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EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater review

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review 2020

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The EcoSmart ECO27 is undoubtedly a smart heater. The smartness stems from many directions. First, there are many varieties to choose from. Then all these variants are elegant in design.

You have a selection of five different models. These include ECO 8, ECO 11, ECO 18, ECO 24, and ECO 36. The numbers behind denote the maximum kilowatts each model operates.  But of our primary interest is ECO 27.

ECO 27 comes with a self-modulation mechanism. This technology enables constant energy requirement monitoring, hence adjusting to keep it low.



Despite its miniature size, it’s compelling. It heats water in less than ten seconds. It comes with a digital temperature display panel to read the accurate water heater at intervals of one degree Fahrenheit. Its temperature manipulation is through a knob. These features make this unit very popular with people desiring heater of this kind.  We look at the key features, advantages, and disadvantages as well as other factors that make EcoSmart a truly capable electric tankless water heater


Key Features

The EcoSmart is fitted with a computer chip to monitor and program the digital thermostat. The electronic is also supplemented by electro-mechanical resetting mechanism to safeguard against extremely high temperature. These components work to ensure safe operation of the heater under differing situations.

Small size

The heater measures 17 x 17 x 3.6 inches. This miniature size makes it handy in any locations. But you should carefully consider its installation locations for the best working environment.

High voltage protection

The unit features protection against wild voltage surges that improve operating and maintenance safety. 

Easy Installation

When it comes to installation of the apparatus, its labor cost is low than other heaters.

Adjustable Temperature

The EcoSmart water heater offers a quick and straightforward method to adjust the temperature. The different set such as off, low, medium and high, clearly marked.

Stress-free operations

There are very few replaceable and moving parts within the device. Therefore, if set in an area with ideal temperature, it will work for long without any problems.


The unit is highly efficient in power usage. It only draws power when the hot taps are opened. Further, it continually adjusts the heat to improve the water temperature.

Safe working mechanism

Internal high heat protection prevents water surpassing 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Breaching this limit triggers a stop switch. Further, it doesn’t switch on unless it senses a flow of 1-2 liters per minute.


  • High power efficiency due to self-modulation technology.
  • Small and sturdy
  • Bright white and elegant color
  • Sensitive and fast acting control knob.
  • High-temperature resistant casing.
  • Withstand rough treatment.
  • Can be installed near the shower or sink.
  • Water splash protection
  • Withstand wide climatic variations.
  • This unit is compact.
  • Interactive clear display LED panel.


  • The copper element is not corrosion resistant
  • Needs specialized installation skills.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set the water heater temperature?

Exercise extreme caution when setting the thermostat reading. Hot water above 112 degrees Fahrenheit can scold. You should be keen when you have children using the hot faucet. Its better you set a moderate temperature then increase progressively, than setting a high one.

Can I allow children to operate the heater?

Certainly not. Children don’t comprehend the risks associated with operating the electric tankless water heaters. They could set a maximum heating temperature resulting in severe burns. Worst still, they may assume the unit is a toy and start playing with it, exposing themselves to the risk of electrocution. Naturally, therefore, it should be set at a height unreachable by kids and preferably in a lockable closet.

Where can’t I locate the unit in a kitchen?

Don’t install the heater above a cooker top, a microwave unit or where hot water vapor escapes through. You must guard against combustible materials as well as hot water outlets and water heaters.

What’s the maximum water pressure allowable in the boiler?

The recommended maximum operating water pressure for the device is 150 PSI. Any pressure above this will require the installation of a pressure-reducing valve. In case you are a savvy DIY avid, don’t go beyond the limit.

What are the technical specifications for the unit?

This EcoSmart ECO27 electric tankless water heater comes with three elements. It uses 240v voltage rating. The maximum Kw is 27 and its maximum amps is 112.5.


EcoSmart is an excellent product to own. It adequately resolves your hot water needs while saving you power, time, and effort.


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