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Top 8 Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters in 2020

Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters

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Electric tankless water heaters are mainly used to deliver hot water and save up on energy. When you use water heaters that feature storage tanks, most of the energy remains unused. Apart from the fact that tankless water heaters produce hot water efficiently and only when you demand, they are also preferred by many because of the ease with which they can be installed in any area in a home or a commercial establishment like an office. In electric tankless water heaters, water goes through the pipe, makes its way through the water heater and finally reaches the heat exchanger.

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Top 8 Best Tankless Water Heaters

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We’ve put together our list electric tankless water heater reviews based on the best-sellers available on the market. In addition, we’ll share maintenance and expert buying tips to guide you in buying the best electric tankless water heater.

Here Is The List Of The Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters With Our Expert Review:



Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

If you have very little space in your kitchen for a new tankless water heater and can’t accommodate a big water heater, this medium-sized Ecosmart ECO 18 heater is the one for you. Despite being smaller in size than some of the other popular water heaters out there, Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless water heater has all the features that you would expect to find in a premium tankless water heater. If you are living in a place where the water temperature remains fairly balanced or moderate, buying this water heater would be a very good idea.

A major difference between conventional water heaters and this tankless water heater is that the latter does not keep a stock of hot water. You can set a particular temperature by simply turning the knob. The heater is made up of copper and stainless steel which make it strong and durable. This heater has been designed mainly for use in homes. You must install it somewhere where it would be safe from water spill, rain or too much sunlight. The installation process is slightly complex and the company recommends buyers to seek the help of a professional plumber to set it up.

This is one of those water heaters that do not need a venting system. It is an apt machine for those who have been planning on replacing their old, conventional heater with a tankless heater. It will cost you a little more than a traditional water heater but will make the process of heating easier, conserve energy and help you save some money on electricity bills. If you set the temperature at 62 degrees Fahrenheit, the heater can heat 2.5 gallons of water in a minute. The average output would be somewhere around 105 degrees. With a weight of just around 14 pounds, you can install it anywhere in your home. As long as you get it installed by a licensed plumber, you will get a lifetime warranty on it.



Priced lower than most other heaters in this range

Lightweight and easy to carry around

Self-modulating technology helps in conserving a lot of energy and helps in saving up on electricity bills

One of the very few water heaters on which you get a lifetime warranty


You do not get a lifetime warranty if you install it yourself

You have to wait for about thirty seconds before water starts flowing out of the faucet


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Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 29 kW Water Heater

This 29 kW tankless electric water heater is a very powerful and robust heater which has been made for use in places where the temperature drops below a certain level and makes the surroundings very cold. If you live in a place where the temperature of the water falls below 40 degrees and you find it very difficult to drink, this is a device you might want to have. Most tankless water heaters manufactured by Tempra boast of microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation and that is the case with this heater too. It features a dial selector which enables you to change the temperature or adjust it anywhere between 30 degrees and 60 degree Celsius.

It features a digital display which helps you check and be informed about any change in the temperature of the water. Since it has the capacity to heat up to 6 gallons of water in a minute, it is a good device for large households that have a lot of members and need a constant supply of hot water at regular intervals. It can heat a large bathtub filled with water in no time. The electric water heater is a good investment for those who live in areas where the weather is generally very cool. It happens to be one of the very few tankless water heaters that have a thermostatic temperature control along with a full-power modulation.

Tempra Plus 29 has been designed in a way that it makes automatic adjustments in its power output. This is to remain in sync with any change happening with the rate of flow of water or incoming water temperature. It comes equipped with Advanced Flow Control technology which controls the rate of flow of water. The preset temperature memory buttons in this water heater are very convenient to use. It scores very high on energy efficiency and if you are concerned about saving money, this would be a good investment.



Extremely suitable for cold climates

The digital temperature control display shows very precise readings

Energy-efficient and saves up on money


Installation cost is a little high

Shows a sudden surge in the temperature of the water at times


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Stiebel Eltron Water Heater – Tempra 24 Plus

While a lot of people wish to have a water heater with high-end features, the cost factor would hold them back from investing in one. From being well-designed and having an accurate digital display screen to a high-end control system, Tempra Plus 24 has several features that one would expect in a high-quality tankless water heater. Tempra, as a brand, has always delivered when it comes to quality and this particular model has been one of their best offerings in this space. Regular tank-based heaters remain operational throughout the day but this one functions only when you require hot water. Your expenses do not shoot up while using it and you will get a low electricity bill.

Advanced Flow Control is one of the appealing features of this tankless water heater. Those who would like to use multiple functions at the same time will benefit from this feature. The microprocessor technology ensures that the temperature of the water that comes out of the heater at any point in time is constant. Even if there is a drop or rise in the flow of water, the temperature of the water will remain consistent. The Flow Control works wonderfully towards regulating and controlling the temperature and ensuring that you have a smooth experience while having a bath or washing clothes.

The digital temperature control gives you enough freedom to control the temperature according to your needs. The temperature options range from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius). To set the temperature, you just need to turn or move the knob towards your preferred temperature. You can view the temperature on the digital display screen. This water heater produces 4 gallons of water per minute at a standard flow rate. Most tankless water heaters offer a warranty period of a year or two but this one gives you a three-year-long warranty period. Its sleek and stylish design augments the visual appeal of the area you place it in.



The installation process is very convenient and hassle-free

You can run multiple fixtures at the same time

The temperature control function is very efficient

The three-year long warranty period


Not suitable for large households or the ones with a high power requirement

Price is slightly on the higher side


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Rinkmo Electric Tankless Water Heater

One of the most important reasons to buy the Rinkmo Electric Tankless Water Heater is its durability. This particular model has proved to be strong, efficient, reliable and long lasting. Unlike other heaters, you do not need to heat the water or put it on standby mode before using it. You just have to set the temperature and once you open the tap, you will have hot water flowing through. This heater has been specifically designed for homes or personal use. The product has been designed by keeping the safety of children in mind. It is as safe as a heater can get and the controls are very easy to use. There is a demarcation between the electricity lines and the water inside the heater. This helps in avoiding the possibility of any kind of unwanted material such as rust or minerals building up inside the machine. Because of this, one is assured of safe and clean water at all times.

The heater registers a percentage or score of 99.8% when it comes to being energy-efficient. If you have been using conventional methods to heat water, you will find your electricity bills being reduced by 50-60% after using this Rinkmo electric tankless water heater. The water heats up in a few seconds and after you switch it ON for the first time, you get hot water flowing out of it almost instantly. The smart modulating technology which it comes equipped with quickly finds the difference between the preferred temperature and the actual temperature of the water.

The shape of the heater resembles that of a very small briefcase. It barely takes up any space and you can easily shift it to any part of the house you wish to. Due to its compact design, you can install it in several unconventional areas across the house like the basement, storeroom or a cupboard. Even those who are not very comfortable with new-age technology will find it very easy to use the minimal and well-defined controls that come with this water heater. As far as the temperature readings are concerned, you can switch to either Celsius or Fahrenheit based on your preference. You can do so with the press of a button.



A compact structure which facilitates easy installation and storage

Can deliver hot water throughout the day

The sheet metal shell is of very high-quality and fire-resistant

The filters can be cleaned easily using manual procedures


Not recommended for large-sized families.

Difficult to install on your own.


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Rheem 240V Heating Chamber RTEX-13 Residential Water Heater

If you are looking for a tankless water heater that does not take up a lot of space but is energy-efficient, then here is a suitable option for you. The Rheem 240V tankless water heater is small in size but delivers what is expected out of it. It features a digital thermostatic control that is extremely modern and has an LED display. You get NPT adapters and compression water connections with it. It is very easy to set up this water heater. It is 99.8% energy-efficient and ensures minimal electricity bill footing for you every month. If you have space constraints in your home, this compact heater is just what you need for your daily hot water requirements.

There is a set of digital thermostatic controls fitted on the exterior part of the machine which is very convenient to use. The maximum flow rate of water that this heater offers is 3.17 GPM which is fair and appropriate for a single bathroom. Its heating elements are made of copper which contributes towards heating the water faster. As the heater does not feature a tank, it is very easy to carry it around. The controls can be easily operated even by those who are accustomed to using manual heaters. The digital thermostatic control has easily adjustable controls that enable you to change or adjust the temperature in a jiffy. The water heats up as quickly as it passes through the heating elements and you get water delivered at the temperature you desire.

The design is very easy on the eyes and the build makes it very easy for one to set it up wherever needed. If you need hot water several times during the day or at different areas within the house, this water heater will do the job for you. You can get hot water from the tap in your kitchen or the shower in your bathroom without having to move the heater around. The water would come out in a seamless flow without any disruption. Apart from saving up on space, it will also bring down your electricity bills considerably. There are self-modulating systems which ensure that the heater only uses minimal electricity that it needs to fulfill its functions.



Has several features that contribute towards making it a highly energy-efficient heater

A continuous flow of hot water is guaranteed without any interruptions

A one-year warranty for parts and a five-year no leak warranty is offered

Can be used to heat water at different areas in the house


The flow rate does not go beyond 3.17 GPM

Not as powerful as some of the other heaters in this category


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Stiebel Eltron 230628 240V Tankless Water Heater

The heating elements of the Stiebel Eltron water heater are regulated by a single flow switch which makes it very convenient for the user to start the heating process. While being extremely efficient, the machine does not make even the slightest of noise. This heater can heat up the water flowing to different areas of the house like the kitchen, bathroom, living area and so on. A person washing dishes in the kitchen and one taking a shower in the bathroom can have access to hot water at the same time. The temperature can be set anywhere between 86 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You can change the temperature according to your preference.

The advanced microprocessor technology makes sure the temperature remains constant even with inconsistencies in the rate of flow of water. If you are worried about a deviation in the set temperature, you can feel relieved with the fact that this heater comes with the Electronic Temperature Control feature. If there are irregularities in the flow of water, the Electronic Temperature Control ensures that it does not affect the temperature settings. The smart microprocessor technology works effectively towards controlling the temperature sensors and the flow sensor.

It also helps in adjusting the heating elements which in turn contribute towards conserving energy. The flow rate of water is approximately 1.5 gallons a minute. This heater is suitable for both personal as well as commercial use. It lasts long, delivers powerful performance and is one of the most reliable tankless water heaters available in the market today. It is very rare for a water heater to come with a three-year warranty for parts but Stiebel Eltron 230628 240V water heater comes with a three-year warranty. Once you purchase it, you do not have to worry about any of its parts getting damaged for the next three years.



The heater consumes around fifty percent less electricity than most heaters in this range

It is simple to use and lasts for years with proper maintenance

Can be mounted on a wall very easily

Available in a wide variety of sizes


Not suitable for outdoor use

Design is too simple


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Eemax EEM24018 Electric Water Heater

If you are looking for a compact water heater with a stylish design, then you could buy this Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater. It is a good heater to have for those who want a compact machine but need to use it for multiple purposes. This heater can produce hot water for as many as three different appliances at any given time. Being lightweight and compact in size, it is very easy to carry the heater to different places and install it anywhere. The stylish design will add to the decor of your kitchen. Its design is one of its most appealing features.

The self-modulating technology helps you make any alterations you wish to make in the temperature, ranging from 80 and 140 degrees. The heating elements heat the water in no time and are very durable. In case they need to be replaced, one can do that easily. The heater is known for its smooth performance and long lasting tendency. On a regular day, it can produce hot water for two sinks and one shower. It mostly registers a water flow rate of 0.3 PGM. The machine also scores high on safety and ease of use. Because of its compact size, you can save the storage space in the kitchen or the area where you plan to have it installed.

You get a well-written instruction manual that lays down the entire process of installing the machine properly. Even if you are not too good with technology or machines, reading the manual will help you set everything up without undergoing any hassles. Being 99.8 percent energy-efficient, it works wonderfully towards conserving energy and reducing the overall electricity expenses. You might need to buy some additional cables to set it up. However, that will add to the installation cost.



It is compact and boasts of a stylish design

Self-modulating technology works well

Lasts for a long time

Delivers dependable performance at all times


You might need the help of a professional to get it installed

There could be inconsistencies in the temperature of the water and the flow rates at times


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Atmor AT-910-24TP ThermoPro 24 kW/240V 4.6 GPM Digital Water Heater

If you need a lot of hot water in a day and are often worried about not getting hot water in sufficient quantity, then Atmor AT-910-24TP is the device you need to buy. This is one heater that is known for providing hot water incessantly at any hour of the day and as many times you need. The heater features ThermoPro self-modulating system which works very efficiently at controlling electricity consumption and the energy that is used in heating the water. The digital control panel is very convenient to use and gives you all the information you need about the functioning of your heater. It also comes with an IP54 certification which ensures safety. The device is designed in such a way that it would require no venting. Since it is compact in size, you can install it anywhere you want to.

The only thing you need to remember is that the company makes it mandatory for the customer to get it installed by a professional. Its features make it an ideal heater for a moderate or warm climate. The 24kW/240V device comes with a capacity of 4.6 GPM and makes for a good investment for a medium-sized family. Its design is not only stylish but well thought out too. It does not occupy a lot of space. The interior surface is made of high-quality stainless steel which makes the water heating process faster. This heater can be maintained very easily and effortlessly. You get a two-year part warranty which is pretty good. You can use the heater to produce hot water from four applications at the same time.

If you have been used to going through the whole process of storing water in a bucket or tank and heating it manually, you would hugely benefit from this tankless water heater. It does not consume a lot of electricity. With around 240 volts of current, you can run it efficiently and without any glitches. The material used in manufacturing this heater ensures that it remains corrosion-free and endures years of usage comfortably. The mechanism of the device works in such a way that the interior remains dry and there is no risk of shock or any other possible issue. You can change the temperature easily but there could be certain variations or fluctuations based on where you are located and the climate surrounding the area you live in.



Self-modulating technology facilitates the supply of hot water on a consistent basis

The build is solid and the material protects it from a wide variety of external disturbances

Does not require you to install a vent

An ideal option for those who have limited space in their home


Available in only one color – gray

Does not come with a labor warranty


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Buying Guide & FAQ About Best Electric Tankless Water Heater:

If you’ve decided to buy an electric tankless water heater, congratulations. However, you’re not yet certified fit to buy the unit until you’ve read and digested the contents of this buying guide.

How Does An Electric Tankless Water Heater Work?

Most electric tankless heaters heat water on-demand (as opposed to storing hot water in a tank), which results in energy and cost savings.

There are mini tank models classified as tankless water heaters. These mini-tank water heaters have small tanks that hold a limited amount of hot water. It’s akin to a water dispenser although both aren’t the same.

Tankless water heaters are powered by either an electric or gas elements. In this review, we’re only concerned with the electric models.

Let’s answer a few questions about using an electric tankless water heater.

What are the advantages of using a tankless water heater?

It’s important that we talk about the benefits of using a tankless water heater. Are tankless water heaters worth it? Why are they better than their tank model? We shared the advantages of using them in the lines below.

Saves Space

With a tankless water heater, you have nothing to worry about in terms of space. Tankless water heaters have no tanks, so the issue of finding where the tank will fit won’t arise.

Again, most tankless water heaters are designed to be wall mounted. This saves valuable floor space especially when it’s being installed in a room with limited space.

Saves Costs

This is one of the most important perks of using a tankless water heater. When using the traditional tank models, you fill the tank with water to a certain level before turning on the unit.

If for any reason, you’re unable to completely use the water you heated, then the leftover is now a waste. Someone else who wants to use hot water will have to heat the water again.

This significantly increases the energy bill in the long run. On the other hand, the tankless model heats up the water as you open the faucet. It turns off as soon as you turn off the faucet.

Clean Water

With a tankless water heater, you don’t have to deal with water that has been contaminated in the tank by rust and other sediments. Using a tankless water heater thus ensures you have clean hot water at your disposal at all times.

Lasts Longer

The traditional tank water heaters are known to last for up to a decade or two. A tankless water heater will last longer than that especially when you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

More Hot Water

With a tankless water heater, you have more hot water to use at home. This eliminates the scheduling of bathing times in the house and no one has to use cold water to bath.

Saves Time

This is another great advantage of installing a tankless water heater. It saves you a lot of time. You won’t have to wait for the tank to refill as in the case of the tank models.

Any drawbacks? Well, the only drawback of tankless water heaters is the cost of installation.

How Many Devices Needs Hot Water Simultaneously In Your Home?

First, you should consider the number of devices and faucets that need hot water in the house. Check the total number of faucets in each room, especially for rooms that are ensuite.

Next, take note of the flow rate of these faucets and devices. Note which ones will run simultaneously. For instance, the faucets in the master bedroom and the one in the kitchen and that of the children’s room might run simultaneously.

Add the sum of their flow rates together. This gives you an idea of the flow rate the unit you purchase must have.

Here’s an estimate of the water flow rates of some of the common devices and faucets.

  • Faucets: They typically have a flow rate of about 0.75 GPM to 2.5 GPM.
  • Shower heads: These have a flow rate of about 1.2 GPM to 3.5 GPM.
  • Washing machines and dishwashers: They have a flow rate of 1 GPM to 2 GPM.

These are general assumptions. A good way of finding out the exact flow rate of your faucet or appliance is to check the product’s manual or to check online using the model number of the product.

What’s The Temperature Of your Incoming Hot Water?

This is the second thing you must take note of. Plumbing Supply provided a list of possible temperatures for groundwater here in the US. Your district’s water authority can also furnish you with this information if you request it.

Knowing the temperature of the incoming water, we can proceed to the next stage.

Calculate the Temperature Rise

The temperature rise refers to the amount of heat temperature that the water heater will need to heat the water that passes through it. You don’t need to be a mathematician to do this.

To calculate the temperature rise, just deduct the incoming water temperature you obtained above from the temperature you desire. For instance, if your incoming temperature is 48oF, and you desire water that is 110oF hot, simply subtract 48 from 110. Your answer will be 62oF.

Armed with this precious information i.e. the flow rate of your appliances and the temperature rise, you’re well equipped to find a unit that suits your household.

Find an electrician and a plumber

Since you’ll be using an electric tankless water heater, an electrician will help install the unit. The duty of the electrician is to create new wiring and install breakers required by the unit.

The plumber has to do the minor plumbing works. It’s not uncommon to find professionals who can handle both the electrical and plumbing installations. However, this can be very expensive. But it’s worth it.

Installation location

Select a suitable space in the home where the unit will be installed. Ensure that the unit is not installed in a place where children will have access to it. Some of the tankless water heaters can be mounted on a wall. If you have the space on the wall for it, you should opt for such a model.

If you don’t have space inside the house to install the unit, opt for a unit that can be installed outside the house.

A Good Flow Rate

Now that you’ve taken note of the flow rate of the faucets and appliances in your home earlier, you should buy a unit that exceeds that flow rate. At least 6 GPM to 8 GPM is acceptable for most homes.

Which Size Do You Want?

Take a look at this video?

This clearly indicates that tankless electric water heaters come in various sizes and shapes. Each size is suitable for a specific number of faucets. If you have a large household, then you should opt for the larger models and vice versa.

Do You Want A Mini Tank Model?

Mini tank water heaters are often classified as tankless water heaters because of their size. They often appear to have no tanks but in reality, they have small tanks which hold only a small amount of hot water.

The hot water held in this tank is released immediately you turn on your faucet. It makes up for the lag time on some units which may need a few seconds to get the required hot water to you.

How To Take Care Of Your Tankless Electric Water Heater?

Given the nature of the water that flows into tankless water heaters, it’s important we do our best to keep the unit in proper working condition. In this section of the article, we’d like to show you some of the things you need to do to elongate the lifespan of your tankless water heater.

  1. Don’t turn on your tankless electric water heater when the electric current is low.
  2. Install a water softener especially if your water is hard water. The water softener will remove the hardness impurities from the water thereby reducing the time it takes for it to boil.
  3. Don’t allow water to touch the electrical parts of the unit. Install it in a clean dry place.
  4. Flush your unit at least once in 9 or 12 months.
  5. Check the water pipes leading to the unit for signs of corrosion and leaks. Make the necessary repairs.
  6. If your unit makes any noise which seems to be getting progressively louder, please contact a professional to have a look inside to know what the problem is. Replace the part that is responsible for making such noise.

The video below shares more maintenance tips…

How To Flush Your Tankless Electric Water Heater?

Flushing a tankless electric water heater is an important thing to do if you want the unit to function efficiently.

The video below should serve as a guide on how to flush your electric tankless water heater.

Final Words…

Getting an electric tankless water heater will significantly reduce the amount of energy you use for heating water in your homes. Proper maintenance, on the other hand, will ensure that your unit will live as long as Methuselah, literally.

We hope you enjoyed reading the review. What are your thoughts? Share with us below.

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