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Eddy Electronic Water Descaler-Water Softener Alternative review

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler-Water Softener Alternative

There are people who do not like the fact that water softening units make use of salts in their water softening processes. If you are among the people who worry themselves sick about their increased salt intake from these softened waters, then the Eddy Descaler is the right water softening alternative for you.

If available expert water softeners reviews are anything to go by, buying this water softening alternative is the right way to get all the benefits of installing a water softening unit in your home without the option of a water softener taking up some ground space in your home.

The eddy water descalers are powered by electricity, however, they do not increase your energy tariffs since they only require not more than 5 watts of electric power to carry out their functions.

When it comes to installation, anyone can install this water descaler by following the guidelines and instructions provided in the installation kits. However, if you hire a professional, he will no doubt do a better job and save you all the stresses making mistakes and trying to correct those mistakes bring in their wake.

It is not possible to install this descaler unit outside your home. All the installation with regards to the eddy electronic water Descaler water softener alternative should be done on the inflow pipe inside the house. This makes installation difficult sometimes.

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Key Features

There are no grain limits

Unlike the water softening units, the eddy descaler has no grain ratings and therefore no grain limits. This means it can soften all the water completely.

Energy efficient

 The Eddy descaler uses only 5 watts during operation. The energy consumption is quite minimal, which means you will never need to worry about higher utility bills.

Very affordable

This is a cost-effective solution to your home soft water needs. Using this product is a very affordable option for anyone who cannot endure the extra salts and their effects.

Space Saving

It has a unique precision turbine meter that is brilliantly incorporated into the bypass valve of the system. This helps save you more than 4 ft of floor space.


  • It is an inexpensive alternative to a water softener.
  • The Eddy water descaler is energy efficient as it uses just 5 watts of energy.
  • There are no grain limitations with the Eddy water descaler. It simply treats all the water for hardness.
  • Each regeneration can yield as much as 2500 soft water
  • It helps you save up to 4 feet ground space, which makes it ideal in a home where you have very limited space.
  • Can be installed by anyone following the steps in the installation manual


  • Can only be installed inside the house. There are houses whose plumbing lines are outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the grain rating?

Well, the eddy water descaler comes with no grain rating at all since it has been specifically designed to soften the entire water.

Is it efficient?

Yes, to an extent, the eddy descaler does a good job, though it has the disadvantage of not being able to work on any galvanized, lead and iron pipes. It also has a very low flow rate that could lead to a drop in the water pressure in your home.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, there is an extensive manufacturer’s warranty as well as our 100% guarantee of its overall performance and quality of filtration.

What should I expect when I order?

The moment you place your order, you will receive a complete home system which will include a brine tank, a mineral tank, a valve with a bypass and an adapter.

Can I install it outside the house?

No, unfortunately, the eddy water descaler can only be installed inside the house. This is a disadvantage for houses whose plumbing pipes and lines are outside.

Can I install the eddy water descaler myself?

Yes, anyone, including you can install the eddy water descaler. The unit comes with an installation manual to help you know what steps to take. However, we always advise you let a professional handle it to save yourself the stress and avoid common complications that may arise.

How about salt consumption?

The eddy water descaler comes with the advantage of using no salt at all, so you won’t need to worry about having to load even the common table salt in it.


Since this is the best alternative to a complete home water softening unit, you may consider going for eddy descaler, especially if you wish to save some ground space. The fact that it is energy efficient and uses only 5 watts of power also makes it a good buy.

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