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Brita 5 Cup Metro Water Filter Pitcher Review

If you’re in search of the best water filter pitcher for your small-sized family or one to meet your traveling needs, then the Brita 5 Cup Metro Water Filter Pitcher is your brand. In this review, we are going to see how much this product is truly worth by going through its features, as well as its offerings and limitations.


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The Brita Metro is a stunning red-colored water pitcher that helps to provide your family with fresh clean drinking water. It is designed to aesthetically fit into your small kitchen space or serve as the perfect filter solution for purifying water while on the go. It has a capacity of 5 glass water and comes with a filter indicator that tells you exactly when you need to change the filter.

Even though this is a small filter, it’s still a less costly option when compared to using standard water bottles. This is because you get over 40 gallons of fresh water with a single filter.

The dimension of this pitcher is given as 9.8 inches for height, 4.45 inches for width, and 9.37 inches for depth.

What it removes

We have no doubt you will fall in love with this small water filter within the first few weeks of use. This is because it significantly cuts the bad odor and taste caused by chlorine and other impurities in municipal supplies.

The filter basically reduces contaminations such as zinc, mercury, cadmium, and mercury in tap supplies, to provide up to 99.9% pure water. This helps to provide easy access to clean drinking water for every member of your family. More so, you get to carry it along anywhere you go.

Interestingly, this filter is BPA free, so you have nothing to worry about.

When to replace filter

The best way to ensure the maximum performance of any water pitcher is always to replace the filter at the right time. Luckily, the Brita Small 5 Cup Metro Water Pitcher makes this easy for you.

The unit comes with an indicator at the lid which tells you exactly when to change the filter. This is usually after 40 gallons of water or 2 months of use. Thankfully, the filter is very affordable.

In order to ensure you get clean and safe water, we recommend discarding the first the water from the filter three times when using for the first time. You may also notice some carbon but this should be resolved after using the device a few times.

Great design

The Brita Water Pitcher has a compact design which includes a soft plastic handle for a comfortable carry, and a flip top lid which makes refilling very much easier. The small size of the unit makes it very convenient to store in a little space.

As earlier indicated using this unit allows you to save on water bottles and also cut down the number of those bottles that go to the landfills. In other words, using a small filter like Brita Metro is a good way to care for the environment and ensure you have endless supply of clean drinking water at home or on the road.


  • Long filter lifespan
  • Comes with filter indicator
  • Stylish miniature design
  • High filtration power
  • Easy installation


  • Not suitable for large homes

The Bottom Line

Brita 5 Cup Metro Water Filter Pitcher Review
  • Editor's Rating


Overall, we think the Brita Small 5 Cup Metro Water Pitcher is a great unit, and we have no doubt you will get the best value for your money especially if you are a buying it for a small household or office. Brita has always been a name that commands trust and reliability, so you can completely rely on the quality of this product. You can always check out the numerous positive reviews online for the filter in case you need a little more convincing.


Is the pitcher BPA Free?
Yes it is.
How many color options does this have?
There are four color options
Does this remove zinc?
Yes, it does
Does this leak when pouring?
No, it doesn’t. As long as you close the lid firmly.
How many filters does it come with?
Just one, but replacements are inexpensive.

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