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Top 5 Best Hot Water Dispenser in 2020

Best Hot Water Dispensers

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For this review, we’ve selected half a dozen hot water dispensing units. We took the time to test them before we selected the best hot water dispenser from the units that made it to our list. The review is concise and straight to the point.

Additionally, we’ve included a guide at the end of the review to help you choose the best hot water dispenser that will suit your needs and, of course, your pocket.

It might interest you to know that hot water dispensers are capable of dispensing water with a temperature of 94oC. If you want to buy a unit that dispenses both hot and cold water, please read our reviews of the best water dispensers.

Each of the hot water dispensers we selected can dispense about 60 cups an hour. This is a major criterion for buying – we’ll discuss it in details in the guide section of the article.

Editor Choice: InSinkErator H-CONTOUR-SS Is The Best Hot Water Dispenser

Affordability, ease of installation, size, etc are a few factors we considered before selecting the InSinkErator H-CONTOUR-SS Hot Water Dispenser as the best hot water dispenser in this buyer’s guide. Read on and find out other benefits you’ll get for using it.

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Here Is The List Of The Best Hot Water Dispenser With Our Expert Review:


InSinkErator H-CONTOUR-SS Hot Water Dispenser

The InSink Erator is popular for several reasons, many of which made us crown it the best hot water dispenser. It’s designed to be installed under a sink connected to its own faucet from where it discharges hot water.

It’s miniature in size, measuring only 6 x 3.7 x 5.6 inches. It’s made of metal and sports a stainless steel tank with a 0.6-gallon capacity. There are several InSink Erator hot water dispensers that look exactly like. Well, they share similar features and the difference often lies in the product name and model number.

This particular H-Contour SS model comes with its own chrome finished faucet. It saves you money and the stress of finding a matching faucet for your unit. We particularly like the chrome finish as it makes the unit blend properly with the rooms’ décor.

The unit has a 0.6-gallon hot water storage tank. It’s not the largest we’ve come across, however, it’s sufficient. The In Sink Erator ho water dispenser can deliver up to 60 cups of hot water in an hour. This includes the refills when the tank is empty within an hour.

The unit is easy to install, thanks to its tool-free tank connections. It takes barely half an hour to get everything up and running without any issues.

One important feature we find attractive in this unit is the dry start protection feature. This ensures that the dispenser doesn’t work if the water level is below a certain level. It’s a very important safety feature.

The InSink Erator hot water dispenser also comes with a three-year warranty. It definitely will last longer especially when you take proper care of it.



The unit is energy efficient and requires only 750W of electricity.

It sports a smooth adjustment knob for switching temperatures.

We love the 0.6-gallon water tank which helps the unit provide instant hot water.

The unit is easy to install although you may need the help of a plumber/electrician depending on the type of house you live in.


It has some plastic parts which are prone to damages.


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InSinkErator H-HOT150SN-SS Hot Water Dispenser

The InSink Erator H-HOT hot water dispenser is the second InSink Erator unit we’re reviewing. It’s the second out of the three InSink Erator hot water dispensers on our review list.

It’s a highly sought after dispenser, just like its cousin which we’ve reviewed above. There are a few physical differences between the two units but not many internal differences.

The InSink Erator H-HOT unit comes in two different colors; satin nickel and chrome. Additionally, it sports a 0.6-gallon water tank which is connected directly to a water source. The unit measures 5.38 x 2.75 x 6.25 inches. Given its dimensions, finding a space for installation wouldn’t be a problem.

As for the installation, it’s not a difficult task and anyone can do it. However, basic plumbing and electrical knowledge are necessary for the installation. The installation, on the other hand, requires no tools. However, you should keep a plier or a wrench standby when you want to begin your installation.

The unit requires 750W of power to function and requires an AC power outlet. It also comes with just about a year’s warranty as opposed to the other model which has three years under its hood.

Controlling the unit is made easy via the thermostat button. In addition, the unit sports the dry start security feature which inhibits it from working when the water level inside the tank is low.

The unit supports a filtration system, however, it doesn’t come with any filters. You must purchase your own filters. If you have a whole house water filter installed in your home, we advise that you forget the filter for this unit.

There’s no hot and cool faucet on this unit. It only focuses on providing you with instant hot water



The unit is easy to install and requires no tools.

It’s appropriately sized, hence, finding a space to install it won’t be a problem.

The stainless steel tank keeps your water hot for a pretty long time.

A control knob is easy to turn even with wet hands.

Dry start security feature.


Required electrical and plumbing reconfiguration


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Ready Hot RH-100-F560-BN Hot Water Dispenser

Sporting a similar look as the InSink Erator, the Ready Hot dispenser provides instant hot water on the go. It is available in two colors, brushed nickel, and chrome. However, there’s a slight price difference between the two as the former costs more than the latter.

The Ready Hot dispenser comes with a hot water compatible faucet with two control levers. One of the faucets delivers cold water and the other, hot water. We do prefer a hot and cold water dispenser.

For storing your hot water, the unit is equipped with a 0.6-gallon mini tank. This tank conveniently holds hot water with a temperature of about 91oC. It can dispense up to 60 cups of water an hour – this depends on the size of the cups.

The tank is made of stainless steel and needs to be connected directly to the water source.

The unit is energy efficient and requires 780W of power to run. Space is not a problem since the unit is small – it measures 11 x 7 x 11.8 inches.

If you intend to install the unit yourself, you might have to do some little plumbing and electrical work. A basic idea of both fields in combination with the accompanying user manual will help you install the unit in no time.

Concerned about water quality? There’s no need to be as the Ready Hot dispenser comes with a filter which filters your water as it gets into the tank. The unit has a rotating faucet, unlike some hot water dispensers with fixed faucets.



The unit is appropriately sized and can fit into small places. Hence, you need not worry about space when you’re installing.

The two color options allow you to choose a color suitable for your interior décor.

6-gallon tank which is connected directly to a water source.

The unit has an inbuilt water filter.

If you need 60 cups of hot water in an hour, the unit is capable of delivering it.


it’s huge.


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Waste King H711-U-SN Hot Water Dispenser

The Waste King hot water dispenser offers immense value to anyone willing to spend a few more bucks for it. It’s coated in Satin Nickel color and unfortunately, that’s the only color available.

As with all the other hot water dispensers on this review list, the Waste King unit has a capacity of 0.6 gallons. The unit requires a direct water supply thus saving you the stress of buying water bottles to refill the unit.

Space wise, the unit measures just a tad less than the Ready Hot Dispenser. Its dimensions are 11.2 x 6.8 x 8.1 inches. This makes installing it in small spaces a less daunting task.

Talking about installation, Waste King ships this unit with all that you’ll need to install it. The installation can be a little bit tricky especially with the electrical and plumbing work. Hence, a little knowledge of both fields will go a long way.

The Waste King hot water dispenser has the capacity to dispense only about 60 cups of hot water an hour. Surprisingly, the unit can produce 30 cups more than that – this left us wondering why the amount produced is bigger than the amount dispensed.

Energy efficiency is a key factor to consider when buying electrical appliances and the Waste King hot water dispenser puts that into consideration. It requires 1300W of power to operate – this probably explains why it produces more hot water in an hour than other units we’ve reviewed.

Waste King fitted this unit with good safety features including a dry start protection feature and another feature that can automatically increase or decrease temperature to protect the unit and its contents.



The unit can dispense 60 cups of water an hour although it produces more than that.

It requires 1300W of energy and is energy efficient.

You can get as much as 60 cups of hot water an hour.

A couple of safety features to protect users and itself.


Occasional dripping especially when the auto temperature security feature is activated in the unit.


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InSinkErator H-WaveC Hot Water Dispenser

The last best hot water dispenser we’re reviewing is the InSink Erator H-Wave C dispenser. It’s the third InSink Erator unit on our list. Here are a few reasons why we regard it as one of the best hot water dispenser units available on the market.

If you’ve seen the previous two InSink Erator models on our list, you’ll agree that this unit is a combination of both. It sports the look of both units, the difference being the faucet.

The temperature range falls within the 200oF range which is the same on the other InSink Erator models. It sports a 0.6-gallon metal tank – we’re guessing its stainless steel.

This H-Wave model costs more than the other models. It comes in two different colors, chrome and satin nickel colors. The lever for the faucet auto shuts off depending on how you set it. This feature is handy when you’re doing something else.

There’s a three year warranty period on the unit and this is a clear indicator of its build quality. As expected, the installation process is not a daunting task.



The installation is hassle-free and easy.

It’s available in two color options.

The unit comes with its own water faucet.

A 0.6-gallon sized tank holds hot water.


A bit pricier than its counterparts.


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Benefits of Buying A Hot Water Dispenser

“Who needs a hot water dispenser?” is one question we’ve heard a couple of times. The answer to that question, in all honesty, is everyone. A hot water dispenser is needed in offices, banks, gyms, homes, schools, etc.

They are most useful in areas that have high hot water demand. Some of the benefits of having a hot water dispenser include, but are not limited to the following.

Energy Efficiency

If you want to cut down on energy costs especially when it has to do with making coffee or other beverages, you should get a hot water dispenser. This is because the hot water dispenser is designed to hold about half a gallon of sizzling hot water.

This saves users the stress of boiling hot water on the kettle each time they want to use hot water. This reduces the amount of energy used by up to 9%. And, it leads us to the second benefit…

Saves Time

We mentioned earlier that a hot water dispenser saves time. You don’t need to light up the cooker or the microwave because you want to drink tea. In fact, it makes it easier for more people to have access to hot water in a matter of seconds, especially in the offices.

Space Saving

You get to save some space if you buy smaller types of hot water dispensers. Space-saving body styles allow you to install it anywhere, in addition to portability, for the portable models.

More Hot Water For More People

Imagine hosting a sizeable number of people in your home/office and there’s need for hot water. A large sized hot water dispenser or a wall mounted unit which is connected to the mains water supply is surely going to help you cater to the needs of those people.

The Best Hot Water Dispenser Reviews: Our Ultimate Buying Guide

We’ve made a list of the very important things you should take into consideration before you buy a hot water dispenser. The first thing you should know is the types of hot water dispensers.

Types of Hot Water Dispensers

There are, arguably a few types of hot water dispensers available. These include

  1. The tankless hot water dispensers/faucet-only hot water dispenser.
  2. Countertop hot water dispenser.
  3. Boil-on-demand hot water dispenser.

Each of these units needs a water source which can either be a water bottle or a direct connection to the mains.

Tankless Hot Water Dispenser

Tankless hot water dispensers can either be full standing units or countertop models – they’re mostly the latter. The tankless water heater is connected directly to the mains water supply and has heating elements that heat the water in small amounts as they pass through your plumbing.

The faucet-only models fit into this category of tankless water heaters.

Countertop Hot Water Dispenser

The countertop hot water dispensers are designed to be placed on a countertop/table. An internal water tank provides instant hot water at the touch of a button. You can connect it directly to the mains if it’s so designed.

Boil-On-Demand Hot Water Dispenser

This special type of hot water dispensers is useful for boiling hot water for just one or two cups of water in a matter of seconds. Apparently, they are suitable as portable hot water dispensers for CEOs to have in their offices.

It won’t offer instantaneous hot water, and again, it needs to be refilled after each use. The thermos pot/electric kettle hot water dispenser is also categorized as an on-demand hot water dispenser. It holds a small amount of hot water ready for use when you need it. It also boils quickly.

A few factors such as the demand for hot water, the type of house you live in, and the source of water can influence the type of hot water dispenser you end up buying.

Tank Size

If you intend to buy a model with a tank, you should consider the tank size. This is usually less than a gallon – all the hot water dispensers we selected have a tank size of 0.6 gallons. This is the amount of hot water that can be held by the dispenser at any given time.

As I mentioned earlier, if the demand for hot water is high, you should get a hot water dispenser with relatively large capacity and vice versa.

The tank size also determines to a large extent, the number of hot water cups you’ll get from the dispenser.

Where Will You Install It?

Consider the space available in the place you intend to put the dispenser. Will it be accessible to all? Is it close to a power source? Will it be connected to the mains as a power source? What design and colors will suit the interior décor of the room?

These are, but a few questions you should try to answer before you buy your hot water dispenser.

Must Have A Drip Tray

There’s no gainsaying that drip trays are important – but many of us still don’t know how important it is in our appliances. Drip trays allow you to catch spills and dirt and make cleaning appliances easy.

Even if you’re given a huge discount on a hot water dispenser, don’t buy one without a drip tray.

Boil Dry Protection

This is a must have for any hot water dispenser you intend to buy – a very important safety feature. The boil dry protection feature ensures that you don’t the unit won’t try to boil water when there’s no water in its tank.

Simply put, it stops the dispenser from working when there’s not enough water in the tank. Some hot water dispensers have a water level mark to show the level of water you must have before using the unit.


If your water source isn’t filtered, opt for a hot water dispenser with a filter. However, we suggest getting filtered water first before pouring it into the unit. A whole house water filter or a faucet water filter are both capable of giving you clean water.

Removable Water Tank

Although not a necessity, a removable water tank will be helpful. You’ll be able to refill the tank directly from your tap. If your unit has a non-removable tank, it will definitely have a channel for water to come into the unit.

Safety Lock

While not a standard feature on many models, a safety lock will help prevent accidental discharge of hot water especially when you have kids around.


The higher the wattage rating of your hot water dispenser, the faster it will boil water – after all, it uses more power.

Special Faucets

Some hot water dispensers come with special faucets that are designed to withstand heat. Opt for models that come with a faucet although you can still buy the hot water faucet separately. It’s up to you to choose which one you prefer.

Energy Efficient

Buy hot water dispensers with an energy efficient rating so you can keep your energy bills down.

How To Install A Hot Water Dispenser

Here’s a video that shows you how to install a water dispenser. It’s a straightforward process and anyone can do it with basic plumbing and electrical knowledge.

Final Words

Having reviewed the best hot water dispenser machines available in the market, we’re drawing the curtain on this article here. We’ve clearly seen how popular In Sink Erator dispensers are.

Will you buy the InSink Erator brand or does the Waste King dispenser cut it for you?

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