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Top 7 Best Stainless Steel Water Dispensers in 2020

stainless steel water dispenser
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Have you been consuming water that does not taste very good? If you have been using a water dispenser to purify and extract filtered water, what could possibly go wrong? Chances are that you are using a water dispenser that is made of plastic. Water that comes out of such dispensers, especially the low-grade ones, tends to have a ‘plastic-like taste’ to it which is a result of water being stored and processed in a plastic container. Once you replace your plastic water dispensers with the ones made of stainless steel, you will, most likely, get rid of this problem.

For the kind of features and services they offer, stainless steel water dispensers are quite reasonably priced. They can be purchased and you get a variety of options to choose from. Most of these dispensers feature a child safety lock that ensures the children in the house do not harm themselves accidentally with hot water.

Dispensers made of plastic or other kinds of material, regardless of how expensive the unit is, do not last for a very long period. Most stainless water dispensers offer you the luxury of having water at three different temperatures. Let us take a look at some of the top stainless steel water dispensers available.

Here Is The List Of TheBest Stainless Steel Water Dispenser With Our Expert Review:


Avalon Limited Edition Self Cleaning Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

The stainless steel design this machine boasts of is not only one of its most appealing features but also something that lends it durability and strength. It can be installed in different places like home, office and even hospitals. Its sleek and neutral design helps greatly in this direction. It works on a very simple mechanism and is very easy to install. It provides you with three temperature options and enables you to have access to a customized water drinking experience. Since it makes untreated water go through a two-step purification process, you can be assured about the fact that you will get safe and hygienic water at all times.

The filtration unit is equipped with two filters. One is a carbon block filter and the other is a multi-layer sediment filter. Each of the filters lasts for about six months and is capable of producing 1500 gallons of filtered water each. The first set of filters will be provided to you when you buy the unit. When you need to replace them, you can approach the manufacturer and ask them to help you out. The self-cleaning ozone feature takes away the burden of you having to clean it regularly. Maintaining this device does not involve any amount of hassle. Its elongated design makes it easy to fit anywhere you wish to.

This filtration system has been certified by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), listed by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Energy Star Approved. It has all the certifications and approvals that you would expect a premium quality water dispenser to have. If you have basic DIY skills, you can install the unit easily without the support of a technician. The water purification process it undertakes is elaborate and ensures that no contaminant remains inside the water once it comes out of the faucet. It features a very powerful compressor that can provide cold water at a high temperature of 47 degrees Fahrenheit. This eliminates the need to store ice cubes in the fridge.



Capable of producing water at very high temperatures

Do not need a plumber to install it

A sediment filter is present in the cabinet

Certified by multiple reputed quality-control agencies


Difficult to install in a very small space


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Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Being a bottom loading dispenser, the Brio Self Cleaning water dispenser eliminates the need to carry heavy water bottles and placing them on the top of the dispenser. Not only that, you do not have to put any manual effort into cleaning this device. The self-cleaning ozone feature ensures that the dispenser is clean and hygienic all the time. You just need to press a button to use this feature. If you face the issue of power fluctuations at your place, you will benefit from its nightlight feature which illuminates the water sprouts when it is dark outside. The bottom cabinet also ensures safe-keeping for your bottle.

The triple-temperature setting options enable you to get water at your desired temperature at the click of a button. You can choose between cold and hot water and water at room temperature. This machine makes it very easy to make cold and hot beverages. The drip tray, which can be removed easily and cleaned, takes care of the occasional water spill. To extract hot water from the machine, you have to follow a two-step dispensing process. This process has been made a little elaborate to ensure that little children stay away from the possibility of harming themselves with hot water. When you need hot water, you have to release the lock placed above the dispensing button.

At a weight of 36.6 pounds, it is neither too heavy nor too light. The cabinet can contain either a 3-gallon water bottle or a 5-water bottle. This feature makes this dispenser all the more versatile. A pump helps in connecting it to the mouth. The water inside is connected to the cold and hot reservoirs with the help of two individual tubes. You can place the water bottle inside the cabinet of the dispenser by following some simple and easy steps. The push button controls are located at the top of the water cooler dispenser and help you operate the spouts easily.



Highly energy efficient

Bottom loading reservoir does not require lifting heavy bottles

The compressor is almost noise-free

Powerful self-cleaning ozone feature


Not suitable for outdoor use

Water cannot be dispensed during the 90-minute ozone cycle


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Avalon Bottom Loading Stainless Steel Water Cooler

Featuring a sleek and stylish design, the Avalon water cooler dispenser has a sturdy build and looks cool. But that is not the only reason you have to buy it. It is known to deliver highly efficient performance and lives up to its promise of delivering water that is hygienic and tastes very good. It features three temperature settings and is a great device for those who are particular about water being sufficiently cold or hot. The nightlight system has been built inside the device and ensures that you can pour water easily out of the faucet even when it is extremely dark around.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on the product and ensures lifetime technical support. Unlike some water dispensers, you do not need to install a drain when you get this machine. If you have children at home, then it is a very good device to invest in. It features a safety lock that has been designed to keep children away from operating the hot water spout on their own. It consumes minimal power and is highly energy efficient. It weighs 42.4 pounds and has dimensions of 13 x 12 x 41 inches. It features an empty bottle indicator that will let you know when a particular cartridge needs to be replaced.

The water filters are of very good quality and need to be replaced once every six months. It is recommended to clean them manually once every three months. The installation kit comes with all the tools and equipment you need to install the unit. You will find two buttons at the back of the unit which will help you switch off the hot and cold water processing units whenever you like. The machine is available in two colors, stainless steel and black. It has been listed by the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and adheres to all kinds of safety standards that international agencies recommend.



Noise-free operation

Features an empty bottle indicator

Compatible with both 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles

Produces water at a consistent temperature


Small-sized water pump

No built-in ice maker


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Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Water Cooler

One of the biggest selling points of this water dispenser is its installation kit. The kit features not only the tools you would require to set up the unit but also the kind of equipment you would need to use it on a long-term basis. The installation kit comprises a push connect adapter, tubing, filter flushing adapter, a shut-off valve and a manual with elaborate instructions on how to install the unit. You get two filters as a part of the unit. Both the carbon block filter and the sediment filter last for a good 6 months and produce 1500 gallons of purified water each.

The self-cleaning ozone feature ensures that harmful bacteria and germs do not get accumulated inside the device and do not contaminate the water. Since this is a bottle-less dispenser, you get to save on the money that would have spent on buying bottles repeatedly. The water goes through a dual filtration process and the processed water that comes out of the faucet is as clean as it gets. Avalon has been a brand that is known for manufacturing high-quality water filtration devices and this particular water dispenser is no different.

It complies with the safety and quality standards set by international agencies. Apart from receiving certification from the National Sanitation Foundation, it is also Energy Star approved. The installation process is extremely easy and you do not need a technician for the same. A lot of people prefer top loading water dispensers over bottom loading devices because the former makes it easy to monitor the level of water. That is one thing you can do with this bottom loading dispenser. It features a replace filter indicator which starts blinking when the filter needs replacement. The child safety feature makes it the most preferred choice among families.



Self-cleaning ozone feature

Provides a good customized water drinking experience

Makes water a hundred percent odor-free

Capable of producing 1500 gallons of filtered water


Filters have to be bought separately

Regular maintenance is required


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Primo – Easy Top Loading Water Dispenser

If you expect some free coupons or vouchers whenever you buy a new product, then the Primo – Easy Top Loading water dispenser should be a good investment for you. The manufacturing company makes it a point to provide coupons with this particular product. These coupons help you avail discounts and other benefits on Primo products that you might want to buy in the future. It features a spill-proof bottle holder that prevents the possibility of water leakage. The door is made of stainless steel and the water reservoirs are of premium quality.

The in-built nightlight indicator helps you see the water spouts and pour water from a faucet onto a cup easily at night. The drip tray does not get affected by dishwashers and is easily removable. The partially stainless steel build ensures durability for the machine. This machine is Energy Star approved and UL listed. Both the design and the mechanism with which this dispenser has been built are simple. That makes it further easy for one to operate it. The controls can be used easily by even those who are not too familiar with new-age technology.

It has the capacity to produce very cold and optimally hot water. This makes it a very suitable device for producing water that can be used for making hot or cold beverages. If you want drinking water at room temperature, you will get that too. It is also an ideal device for those who are environmentally conscious and concerned about conserving energy. The quality of the water that comes out of it is very good and has a pleasant taste to it.



The bottle holder is resistant to spill and leakage

LED nightlight indicator

Conserves energy effectively


Water flow rate is relatively slow

Limited warranty period


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Frigidaire EFWC519 Stainless Steel Water Cooler/Dispenser

If you have been looking for a simple but effective water dispenser that is made of stainless steel and can serve its primary function of delivering good quality water well, then here is a device you need to have a look at. One of the biggest strengths of the machine is its powerful compressor. It is particularly effective in producing cold water. Therefore, if you need a water dispenser that can provide you with ice-cold water during the summer, this is a good machine to invest in.

The empty bottle indicator lights are also better than the ones you find on filters in a similar range. Apart from doing their job well, they are easy to read. It is capable of holding both 3-gallon and 5-gallon water bottles. The little amount of water that might spill over gets deposited in the drip tray. This drip tray can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. At 29.6 pounds, it is not a very heavy device. It is available in only one color, stainless steel. The product dimensions are 12 x 12 x 41 inches. Because of its size, weight and design, it can be set up anywhere with effortless ease.

There is a knob at the back of the unit that helps in adjusting the temperature efficiently. If you plan to install it in an office space or a university, you can be sure about the fact that nobody around will get disturbed by its functioning. The compressor in the device is known for its noise-free operation. It is a good device for those who are not used to operating high-end technological devices. It works on a simple mechanism that can be understood by anybody. The controls are very easy to use too. The cold water is cold enough to make cool beverages and the hot water that is poured out of its faucet is warm enough to be used directly to make hot beverages.



Simple to use

Does not make noise while operating

Water is produced at a consistent temperature

Moderate weight


The build could have been better

Safety features could have been better


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Water Cooler/Dispenser Stainless Steel Freestanding Compressor

Though a part of this water dispenser is made of plastic, the plastic that has been used is BPA free and of very high quality. It has been built with a specific goal to maintain the temperature of the water inside the device properly. If the water is cool, it stays cool for a longer period and hot water remains warm for a longer duration. It also proves to be very efficient when it comes to ensuring that it does no harm to children due to accidental operation.

One of the unique features of this dispenser is that it is detachable. You can assemble and disassemble it very easily and clean the different components manually with ease. The hot and cold switches have been placed nicely in the machine and can be operated easily. You will not face any difficulty while switching it from cold to warm mode and vice-versa. The tank is made of stainless steel that ensures it never gets overheated or drains out water. It also features a mite water barrel seat that is resistant to dust and further protects the water against any pollutants getting inside it.

It provides cold water within a temperature range of 42.8℉-50℉and offers warm water in temperatures ranging from 190.4℉-203℉. It has an ETL certificate that ensures it is a very safe device to use. The compressor is very powerful but does not make the slightest of noise. It is available in two colors, black and silver. It has a heating capacity of 5L/hour. The installation process does not consume a lot of time or effort and can be carried out easily. In the kit or package, you get a detailed instruction manual along with the dispenser. This dispenser uses compression refrigeration technology which makes the cooling process much faster.



Available in two colors – black and silver

Made with BPA free, food-grade plastic

Uses compression refrigeration technology

Easy installation process


The water bottle is sold separately

Not very durable


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Stainless Steel Water Dispenser Buying Guide: What To Look For?

When it comes to stainless steel water dispensers, a wide variety of options are available. Therefore, before investing in a particular water dispenser, you must get a good idea about the different kinds of stainless steel water dispensers available and one that will cater to your needs in the best possible manner. 

Analyze your needs

Stainless steel water coolers come in different forms, sizes and types. First, you need to determine whether you want to get a water dispenser for your home or your office. This will help you determine the size of the device and the kind of features you would like it to have. If you are buying a dispenser for your home, you can afford to have one that has a powerful compressor that makes a bit of noise. If you are planning to get one for your office, investing in such a device would not be a good idea.  

Type of stainless steel dispenser

You can opt for either a bottom loading dispenser or a top loading dispenser. Top loading dispensers have a more traditional design and continue to be very popular despite the arrival of bottom loading water dispensers. While you get one with a stainless steel build, getting a top loading dispenser will require you to lift heavy water bottles and put them on the top of the unit. In the case of top loading dispensers, you can monitor the level of water in the bottles very easily. That is not possible in the case of bottom loading dispensers. However, bottom loading dispensers take away the burden of carrying those heavy bottles. You can place them easily inside the cabinet. These days, many bottom loading dispensers feature a filter replace indicator that keeps you informed when the filter needs to be replaced. 

Temperature settings

Most people prefer to have water that is neither too hot nor too cold. If you are one such person, you need to invest in a stainless steel water dispenser that gives you the option of getting water at room temperature. However, during the summer you might require cold water and winters might necessitate the need for warm water. If you need water at different temperatures, it would be advisable to go for a machine that has a triple temperature setting. Many dispensers only give you the option of having either cold and hold water. Depending on your preferences, you could either invest in a dispenser that offers triple temperature setting or one that offers just two.

Cleaning the machine

To ensure that your dispenser lasts for a very long period of time, you have to look after it and make sure it does not have any defect. Maintaining a dispenser could prove to be either easy or difficult depending on the model you opt for. If you do not want to go through the process of cleaning it manually, you can buy a stainless steel dispenser that has a self-cleaning ozone feature. With the click of a button, you can get the machine clean itself on its own. A lot of budget dispensers do not have this feature. A good quality dispenser should also have the ability to self-drain itself. Since a dispenser deals with water, some of it gets spilled or accumulated over a period of time. Without a proper drainage system, it would be difficult to get rid of the waste water. 

Warranty and customer support

Apart from durability, one of the most important factors to consider while buying a stainless steel dispenser is the warranty and customer support offered on the product. The longer the warranty offered on a dispenser, the more will be the number of people interested in buying it. When a person is comparing two dispensers, finds similar specs in both devices and is confused about which one he should buy, he ideally goes for the one that offers a longer warranty period. However, there are instances when an individual is willing to go for a dispenser that has a limited warranty but very appealing features. Apart from the product, get some details about the manufacturing company. Find out whether the company offers good customer support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stainless steel water dispenser?

A stainless steel water dispenser is one that is primarily built with stainless steel. Though the unit could have components built with other kinds of material, stainless steel is the main material used to build them. Stainless steel water dispensers are more readily available and popular than other kinds of dispensers. 

Why should you buy a stainless steel dispenser?

Dispensers which are made of stainless steel are known for their durability, strength and sturdiness. Stainless steel is known as one of the toughest metals available. It’s resistant to corrosion and rust and that is one of the reasons why it lasts for such a long time. Another factor that makes stainless steel dispensers highly popular is the quality of the water they deliver.

The water that comes out of these dispensers has a neutral or pleasant taste. If you use a dispenser that is made of plastic, you might get clean water for consumption but the taste of the water would be far from being appealing. When you use a stainless steel water dispenser, you know that you will get great-tasting water. 

When you save some money and invest in a new electrical appliance, you expect it to give you value for money and hopefully, last for a couple of years at least. When you buy a dispenser built with plastic, you are not sure how long it will last. That is not the case with stainless steel water dispensers. Even if you invest in a moderately priced stainless steel water dispenser, you can be assured about the fact that it will last for a considerable period of time and provide quality service. 

Can stainless steel water dispensers handle high temperatures?

Yes, they can. One of the things stainless steel devices are known for is to handle fluctuating temperatures and remain unaffected by high temperatures. It is equally adept at handling very high and abysmally low temperatures. This is one of the reasons why it is highly preferred in several manufacturing-based industries. 

It can also be shifted and molded into different forms using specialized welding processes. Because of its high endurance capabilities, it is used extensively to manufacture a wide range of products. The water inside a dispenser can go through varying degrees of temperature and therefore, the unit has to be built with the kind of material that can withstand these frequent changes in temperature. 

Does a stainless steel dispenser have any aesthetic value?

Yes, it does. A dispenser that is made of stainless steel looks sleek and stylish naturally. Stainless steel has the kind of finish which very few materials can boast of. Products that are made of stainless steel look modern and upmarket. Apart from this, stainless steel helps in accentuating the aesthetic value of a dispenser by ensuring that it remains free from corrosion, scratches, rust, cracks and other issues. 

No matter how much you try to shield an electronic appliance from wear and tear, it will start showing signs of withering away after a point. When you buy a stainless steel dispenser, you would not have to worry about this for a very long time. There will not be any change in the appearance of the dispenser because the stainless steel exterior will protect it from various kinds of deteriorating elements present in the environment. 

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