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Brio Essentials Bottom Loading Water Dispenser review

Brio Essentials Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Brio’s Essential bottom loaded water dispenser is one of the high-end models that is tagged in the mid-range dispenser and the model ships out with a three temperature setting that is controlled by push buttons that are attached with safety lock on hot water setting. To find a bottom loading water dispenser that is fit for you accessing and checking out the basic setting and needs that need to be taken care of is the first step. Brio gives out a basic machine with no additional features but a solidly built stainless steel design that is well planned to appear compact while also being large enough for the unit to house both 3-gallons and 5-gallons inside.

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Key Features

Bottom loading

The bottom loaded technology in the dispenser eliminates any kind of lifting, flipping and even spilling while refilling your dispenser. The technology comes as a boon to older users as much as it for the younger users.

Compact Design

The innovative design style is built in stainless steel accents but comes out of the box in black only. The design is classy and elegant while also being compact to fit in tight spaces, however, it is observed that it is a little taller than other models in the industry. The design also houses both 5-gallon and 3-gallon bottles as its water sources.

Three Temperature Settings

The dispenser comes with a three temperature setting which calls for hot, cool and ice cold water. The water spout is connected to push buttons that are equipped with child lock safety feature for hot water faucet.


  • Child Safety Lock

Child safety lock combined with push buttons makes it easily accessible but equally safe for your toddlers and young ones from the hot water accident.

  • Fit into tight spaces

The compact design house the unit in tight spaces easily while also being sleek and classy will add elegance to your interior.

  • Light indicators

The unit comes shipped with 3 light indicators. 2 for indicating cold and hot water availability, meanwhile the last indicator stands for the empty container indicator.

  • Removable Drip Tray

Drip trays are a boon to clean up but also being one of the most practical pieces in a water dispenser. This Brio model comes with a BPA- Free drip tray, which allows you to keep your tray sanitized and also germfree to an extent.


  • Only available in black cover

The model only ships in black and it is sometimes not what some consumers find best while it is aesthetically pleasing to most.

  • Taller than others

The particular model comes out a little taller than most others in the similar size dimensions; however, the designers have made up for this as an effective design that fits even well in a tight spot.

  • Water is sometimes less hot than expected

There are some users who say that the model gives out hot water that is often less hot than expected.

  • Expensive                               

Brio has tagged the model a little bit higher on the price range, making it one of the mid-priced offerings in the market.

  • Lack of any warranty

Brio doesn’t offer any sort of warranty or guarantee to its user while they do have a well-placed spare parts system that can easily be accessed for any kind of repairs or needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hot water doesn’t get heated up after plugging in

There is a button behind the unit that can be used to turn on and off the water heater. The switch can be switched on and given time to try to heat up the water for the user.

Does the water stay hot constantly?

Yes, However, when you use up a lot of the water at the same time you may have to wait for the new water to get heated before dispensing again.

Can you connect a direct water source and not need bottles?

Yes, the model comes out with an option to connect to direct water sources but the purity of the water is to be made certain of before you make such a move.


The Brio Essential bottom loading water dispenser, as the name suggests it is a machine that covers the essentials and nothing more. For users who are on the lookout for a modern contemporary design with the basic needs of both an office and home is in a good place to start considering this unit. However, there are several other factors mentioned above that need to be considered and compared before the purchase.

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