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InSinkErator H-CONTOUR-SS Hot Water Dispenser review

InSinkErator H-CONTOUR-SS Hot Water Dispenser

There are several reasons why the InSinkErator H-Contour-SS is one of the most popular hot water dispensers for tea and other beverages. First of all, it can be installed beneath a sink that is connected to its own faucet and can release hot water. Moreover, this InSinkErator is a mini dispenser that only measures 6 by 3.7 by 5.6 inches and so requires a small space at home. Further, the appliance boasts the best craftsmanship since is made of durable metal and is accompanied by a 2/3-gallon stainless steel tank. So, if you are looking for best hot water dispenser for your home, you should consider the InSinkErator H-Contour-SS Hot Water Dispenser.

An item that looks just like other InSinkErator in terms of features, it is easy to get spare parts from an old model if you have one. Besides, this H-Contour SS appliance has a chrome finished faucet and it means that you don’t have to look for it yourself. The chrome color is one of those that will go well with any kitchen styling.

Key Features

Instant 2/3-gallon hot water tank

This version of InSinkErator has a hot water tank with an adjustable temperature range. It is a 750Watts stainless steel hot water tank that is fitted with an idiot-proof temperature control dial at the front. So it is so easy to regulate its temperature and that of the hot water from 160 to 210 degrees.

Adequate hot water for most homes

This high quality and dependable hot water dispenser warm adequate water for most household uses. Its 2/3-gallons tank enables hot water to be stored for future use. This water can be used to prepare tea, coffee, and other beverages and meals.

Simple tank connections

If you are a DIY-sort of person, you will love your InSinkErator H-Contour-SS dispenser because it is so easy to install. Offering tool-free tank connections as well as dry-start protection, this dispenser is the best when it comes to installation work. This item requires only 1-1/4” to 1-1/2” diameter hole and a 3” utmost counter thickness.

Instant self-closing hot valve

If you want to heat water while doing other house chores, it is possible to do this without fear because the dispenser can run itself. Once the water is ready, the self-closing hot valve will automatically shut down.

High flow rate

Once the water reaches its boiling point and the machine automatically shuts itself off, you can fetch the amount you wish. The dispenser is able to release up to sixty cups every hour, which is a good flow rate. It saves water too as you only fetch the amount you need for cooking or preparing a drink.

3-year warranty cover

If you want an item that you can comfortably own for three years without spending any more of your money on repairs, get this hot water dispenser. With a three-year warranty, you can rest assured that all repairs or replacements will be offered for free.

Small and manageable

This instant hot water dispenser is a miniature one with an overall faucet height of 5.8 inches, overall faucet depth of 6inches and a total faucet width of 1.5 inches. It weighs 7.4lbs, making it smaller than most similar products. 


  • Energy efficient and economical
  • Easy to regulate temperatures
  • Comes with an instant self-closing hot valve
  • A stainless steel 2/3-gallons hot water tank that stores instant hot water
  • Heats enough water for preparing beverages and cooking meals
  • Offers easy, tool-free installation
  • Compact and small hot water dispenser.


  • It is equipped with plastic components that can be easily damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is this unit under the counter?

It measures six inches by seven inches by ten inches.

Is there a power cord or does the customer buys it?

There is a standard plug-in electrical cord.

Can I install the stainless steel tank three feet away from the bottom of the faucet?

Yes, if you have enough tube this is possible.

Do I need to purchase a spigot separately?

Yes, you can purchase a whole set for the new hot water tank as it is hard to find individual parts.

Is this appliance compatible with the tu fs2000 filtration system?

Not quite sure but it should easily work with any type of filtration system out there.


The InSinkEratorH-Contour-SS Hot Water dispenser includes a 2/3-gallons hot water storage tank, which is large enough for most families and we recommend it. What’s more, it can deliver up to sixty cups of hot water per hour, which makes it useful when you have several people to serve beverages. As there is a dry-start protection feature, the dispenser can’t work when the water level is beneath a given level and this increases safety.

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