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Brita 5 Cup Metro Water Filter Pitcher review

Brita 5 Cup Metro Water Filter Pitcher

Brita is a favorite brand dealing with water filtration. The company is renowned for making many popular filtration products. The Brita 5 Cup Metro is also one of the company’s products. The variant is a small-scale version of the Brita large 10 cup filter pitcher.

This particular type of pitcher provides many benefits to the users. First, it is slim enough to fit in the door of a refrigerator, while still making enough water for your household. The unique combinations make this unit a welcoming, practical pitcher. It provides an extraordinary experience for everyone – bringing the goodness of pure and healthier water, with the convenience of fridge-door storage.

This model is also available in an array of colors. Naturally, you get to select your preferred shade. Further, the filters are relatively inexpensive to replace. But despite their relatively low prices, they are durable. 

Putting into consideration the size, compare water filter pitchers and discover that the five cup water filter pitcher handles water filtration well enough. It effectively removes the taste of chlorine and odors and also many impurities in the water. They pitcher eliminates contaminants of mercury, copper, zinc, and cadmium from your water.

Key Features

Significantly improves the taste and purity of water

Made from BPA-free material, the Brita 5 filter extracts a lot of contaminants from your water – significantly reducing the contamination to offer 99.9% pure water. It also eliminates the taste of chlorine and odors of other water impurities. 

 Inbuilt filter replacement indicator

Prompt replacement of filters improves the performance and longevity of the pitcher. The Brita Small 5 cup Metro Water pitcher has made this function easier. It has an indicator which tells the time of filter replacement.

Has a long filter lifespan

You should change the filter after a 40-gallon of water outflow or after every two months. This duration is long and ensures more significant benefits and performance for the vase.

The pitcher reduces environmental waste

The Brita 5 cup metro filter easily replaces three hundred standard water bottles each with a capacity of 16.9 ounces. This reusability feature means that the glass vase helps you keep more plastic bottles off dump site.

It has a small compact size

The small size makes carrying the unit secure and stress-free. You have a vase of clean water going around quickly, without having to worry about contaminations.


  • Very easy and straightforward to use
  • Safe. Made from BPA-free materials
  • The filter has a long lifespan of 40 gallons
  • Ideal for travel or picnic due to the small size
  • Healthy. Filters and provides pure drinking water.
  • Convenient. Storage is easy on the fridge door
  • User-friendly. Can be handled by children
  • Offer precise filter change reminder through a filter replacement indicator lamp.
  • Elegant. Has a stylish and attractive miniature design.


Can’t work with the steam pitcher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this pitcher fit a small refrigerator?

Yes, when you compare filter water pitchers, with Brita 5, you confirm that it can fit into a small refrigerator like those found in offices and hotels.

Should the filter indicator light be on always?

No. The light indicator should blink after you pour the water from the pitcher.

Will this filter pitcher reduce water hardness?

No, this pitcher does not have a water softener fitted into it.

How big is the Brita 5 cup metro?

The dimensions of this unit are 9.8 x 4.5 x 9.4 inches. It weighs roughly 1.46 pounds.

Does the lid stay on when you are pouring?

Yes. If you close the lid firmly, the water does not leak when pouring. The cover also stays put.

Do I purchase the filter separately or does it come with the unit?

The unit comes with one additional filter that is used as a replacement filter later. You will subsequently buy a new filter at this.

Is the reservoir of the unit detachable?

Yes, the reservoir is removable. You can remove the reservoir by pulling out the pitcher.


This pitcher makes great strides to ensure that your water is free of contaminants. Further, it comes at a pretty low price. It’s convenient to carry anywhere and ideal for traveling. With the capacity of 5 glass water, when you compare filter water pitchers, you find out that the Brita 5 Cup Metro water pitcher is genuinely reliable. Even your children can handle it safely without the risk of dropping a full vase.

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