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Honeywell Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Honeywell Hot and Cold Water Dispenser review

The Honeywell water dispenser is ideal for large institutions like schools and libraries. The unit has a powerful cooling and a heating element that provides a steady supply of safe drinking water at required temperatures. But what makes this unit one of the best water coolers is its revolutionary antibacterial technology. A unique disk inserted within the water channels eliminates bacterial build-up in the system. This sterilization process leaves the water fresh and healthy.  

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How it works.

Operating the device is easy. Just load a 5-gallon water bottle and let water percolate into the cooling and heating chambers. Plug the unit on a socket and switch either the cold or hold button as you wish. You will hear a slight humming sound of the electric pump.

When the water reaches the desired temperature, the light will go off, and the pump sound will cease. You can now enjoy your drinking water. Press the desired button to fetch water in your glass or mug.

The antibacterial disk unique to this prevents germ infestation. This protection makes the unit one of the best water coolers. But still, it’s recommended that you flush your cooler and thoroughly clean it up for any residues and plaques along the watery paths. This cleaning routine is especially essential when the cooler’s location is in a public building with many handlers.

Key Features

Antibacterial technology

Perhaps the most striking feature of this water dispenser is the antibacterial technology. This element eradicates all bacteria and germs from the water dispenser.

LED indicator light

The led indicator shows whether the hot or cold water function is on. This is a perfect indicator for your water requirements.

Top loading

The advantage of a top loading water dispenser is that you continuously view the remaining water level. Hence, doesn’t need a level indicator to check the remaining water volume.

Hot and cold water supply

The dispenser saves both hot and cold water. It saves the hassle of using a cooker to heat a cup of coffee.

Safety lock

Another benefit of this water holder is the hot tap safety lock mechanism present. It eliminates the potential burns from hot water.

Energy efficient

The best water dispenser is also a certified energy-efficient water device. It works with little electricity and reduces your energy demands.

Quiet operation

The Honeywell water cooler is silent. You hear the occasional electric hum of the electric heater. Otherwise, there is no other noise. 

Small portable size

The product is small and free standing. It fits well on top of any countertop or stool. 

Two color options

The unit comes in grey and black colors that blend well with the surrounding walls.

Quality certification

The product is certified and compliant with the Water Quality Association of America.

Water spill tray

A tray has been set to collect the occasional spill of water. This item makes the unit clean and tidy and evidently one of the best water coolers.


  • Silent water dispensations.
  • Dispenses both hot and cold water.
  • Uses both 3- and 5-gallon ware bottles.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • The child safety pin eliminates accidental hot water splashes.
  • The unit is heavy duty and commercial grade mechanisms.
  • Available in two colors – silver and black


  • Slightly bulky.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have an indicator light?

Yes, it has a light to indicate heating or cooling, as well as the night, LED lamp for quick dispenser location in the dark.

What is the heating and cooling capacity of the unit?

The unit heats five liters of water to a temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit and cools two liters of water to 50 degrees F.

What is the dimension of the cooler?

The cooling unit measures 38.5 H x 12.5 W.

What material is the dispenser made of?

The dispenser is made from high-quality plastic materials. It’s been tested for BPA and found to be free from harmful carcinogen matters.

Does the product come with a warranty?

All Honeywell cooler comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects and malfunctions.


Honeywell, considered one of the best water coolers, is a reliable standalone dispenser. It’s silent and fast, able to deliver your drinking water at any temperature – hot or cold.  The sturdy yet light construction enables it to withstand the rough handling evident in a busy institution. Further, the heavy-duty electric pumps work well to supply huge volume of drinking water requirements.

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