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BWT Austrian Quality Compact Water Filter Pitcher review

BWT Austrian Quality Compact Water Filter Pitcher

After going through the BWT Austrian Quality Compact Water filter, the water tastes fresher. The water quality, as well as its balance, also improves by this process. This unit dramatically reduces heavy metals, chemical like chlorine, and heavy scales in the water.

However, the filter adds minerals like magnesium to the water. This balancing effect enhances the taste of the filtered water. The unit uses a patented and highly effective Magnesium Technology for filtration. This method hastens the process while improving the flavor of the water.

But other factors make the pitcher attractive. First, it’s affordable due to its low price. Then its unique design also sets it apart from other pitchers on the market. But the pace at which it filters water is its major attraction. It uses just half of the time taken by competing pitchers to finish filtration of similar water quantity. 

The BPA-free plastic materials used for the manufacture of the pitcher guarantees healthy components. Compare water filter pitchers and you find this particular brand is lightweight – even children can hold it. Additionally, the pitcher contains silver casing which prolongs its filter lifespan while protecting from microbes.

Key Features

Compact design

Its compact design allows for better space utilization in small refrigerators and countertops. The filter has an engraved trademark name for quality and reliability. This mark also guards against purchasing imitation filters.

Made from BPA free plastic

The materials used for the manufacture of the pitcher are cancer-free and puts you at ease when buying it. The unit contains BPA free plastic reducing the health risks inherent with such materials.

The filter adds magnesium to the water

Magnesium is a crucial mineral that is lacking in our diet. Its deficiency can cause a variety of illnesses. It is a natural mineral, and it enhances the aroma of beverages. Thus, it should be consumed. With this pitcher utilizing the magnesium technology, you get a reasonable dose of this mineral – essential for growing kids – in your drinking water.

This pitcher is pocket-friendly

It is one of the filters on the market that will not compel you to break the bank. Besides being pocket-friendly, it ensures clean drinking water. You cannot put a price on quality water for drinking and health.

Long lasting filters

The heavy-duty filters in this unit are designed to last for about 60 days. Only, if used as instructed on the packaging.


  • The unit has a quick filtration system
  • Beautiful and sleek design
  • Has a filter replacement indicator system
  • Is fitted with silver to get rid of microbes contained in water
  • The patented magnesium technology used is an award-winning technology
  • Enhances magnesium mineral in the drinking water
  • This pitcher has filters which last longer


  • Complains regarding the functionality of the design of the spout.
  • You need to clean the pitcher for about 10 minutes before use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of the filters?

Its capacity is about two liters.

How often should you change the filters?

The filter can last up to 60 days of use. The filter is, however, designed to filter 40 gallons of water.

Approximately how many cups of water does this pitcher hold?

It holds about 12 cups of water.

Does this pitcher come with a filter?

Yes, the unit is supplied with one free filter.

Does this product have an indicator when to change filters?

Yes, it has a digital display and tells you how many times you have refilled it. It also flashes when you get close to 100 times.

Can this product work in a refrigerator?

Yes, it can be used with the refrigerator if you deem so, but it is not a requirement.

Where is it made?

The pitchers and their filters are made in Germany.

Is this an alkalizing pitcher?

No, this pitcher does not affect the pH of the water in any way.


The BWT Austrian Quality Compact Water filter has the advanced technology of filtration,  adding vital minerals to the water that are essential for proper body health.Compare water filter pitchers and you get everlasting goodness of clean water with this model. Generally,  using the filter gives you satisfaction and stress-free life. Depending on your choice, you can take the pitcher with you wherever you go. It is the best solution to the pure drinking water requirement for you and your family regardless of where you are.

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