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Fleck 5600SXT 48, 000 Grain water softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System review

Fleck 5600SXT 48, 000 Grain water softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System

Fleck 5600SXT 48, 000 Grain water softener is one amazing water softening unit that will offer the most satisfying water softening benefits to you in your home. It may not have a high grain rating of up to 64, 000 like its close pal, the Iron Pro 2 does, but it can hold its own any day with its 48,000-grain rating.

Most users expert water softeners reviews have rated this water softening unit high as a result of its efficient water softening abilities. It comes in the conventional black color, armed with a complete brine tank and safety float. It also comes with a digital LCD screen with very responsive electronic control buttons which enables you to set the unit to your regeneration preferences from the normal mode. It has the advantage of functioning well in outdoor environments for long-something most other water softeners do not have.

Key Features

There are several reasons why users love this water softening unit. Let’s see some features we love about the Fleck 5600 SXT water softener.

48, 000-grain rating capacity

The water softening abilities of any water softening unit are determined by grain ratings. With a 48, 000-grain ratings, this water softener is sure to give you all the water softening services you need in your home to meet all your home clean water needs.

Digital LCD with remote controls

The 5600SXT water softener comes with a digital LCD screen. It has very responsive remote controls to make it easy for you to decide your own setting preferences.

Water flow support of up to 28 GPM

This efficient water softener supports the efficient flow of water up to 28 GPM. And this means there would be no issues with water supplies to all water points in your home.

Easy to install and convenient to use

Well, we do not advise you try to install this one yourself if you have no plumbing knowledge or experience. One great thing about this water softener is that it can be easily installed by anyone once it arrives to your home without the help of a plumber. It is also easy to use and convenient for home and office use.


  • Grain capacity of up to 48, 000, which makes it efficient for eliminating fine sands and sediments in the water.
  • Swift and responsive LCD display with electronic controls.
  • The size of this water softening unit means you can install it outside your home if you do not have enough space for it indoors.
  • Convenient for a household of up to six people.


  • Only a professional plumber with some experience can install this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it treat water efficiently?

The 5600SXT water softener was designed by Fleck to treat hard water with a flow rate ranging between 12-28 GPM. This makes this water softener efficient for softening enough water to serve a household of up to 6 people.

Does it come with the low salt indicator feature?

This water softening unit does not come with any salt indicator, which means you would need to check the salt levels at least once every month.

How much salt can it use up in a month?

This would be determined by your water usage at home. However, on average, it uses about 4 bags of salt every month.

Can I install this unit myself?

Inasmuch much as we would love to see you install your new 5600SXT water softener yourself to save costs, it would be better to have a professional with good plumbing experience handle the installations for you. It is really easy once you have some plumbing experience, so you can go ahead and install it yourself if you have the required knowledge and experience.

Can I station this water softening unit outside?

Unlike most other water softeners, you can install the 5600SXT water softener outside. However, it is important you cover all electrical connections to keep them safe from water damage.


Since this water softener can serve a household of about 6 people, it is good enough for any home. The 48, 000-grain ratings also show it can do a very effective water softening work on any water irrespective of the level of hardness in the water. So, if you are looking for a good water softener you can install outside your home and enjoy clean, soft water in your home all year round, you can go for the Fleck 5600SXT.

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