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Home Master TMAFC Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System review

Home Master TMAFC Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

The Home master TMAFC Reverse Osmosis water filter system Reverse Osmosis water filter system is the first choice of most people and critics because of its superb quality, innovative solutions, and useful features. It uses the best reverse osmosis water filtration technology known today. It has a 99% efficiency rate. Let’s see an in-depth review of this high-end device.

Key features

Modular filter design

This model comes with the best of the best RO Water Filter systems, the superb, innovative, all-in-one filter. This modular filter design enables efficient and fast filter part change. Furthermore, it prevents the build-up of microorganisms on any filter part, which is the main drawback of the traditional RO water filter systems. This is enabled by the all-in-one design, as you don’t change only the filter, but the whole system around it. Furthermore, the filter has to be changed only after you reach 2,000 gallons, or approximately once a year.

99 % efficiency

This RO water filter system provides a 99 % purified, chemical-free, heavy metal-free, chloramine and chlorine-free water due to its state-of-the-art seven segment filtration technology.

This is why users adore this device. The water tastes natural and has no smell. Furthermore, the 7-stage filter system is reinforced by the remineralization technology. The water is enriched with useful minerals after the purification process. This device satisfies both the laboratory water purity terms and the health requirements.

5-year warranty

The manufacturer provided a 5-year warranty for this excellent water purifier. We appreciate this warranty, as it is significantly longer than that of the traditional water purifiers and other popular models. It is applicable to all parts of the device.

Excellent capacity

This water purifier has an excellent capacity, from many points of view. First of all, it has a 4-gallon capacity storage tank. Secondly, it has a very fast flow rate, producing up to 75 gallons of water per day. Last but not least, the filter has to be changed after 2,000 gallons, which means that you have to change it only once a year, on average.


  • Modular filter design
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Seven filtration stages
  • 99 % purification
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Efficient
  • Comes with a fully assembled purification unit
  • Natural water taste
  • Removes metals
  • Removes TDS
  • Removes chemicals
  • Remineralization process
  • Filters up to 75 water gallons per day
  • Preserves the natural water pH
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Faster flow
  • 5 NTU max sediment
  • 2000 ppm TDS
  • 10 gpg max hardness
  • 0.2 ppm max iron
  • pH limit 4 – 10
  • Made in the USA.


  • Expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to assemble this water purifier?

Answer: Yes, it is very easy to assemble this device. All components are DIY installation-friendly. The device does not require any previous experience, installations, preparations, or plumbing. The box contains a thorough and easy to understand manual which explains the installation process step by step. The best thing is the fact that the main unit comes already assembled. You just have to connect the cables. The cables come in different colors, so connecting them is very easy too. It is not possible to make a mistake. You do not need the plumber to do this job. We can say that you will need only several minutes to assemble the whole purifier.

How heavy is this water purifier?

Answer: The device weighs 14.1 pounds, i.e. around 6.4 kg.

Where is this water purifier made?

Answer: It is made in the USA. It is also certified in the USA. The company is based in Arizona.

How often do I have to change the filter?

Answer: Approximately, you will need to change the filter once a year. However, this depends on your water consumption rate, i.e. daily and annual filtration requirements. The general guideline is that you have to change the filter after 2,000 gallons.

How many filters are there in this device? What is the water purity level?

Answer: This device has a 7-stage water purification system. It removes 99% of all metals, chlorine, chemicals, and TDS. Furthermore, it re-mineralizes your water, so you get a 99% clean, odorless, healthy, and tasty water.


Home master TMAFC Reverse Osmosis water filter system is the best choice if you are looking for an all-in-one, modular, microorganism-free filter, excellent warranty, fast flow, innovative water purifier and if your budget is not limited. It is 100 % made in the USA, tested, certified, and approved. It is durable, convenient, and easy to install and maintain.

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