for you to obtain a pure and drinkable water. This technology removes both harmful chemicals and beneficial minerals from water. The alkaline remineralization filtration technology restores the healthy mineral and alkaline. This, in turn, produces a healthy taste and mineral balance in the water.

11 Watts UV sterilization stage

The system comes with an automated UV sterilization stage that is useful in the removal of disease-causing micro-organisms from the water. The unique flow sensor of the UV unit saves power and prolongs the life of the product by turning on or off with water flow.

High-quality materials and transparent housing

The housing of this unit is transparent which allows you to see what is happening during the filtration process. It also enables you to know when it is due for a filter change before you have an issue. The materials used for the construction of this product are certified by the WQA and is rated as America’s favorite brand for a filtration unit.

Finest micron layered protection

The 5-micron GAC & CTO filters are combined to offer excellent filtration with the highest capacity and efficiency. While the GAC traps larger contaminants and removes the micro-organisms, the CTO removes the smaller contaminants to allow the RO to perform its filtration functions.

Excellent performance

The product has been proven to remove up to 99.99% of harmful water contaminants,  especially from well or stream sources. In addition to this, the system goes through pressure, cycle resistance, and air leak checks to maintain its high-performance standards.

Accuracy in duty

The RCC7AK-UV is a multi-stage filter system that comes with lasting and reliable filters which can remove hormones, arsenic, bacteria, sodium, fluoride, viruses and over 1000 other water contaminants. The 7 filtration stages of this product allow it to accurately and progressively improve the water quality by removing contaminants.


  • Optimizes pH of the water
  • Comes with alkaline remineralization technology to restore the balance of water minerals.
  • Best filtration system available
  • A see-through housing for the first and second filtration stages
  • Live phone support
  • Leak free system and online support videos
  • Destroys micro-organisms
  • Recommended for well water


  • Highly expensive
  • Low filtration process because of RO

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this model have the UV sensor to turn on and off the UV light when not in use?

Yes. The UV light can only turn on when there is water flow and off when the flow stops.

So, does the current version of this product contain the pressure switch for turning the UV filter on and off?

The RO system has been designed to include the UV stage since 2013 and the issue has been addressed with this new model. We are working hard to keep with customer’s expectations by removing the old models gradually from the market.

Does this unit remove asbestos crystal from the water?

Yes! It does. An asbestos crystal is much larger than the RO membrane pores therefore, it can be easily removed from the water.

How fast does it refill the tank because I plan on using it to change my water in 2 40-gallon fish tanks will I have to do one tank a day?

It is a 75 gpd system which implies that you can achieve a maximum of 75 gallons a day.

Can this system be installed in a basement location approximately 9 feet below the sink? Will the pressure be enough to have flowed from the faucet?

With an average water pressure of 60 lbs, the system can be located there.


This water filter is what you need for your home. With the alkaline remineralization and the UV sterilization stages, you are guaranteed a safe and healthy drinking water for your household. This system is designed to provide the most complete water purification and sterilization available.

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