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iSpring RCC1UP 6-Stage RO System review

iSpring RCC1UP 6-Stage RO System

If you are bothered about the maintenance and environmental cost of Reverse Osmosis filtersbut still interested in enjoying the benefits of the Reverse Osmosis technology in water filtration, then the iSpring RCC1UP 6-Stage RO System is for you. It is a multi-layered pressure boosted filter system that protects your water from contaminants such as chlorine, hormones, bacteria, lead, sodium, arsenic, fluoride, viruses, and more.

The thin film semi-permeable RO membrane performs a perfect filtration down to 0.0001 microns. It comes with an unmatched efficiency, speed, and drain ratio. What’s more interesting about the iSpring RCC1UPis the silent operation of the pre-equipped booster pump which is very useful if your home water pressure is low.

Key features

Pre-installed booster pump

The RCC1UP comes with a pre-installed booster pump to equate the level of your water pressure with the optimal pressure level needed for the RO process. The booster pump enhances the performance of the system from the speed of production to drain ratio.

Top-notch UV water filter

The system’s ultraviolet sterilizer is housed in the sixth stage of the filter. The UV sterilizer is the ideal choice if you’re to filter water from well or other natural water sources. The UV is responsible for the removal of bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms that may contaminate the water and make it unsafe for drinking. It kills these micro-organisms by interfering in their RNA and DNA cycles of reproduction. The 11W UV system can turn itself on or off automatically when it senses a water flow.

Superior filtration performance

The long-lasting multilayered membrane of the RCC1UP system can deliver up to 100 gallons of water a day, which is suitable for a family of any size. It operates at a very high speed to ensure that you have a steady flow of drinkable water all day.

Reinforced transparent 1st stage housing

The transparent first stage housing of this system allows you to visually inspect the filtration process and see the contaminants which have been eliminated from the water. In addition to this, it allows you to know when you should have a filter change.

Multiple layers of filtration

The CTO and GAC layers of filtration work to trap and remove the large and dissolved contaminants from the water. This allows the RO membrane to function at its maximum efficiency.

DIY installation

The installation process is simplified by color fittings that fit firmly to the coordinated tubing. With the help of online videos and other resources, you can perform the installation yourself. The support team is available any time you need any assistant.

Excellent design

The system comes with a lead-free solid brass body with an attractive nickel surface. The product itself measures 19×14.5×8” and the tank measures 16×11” to allow the unit to fit perfectly under the sink cabinets. The faucet is stationed on the counter as the main outlet for the RO water. Interestingly, you can connect the output lines to your refrigerator, coffee or ice maker outputs.


  • Pre-installed booster pump
  • The system operates silently
  • Easy to install
  • Highly efficient tech support
  • Automatic UV sterilizer
  • Removes 99% contaminants
  • RO membrane filters down to 0.0001 micron
  • Requires few filter changes


  • Relatively expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this product be used on a 220V outlet?

No. It cannot be used because it has a 110V power input cord that feeds the power pack which converts it to 12V.

What is the waste to water ratio?

It is about 2-3 gallons of wastewater for each gallon of filtered water.

Can this system be hooked up between my well and the holding tank?

Although it is not a whole house system, it can work between a pump accumulator and the tank.

Can this system filter ocean water for domestic use?

The Answer is yes and no. For industrial desalination, reverse osmosis will be used. However, this filter will not be suitable for anything outside of a simple science experiment. This is because the 3-prefilters will be adversely affected and the RO membrane is not designed to withstand the harsh effect of ocean water.

What is the wavelength of the UV light?

There is no clear indication in the system for one to know its wavelength.

Does this system remove iron as the home master tmultra does?

This system is designed to remove anything that a 5-stage RO water filter can and that include irons.


This system is designed for you to enjoy the benefits of an RO filter system without compromising on water wastage. Whether the water is for drinking, coffee or ice making, this product is available to provide you with a fast and healthy water filtration process.

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