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Best Water Filters For Removing Fluoride in 2020

Water Filters that remove Fluoride

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Statistical data from research conducted by Peckham and his colleague Awofeso showed that ingested fluoride may physiological health effects on individuals.

This report is one out of many that points out the harmful effects fluoride in the body system.

There are two ways to tackle your intake of fluoride, most of which comes from the water you drink. You get an alternative water source or use fluoride filters.

In this article, we reviewed several fluoride water filters across different categories and price points. Our buying guide is just below this review of fluoride filters.

Here are the products we scrutinized.

Which fluoride filter do you need?

It’s certainly not easy to guess which fluoride water filter you need. There are a lot of factors to consider. We discussed those factors just below this review section.


Best Whole House RO Fluoride Filter – Express Water Whole House Water Filter

Most water filters operate on simple technology but some people may find it difficult to operate them. People who have been used to using traditional water filters often find it tricky to adapt themselves to new-age technology. If the water filter is not user-friendly, they may not be aware of things like when to replace a cartridge or clean the system. The Express Water Whole House Water Filter has been designed to facilitate smooth operation by the user and to avoid any kind of technical difficulties they might face. If fluoride is present in drinking water in large quantities, it can cause fluorosis. It is a condition that adversely affects the health of your teeth. With a triple-layer filtration process, it proves to be one of the most effective water filters for removing fluoride. At the same time, it is a device that is very easy to install and run.

It has a capacity of 100,000 gallons and can deliver a sufficient quantity of water for the drinking and cooking needs of a medium-sized family. You get a warranty of one year and the company assures you of providing any kind of technical support for as long as you use the device. Purifying water is a process that takes some time. If you need to connect multiple appliances to a filter at the same time, you need to have a device that offers a good flow rate. This water filter produces 15 gallons of filtered water every single minute. This is quite adequate and should be able to fulfill the everyday consumption needs of a family with three or four members.

The polypropylene filter helps in removing hardened sediments from the water. The second filter, built with premium quality granular carbon, absorbs chemical waste like fluoride and chlorine. The carbon block filter gets rid of whatever contaminant might have remained in the water and ensures that the water acquires a distinctively appealing taste which is at par with the flavor offered by bottled mineral water. Each cartridge features a standalone pressure gauge which helps you monitor the process easily. You can remove or replace the filters easily and do not need any special tools for doing it. Many devices use non-replaceable filters. This water filter has cartridges that last for a very long time and can be easily replaced whenever you want.



The manufacturer offers a warranty period of one year and free lifetime technical support

The transparent casing helps in determining when any of the filters need to be replaced

The impressive flow rate helps in producing purified water to multiple appliances quickly

The cartridges are long-lasting and durable


The pricing is a little high

Not effective at softening hard water


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Best Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher – Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

What makes this device unique is the fact that it is a water filter that also doubles up as a pitcher. You can purify contaminated water using this device and then pour the water right from it into a glass and drink. If you find the design or utility of water filters monotonous, here is a device you might like to have. You can fill the water in it easily and get it filtered. It is also a great device for those who have very little space in their kitchen or household. It uses carbon block technology to purify water and has the kind of mechanism that ensures the delivery of hygienic and refined water. It has been designed to combat a wide variety of contaminants present in the water. Technical experts have tested and confirmed that it eliminates stringent chemicals like ‘Forever Chemical PFOA PFOS PFC’.

There are a few other water filter pitchers available in the market but none of them have proved to be as effective as this one in eliminating the contaminants. Time and again, it has proved its efficiency in getting rid of harmful chemicals like Total Trihalomethanes, Bromodichloromethane, Chloramines, Chromium 6 and Fluoride. The smart filter ensures that essential minerals like magnesium and calcium are not washed off in the filtration process. The carbon block filter is 6 mm thick and if the other filters miss out on finding and filtering the contaminants, rest assured that the carbon block filter would not miss out. The device registers an efficiency of 99.99% in removing impurities. Contaminants could be of different types ranging from poisonous chemicals to damaging heavy metals. The filters are adept at detecting and then removing anything that is considered to be harmful.

Let not the fancy design of this water filter pitcher make you believe that it is an expensive device. Each of the filters inside the system has the capability to produce 150 gallons of fresh water. The filters are built with the kind of material that is devoid of BPA and approved by the FDA. The device is known to function most efficiently without the need to replace any component for the first four months and can handle 100 gallons of water. The water filter pitcher lasts long but its durability is also dependent on how frequently you use it. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If there is something about the product you are not satisfied with, you can replace it immediately and get your money back.



Efficient at removing 99% of the contaminants present in the water

Serves as a good alternative to full-fledged water filters

Maintains good pH balance inside the water

The taste of the purified water is appealing


You need to open the device to use it

The handle is a little inconvenient


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Best Fluoride Water Bottle – Epic Nalgene OG Water Bottle with Filter

If you travel frequently or go out on excursions like trekking, there could be times when you face the problem of not having clean drinking water. The sources of water around us are limited and finding water that can be used for drinking purposes is even more difficult. With the absence of drinking water, you will feel dehydrated and cut your trip short. Even if you are carrying a bottle with you, you will run out of the water sooner or later. This is the reason why water bottles with inbuilt filtration systems have proved to be a blessing for travelers or those who are constantly on the run.

The Epic Nalgene OG Water Bottle with filter boasts of simple design and offers high utility. It is made of Tritan plastic which is devoid of chemicals like BPA or BPS. With a capacity of 2 pounds, it can store enough water for you to carry with you when you go out on a run or a ride. When there is no water left in the bottle, you can refill it with some water from a nearby stream, reservoir or river. You cannot think of filling a regular bottle with unfiltered or impure water but you can use this water filter to instantly purify and drink clean water. The filters present inside it will process the water and remove all the contaminants including fluoride. The filtration technology this bottle uses has been tested by several experts in different countries and all of them have given positive reviews about its ability to purify contaminated water.

Even if you are traveling within the city and there are stores around, you will end up buying a bunch of single-use plastic bottles to quench your thirst or keep yourself hydrated. This will not only result in you spending up extra cash but you would also end up using a lot of non-recyclable bottles unnecessarily. By using the Epic Nalgene OG water bottle filter, you will contribute towards reducing plastic waste apart from saving money. The filtration system is sturdy, well-designed and very efficient at its job. The filter is made of carbon fiber and organic coconut shell which is eco-friendly and made in the US under the guidance of industry experts. The water bottle is large enough to cater to the drinking needs of an adult. Even if you are staying indoors, you can use it to purify tap water and consume it after it has been thoroughly filtered.



It is lightweight and easy to carry around

The large straw diameter makes it very convenient for one to drink water from it

Apart from this particular model, the filter also fits in effortlessly with several other water bottles

Features interchangeable filtration system for purifying tap water and carrying it outdoors


Not very effective at neutralizing saltwater

Does not feature a compass similar to the one that water filters from other brands have


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Best Shower Fluoride Filter – SparkPod Shower Head Filter

A lot of people are careful about the water they drink or use for cooking purposes but do not remain alert about the quality of water they use to take a shower. Water flowing from our bathroom taps or shower could be as contaminated as the water supply that runs through our kitchen. If harmful contaminants present in the water come in contact with our body while taking shower, it could prove to be dangerous to our health. Several reports state that water coming out from a shower or bathroom tap often contains large amounts of chemicals like fluoride and chlorine. The SparkPod Shower Head Filter is one of the best water filters for fluoride removal and is known for its high-end efficiency in eliminating water-based contaminants.

Apart from removing harmful chemical substances from the water, this water filter improves the quality of water. This, in turn, has a positive effect on your hair, skin and body in general. When people complain about suffering from an itching sensation in their skin, it is usually a result of the skin coming in contact with the chlorine or fluoride content in the water. The SparkPod Filtered Shower is made from the kind of filter elements that recognize and eradicate the harmful toxins present in the water and offer safe showering conditions. The twelve-stage filtration process comprises calcium sulfite, activated carbon and KDF 55. All of these elements combine to make the water free of any impurity.

Considering that different people have different bathing preferences, the water filter offers three different kinds of modes of spray – focused massage, full stream and gentle rain. While the shower facilitates good water flow, it ensures that the pressure does not feel too harsh on one’s body. Installing the shower filter is not very complex but it does require some effort at your end. You can use pliers to uninstall the shower head which is transfixed to the piping in the wall. Then you have to camouflage the threading on the pipe of the shower with a tape. The tape helps in preventing water leakage from the pipe. After that, you can follow the steps mentioned in the manual to install the shower head filter.



The twelve-stage water filtration process is excellent at removing impurities

Makes the showering experience safer and more comfortable

Proves to be effective in softening hardened water

Offers excellent water flow and pressure


Made of plastic

Not very durable


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Best Gravity Fluoride Filter – Santevia Gravity Water System

This water filter does a great job of restoring and maintaining the pH balance in the water. While purifying the water, it ensures that essential minerals like magnesium and calcium do not wither away in the process. The Santevia Gravity Water System is an NSF certified product. That should give you some assurance about the quality of the product if you are disappointed by the fact that it does not feature a monitoring system. In the absence of the monitoring system, you do not get a clear idea about the amount and kind of contaminants that have been removed from the water by the system. Despite this issue, the filtration system is popular among the buyers who vouch for the fact that it delivers clean water. The water passes through an elaborate five-stage filtration process.

In the first stage, rust, bacteria and harmful sediments and bacteria are removed. In the second stage, the water goes through an activated carbon filter. In this stage, chlorine and substances causing bad odor are removed. In the third stage, water passes through a silica sand filter so that the pH level of the acidic content can be raised. The fourth stage has been designed to eliminate heavy metals. In the final stage, the process of mineral infusion takes place. When water comes in contact with the spout, the molecules of water are realigned. This purification system is trained to remove the kind of impurities one comes across in water supply units in urban areas.

There are certain filters that require you to purchase additional bottled water. When it comes to this water filter system, you can just fill the tank with water from your taps and leave the water to be processed. The fluoride filter that comes as a part of the package works wonderfully towards fluoride removal. Its newly upgraded fluoride filtration technique is one of its most attractive features. Unlike many other filters, it clears up fluoride content without leaving any residue of aluminum behind. The micron filtration system helps in eliminating micro-plastics. Other components like the ceramic pre-filter, mineral stones and magnetic energizer contribute equally towards the filtration process. If you are looking for an economical and high-quality filter that also doubles up as a water pitcher, this device would prove to be a good investment.



It is made of environment-friendly components and saves up on energy as well

Designed to purify the contaminants found in the water supply in urban areas

Works equally well as a filter and a pitcher

The design is very stylish and elegant


No monitoring system available in this water filter

Comes with a limited warranty period


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Best Countertop Fluoride Filter – Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

When the manufacturer claims that a water filter is capable of removing hundreds of contaminants, one has to test the device to check the veracity of the claims. The good news is that the Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop water filter puts up a solid performance. It has several interesting features and delivers on its promise of providing water that is high on quality and hygiene. It has the capacity of storing 2.25 gallons of filtered water. It is apt for a household that has 6-10 members. The machine is made of high-grade stainless steel which stands the test of time and ensures durability. It weighs just about 9.02 pounds and is easy to install anywhere you would like to. Each of the cartridges can manage 3,000 gallons of water before it needs replacement.

If you have been looking for a water filter for removing fluoride, you would be delighted to find two fluoride elements as part of the filtration package. The cartridges are capable of purifying both processed water and water which is raw and has not been treated. The two Black Berkey Filters specialize in removing bacterial content and chemicals of different kinds. While it retains beneficial minerals in the overall mix, it eliminates harmful or unwanted minerals like mercury and lead. It takes less than thirty minutes to assemble the different components and put the filtration system together. This includes the time taken to wash all the components thoroughly. It is recommended to charge the water filters properly before assembling it with the rest of the setup.

It is a gravity-fed filter and you do not need to connect it to any pipe to run it. The system does not come attached with a tubing and that makes it easy to install it at any place of your choice. The filters do not need to be replaced frequently. Most of the filters are easy to clean and maintain. The Big Berkey Water Filters come in other shapes and sizes but with similar features. If you need a filter for your outdoor activities, you can opt for a model that is smaller in size. One of the reasons this system eliminates chlorine and fluoride content so effortlessly is because it has some of the most powerful components found inside a filtration system. So if you need a filter for fluoride removal, look no further than the Big Berkey water filter.



Registers 95% efficiency in eliminating contaminants

The installation process is very easy and takes very little time

Apart from getting purified well, the water acquires a good taste too

The gravity-fed system does not require plumbing for installation


The flow rate is relatively slow

The larger models take up a lot of space


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Best Water Distiller – Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

A water distiller is different from a water filter. The major difference lies in the way the water is purified. Traditionally, the process of distillation existed long before modern filtration processes came into prominence. In the distillation process, water is heated until it reaches its boiling point. A while after the evaporation process takes place, the vapor turns into water droplets. That sums up the process of water distillation to remove the impurities in it. Back in the day, the distillation process was carried out manually. Now, there are machines that help with this process. A lot of people still prefer the distillation of water over the filtration process as they find the former to be more effective in getting rid of contaminations.

Distillation is perhaps the most effective method to get unadulterated water as it eliminates all the impurities, fluoride and minerals present in the water. People who own aquariums in their homes prefer to opt for the distillation of water. It is also a preferred option for those who need purified water for multiple purposes or appliances. The distiller’s efficiency can be gauged by the fact that it has been tested and approved by the UL (Underwriters Laboratory). There has been no compromise as far as the safety standards are concerned. It has the capacity to purify 1 gallon of water every 5.5 hours. The right temperature at which the water should be distilled to remove all toxicants is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. You get six high-end charcoal filters with the system.

The interior which consists of the boiling chamber, condensing coils and the upper steam dome is made of stainless steel. You also get a glass connection bottle and a nozzle lined with porcelain. It is always a better idea to store water in a glass-based setup than in a plastic container. It takes around five to six hours to complete the distillation process. When the water is ready, the machine shuts off automatically. If you think the process is complete before this happens, you can switch it off manually as well. The distiller comes with a one-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The filtration process is much quicker but if you are a firm believer in the effectiveness of water distillation, this is a good device for you to invest in.



Automatic shut-off and other features enable you to put minimal effort into operating it

Delivers water in its purest possible form

Cost-effective process

Strong build and attractive design


Has a limited warranty of 1 year

The purification process takes hours to complete


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Health Risks Posed By Fluoride

how to get rid fluoride

There has been a lot of debate as to whether fluoride causes any major health risks.

In fact, a research carried out by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information at the US Department of Energy shows that if fluoride is ingested internally, it may lead to health issues with the thyroid gland.

One may be tempted to ask if the presence of fluoride in toothpastes and mouth wash products poses any threats.

In this section of the article, we’ll try as much as possible to shed more light on the health risks posed by the ingestion of fluoride.

Rawls HR recently published a research with Nakamoto T. The purpose of this research was to determine if fluoride causes diseases if one is exposed to it early in life. At the end of their research, they made some good discoveries.

Fluoride exposure may cause fluorosis of the enamel and skeleton.
It raises the chances of a kid suffering a disease in the future.

Testing Water For Fluoride

There are quite a handful of ways to test your water for the presence of fluoride particles.

Using a fluoride meter.
Lab test.
To test water for fluoride, you can use any of the aforementioned methods. We recommend checking out a fluoride meter which is a great tool for checking fluoride levels in the water.

It’s worthy to note that some fluoride meters aren’t accurate and are sometimes pricey. In a situation where a lab test is less expensive than the fluoride meter, you should opt for the lab test.

You can also obtain the current fluoride level by visiting the municipality and requesting for it. Be sure to check that the information is recent.

How do you remove fluoride from water?

There are several ways of removing fluoride from the water we drink. These methods are, however, peculiar to our need as well as some other factors.

For instance, a bachelor who lives in an apartment house alone may not have any need for a whole house water fluoride filter.

In the review above, we took a look at seven different products all with an aim to remove fluoride from our water. This clearly shows the various ways of removing fluoride from our water to include the use of

  1. Whole house fluoride water filters.
  2. Fluoride removing water filter pitchers.
  3. Water bottles with fluoride filters.
  4. The gravity fluoride filter.
  5. Fluoride removing shower filters.
  6. A countertop fluoride filter.
  7. Water distillers.

How effective are the aforementioned fluoride removal methods?

The fluoride filters mentioned above are certainly able to remove a great deal of fluoride – up to 99% – from your water.

Let’s have a look at each removal method, who they are suited for, and their advantages over the other types.

Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Filters

This set of filters are often designed to be installed at the water entry point into the house. Some are, however, designed for use at one point, but can easily be converted to a whole house filter.

The fluoridated water is filtered first before the clean water is then passed onto the house. This type of fluoride filter has a good flow rate and perhaps, a better filter life.

Installation is required for reverse osmosis fluoride filters. However, with clear concise installation guides that come with these filters, one can easily install them.

Let’s not fail to mention that reverse osmosis filters can come with either the TFC (thin film composite) membrane or the CTA (cellulose triacetate) membranes which removes about 93% and 80%+ of fluoride in water respectively.

Fluoride Removing Water Filter Pitchers

Given the size of a water filter pitcher, it suffices to say that they are meant to filter drinking water in a small household. A small household in this case refers to a household of one to four persons.

Fluoride removing water filter pitchers are great for filtering water from the tap in the house especially for people living in apartments that can’t install a whole house water filter.

No installation is required.

Fluoride Water Bottles

Apt for going outdoors, to work or to the gym, these water bottles come with filters that remove fluoride as you drink the water. Fluoride water bottles don’t usually have good flow rates and they hold limited amount of water.

If you live in a large household, you may need to get one for everyone in the house to ensure that they drink clean and fluoride free water outside the house.

No installation is required.

Using Gravity Fluoride Filters

The Big Berkey gravity fluoride filter is one popular filter that falls into this category of fluoride filters. Gravity fluoride filters have two chambers with a filtration section in between.

They are similar to water dispensers, but in this case, they have their own filters. Of course, they are suitable for large households.

No installation is required for this kind of filter.

Fluoride Shower Filters

Most times we forget to filter our shower water and end up with itches on our body, no thanks to the impurities from the water.

Shower filters serve as a means of removing impurities like fluoride from the water we use for bathing. There are only a few shower filters that can remove fluoride and we reviewed one of them above.

Shower filters require little to no plumbing knowledge for installation.

Countertop/Faucet Fluoride Filters

They are great for installing at the sinks across the house or just in the kitchen as the case may be. Countertop fluoride filters are compact sized and hence will take up negligible space.

You need little plumbing knowledge for installation.


As we mentioned earlier, distillation is one of the best ways to get clean water. However, it isn’t always a cost-effective method hence, a lot of people look the other way round.

A distiller can remove as much as 99% of the impurities in your water including fluoride. However, it has a very slow flow rate – sometimes it distills only a gallon of water in about 5 hours.

Therefore, it’s suitable only for small households – one to two persons at most who care about pure water.

Distillers don’t require any installation. However, you need to ensure that the collection jar is made of glass instead of plastic.

FAQs About Fluoride Water Filters

Q. Which Filters Don’t Remove Fluoride?

A. Water softening systems are sometimes advertised as fluoride removers.

Well, they remove just about a little percentage of the fluoride in water. This is poor when compared to the dedicated fluoride removal filters like the ones we reviewed.

Q. Do water softeners remove fluoride?

A. As we mentioned above, water softeners remove only a tiny amount of fluoride from water. This stems primarily from the fact that water softeners are designed specifically to remove some minerals from water that cause water hardness.

So in essence, it doesn’t really remove fluoride.

Q. Does boiling remove fluoride?

A. The simple answer is NO.

Here’s why.

When you try to boil water that contains fluoride, the water just keeps evaporating when it reaches its boiling point. The fluoride is then left behind in the boiling container. This increases the concentration of the fluoride in the container.

However, the distillation process uses a similar pattern to remove impurities from the water.


The distillation unit boils the water at a very high temperature and then collects the vapor/steam which is now devoid of the impurities that were hitherto in the water.

It then channels back the steam and cools it down to form water again, this time in a separate compartment.

Unfortunately, this is a slow process and it requires a decent amount of energy to function properly. So if you’re using this distillation process at home, then you should expect an increase in your energy bills.

Q. Does reverse osmosis remove fluoride?

A. Yes, reverse osmosis can be used to remove fluoride from water. However, this depends on the type of filters that the reverse osmosis system is fitted with. Not all reverse osmosis systems come with activated alumina filters which are helpful in removing fluoride.

Other Factors To Consider


Removing fluoride from water can drain your pocket if you don’t draw up a good budget.

For instance, if you buy a water distiller to remove fluoride, you’d have to take into consideration the amount of energy the distiller uses.

This is important considering the fact that it takes a distiller about 5 hours to distill just one gallon of water.

Having a distiller at home is a great idea, especially if you like to brew your beer at home. You’re certain of crystal clean water devoid of impurities that can affect your brewing.

With a good budget set aside, also take the following factors into consideration.

Number of people who need fluoride free water

If you’re living alone, a fluoride faucet water filter and a fluoride shower filter may work just fine for you.

However, the same cannot be said for a household with 2 kids and 3 pets. The water demand will increase and in turn, factors like flow rate and storage of the fluoride free water become important.

Thus, a whole house fluoride filter becomes necessary.


Only a handful of the fluoride filters we reviewed in this article require installation. Surprisingly, they are all easy to install, thanks to the installation guide from the manufacturers.

It is important to look out for units that are easy to install so you can save on installation costs.

Micron Size Of The Filters

This is important, however, a lot of people tend to overlook it.

A filter with a micron rating of about 1 micron will filter out more contaminants than another filter with a micron rating of 5.

However, the 5 micron filters are useful for removing large particle sediments from the water. The water then passes on to the 1 micron filter for onward removal of the tiny contaminants.


Portability is important for travelers or homeowners who intend to move soon or would like to take their fluoride water filters along with them when they travel to see their parents.

Fluoride filters like the Big Berkey and the water filter pitches will fit this need.

Again, if you work out in the gym frequently, a fluoride water bottle is a must-have companion in your gym bag.

Flow Rate

Water filtration can sometimes be a time consuming process. That’s fine, however, it ends up reducing the water flow rate.

For owners of whole house fluoride water filters, consider installing a mini tank where fluoride free water is stored for onward on-demand distribution to your entire house.

Other Expenses

When you’ve installed a fluoride filter, you may need to consider other expenses such as water, energy, and filter maintenance and replacements.

These are important things you shouldn’t neglect.

The expenses in the long run should be reasonably low.

In addition to that, things like filter replacement or maintenance of the installed systems shouldn’t be a tough nut to crack. Filters should be readily available as the case may be.

Final Words

Apart from the likelihood of causing diseases, fluoride intake may lead to brittleness of the bones as well as hypothyroidism.

When you rid your water of any of fluoride, you reduce the risks of having any of these aforementioned health issues.

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