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Top 10 Best Bottleless Water Dispenser in 2020

bottleless water dispenser

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The ability to have clean drinking water is one that is cherished no matter where we live and one way to obtain it is by using a water dispenser. There are two types of water dispensers in the market today namely, bottled and bottleless water dispensers. A bottleless water dispenser is a godsend for those who don’t want to be inconvenienced about changing bottles from time to time. This type of water dispenser is connected to the main water supply and purifies the water through an in-built filter system. They can also heat, cool, or serve water at room temperature as per your requirements. This makes it ideal for use in large organizations over bottled water dispensers.

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Water dispensers also allow us to reduce the usage of plastic bottles even in the case of bottled dispensers. This plays a huge role in helping to keep our environment clean and safe. Apart from the reduced plastic use in homes, large companies can also make use of bottleless water dispensers and contribute more towards a cleaner and pollutant-free environment. If every company in the world does so, there will be a significant change in the number of non-degradable plastic bottles littered across our planet.

But how can you buy the right type of bottleless water dispensers? There are so many different types and features and some might not be the right choice for you. Here is where this guide comes in. With the information below, you should be able to not only save money but also find the one that best suits your specific requirements. Here are some of the best bottleless water dispensers available for you to purchase today.

Here Is The List Of The Best Bottleless Water Dispenser With Our Expert Review:


Brio Bottleless Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis

With efficiency of 99% when it comes to removing contaminants, the Brio water dispenser is one of the best water dispensers featuring reverse osmosis technology. It has four water filters that ensure no amount of impurity remains inside the water after it has been processed. Apart from serving water at room temperature, it enables you to have hot and warm water at the touch of a button. The device never disappoints when it comes to fulfilling your hydration or water consumption needs. It eliminates a variety of contaminants effectively including deadly viruses and bacteria.

If you buy a product based on the kind of certifications or approvals it has from different agencies, then that is something you will like to have. This device enjoys a high Energy Star rating and is very consistent in conserving energy. It has also been certified by Underwriter Laboratories, an agency that provides certificates to electrical appliances once they are sure it adheres to the quality standard set by them. What is even more reassuring is the fact that it has made been manufactured while conforming to the guidelines set by NSF/ASNI. With multiple certifications and approvals, there is no ambiguity about it being a premium quality water dispenser.

The dispenser is built with high-quality components that are known to last several years without showing any signs of wear and tear. Each of the four filters boasts of a premium build and has the capacity to provide fresh and hygienic water endlessly for years. The fact that there are four filters attached to it might make you feel that a lot of effort and money will go into maintaining the device. The good news is that maintaining this dispenser is an absolutely hassle-free and cost effective process. The filters have a quick-connecting feature that enables you to install them fast and without any professional help.



Comes with quick-connecting filters

Minimal maintenance cost

Built with premium quality components that last for long

Has self-cleaning ozone feature


Slightly heavy


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Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

This water dispenser by Avalon comes in an elaborate kit that features a variety of tools and components. The packaging kit contains a tubing, a push connect adapter, a filter flushing adapter, a shut off valve and a manual with detailed instructions and illustrations on how to install the system. With such tools at your disposal, you can set up the device easily without requiring any help. There are two filters attached to the device. One of them is a carbon block filter and the other is a sediment filter. The filters have been proved to function very well for six months during which they manage to produce around 1500 gallons of filtered water.

This bottle-less water dispenser is designed to be used in both homes and offices. It is very convenient to use and can provide drinking water at different temperatures at any hour of the day. It is designed and built with the primary purpose of serving you with safe and hygienic water. It delivers well on that count and has the kind of mechanism which makes operating this device a breeze. It also features self-cleaning ozone feature that works towards cleaning up the machine at regular intervals. Because of this function, you would not have to make any effort to wash or clean it. The tri-temperature setting enables you to extract purified water at three different temperatures.

If you have children at home and are worried about them getting hurt from the hot water coming out of the faucet, then there is a feature that would help you waive off this worry. The feature is the child safety lock which is installed on the water faucet and ensures that the child does not get to switch it on in the absence of an adult. The inbuilt nightlight helps in making the water spouts coming out the faucet visible in the dark. One of its unique features is an LED indicator that lets you know when a filter has exhausted itself and needs to be replaced. The device has been listed by Underwriter Laboratories and is approved by Energy Star.



Offers filtered water at three temperature settings

Energy Star approved and UL listed

Efficient child safety lock

Dual-filtration system


Filters are sold separately

The dispensing area should have been wider


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Brio Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

Featuring a stylish design and innovative features, the Brio Self Cleaning Bottleless dispenser proves to be as resourceful in an office-based set up as it is in your home. Despite offering great style and utility, it comes at a fairly affordable price. It features a two-stage filtration process that does a very good job of removing all kinds of impurities from the water. The 5-micron carbon filter is effective at detecting the most minute particles and the sediment filter is adept at removing contaminants. The best part is that this device arrives pre-assembled and you also get an eight-page long instruction manual. There is very little effort involved in getting it running.

You will be required to set up the water dispenser near a grounded device. It should be at least eight inches away from the wall behind it. The coils at the rear end of the unit must not come in contact with the wall. This dispenser features two tanks made of stainless steel which are responsible for dispensing hot and cold water from the machine. There are two switches on the back that will help you activate the two tanks separately. There is a huge difference in the storage capacity of the two tanks. While the cold storage tank can hold 3.6 liters of water, the one that stores warm water has a capacity of 1 liter.

This dispenser has an efficient self-cleaning feature that takes the responsibility of cleaning the device off your shoulders. You just need to press the button for around five seconds and then release it. Once the indicator starts blinking, you know the cleaning process has started. The dispenser will be sanitized by its ozone-based cleaning technology. Ozone gets inside the water and acts upon the germs and other harmful contaminants present inside it. This particular system is very effective at eliminating bacteria present in the water tanks. The bottom loading technology of this device eliminates the effort and strain associated with lifting heavy water bottles.



The two-stage dispensing process of hot water ensures safety

Built with premium quality stainless steel

Elaborate installation kit

The filters are easily accessible


The filtration cycle takes a long time to complete

Not suitable for outdoor use


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Avalon A7BOTTLELESSBLK Bottleless Cooler Dispenser

If you like making hot and cold beverages regularly, you will benefit hugely from the Avalon A7BOTTLELESSBLK water dispenser. It has two water spouts that produce filtered water at a sufficiently warm and cool temperature as and when you need it. The temperature and water flow rate remain very consistent. The product is listed by Underwriter Laboratories and has been highly rated and approved by Energy Star. The machine utilizes two filters – sediment filter and carbon block filter. Both the filters are at their efficient best in the first six months of use and are capable of delivering 1500 gallons of purified water during this period.

If you live in an area that is known for frequent power failures, you have nothing to worry about. This dispenser features a built-in nightlight that lights up the water spouts at the click of a button. Even if it is not dark around, you could switch off the lights in the room to see the wonderful effects this feature has. You get the first two filters and an elaborate installation kit with the main unit. One of the most unique features of this dispenser is its pedal spouts. You can just press your cup or glass against the pedals gently and get hot and warm water instantly. The drip tray accumulates all the waste water and can be easily removed. It scores very high when it comes to the efficiency rate of removing different kinds of contaminants.

This dispenser does not feature a tri-temperature setting and is not equipped to produce filtered water at room temperature. However, it has a very powerful compressor that helps it serve its primary function of providing cold and hot water very well. It can produce cold water at 47 degrees Fahrenheit which is as good as a glass of water loaded with a large number of ice cubes. It can provide filtered warm water at a temperature as high as 185 degrees Fahrenheit and allow you to make hot beverages like coffee, tea and hot chocolate easily. The hot water tank has a capacity of 1 liter and the cold water tank can hold 3.6 liters of water. The machine also features a leak detector to let you know in case of water leaks while moving from its source to the dispenser.



The filters have been certified by National Sanitation Foundation

Produces cold water and sufficiently warm water

Features an in-built leak detector to address water leakage problems

The paddle spouts further simplify the water dispensing process


No option of getting filtered water at room temperature

Plastic build


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Brio Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser

Featuring three temperature settings, this bottleless water dispenser by Brio is very efficient at delivering warm and cold water or moderately cool water at room temperature. Its size, build and the large dispensing area it provides makes it an ideal machine for making hot and warm beverages. It is not a beverage making machine but to make a beverage, it is important to have quick access to hot or warm water. This machine solves that problem and enables you to have a fine, customized water drinking experience. It features a two-stage filtration process that ensures the removal of all kinds of contaminants from the water.

The fact that it is a bottleless dispenser makes it an economical device. You do not have to incur the cost of buying water bottles on a regular basis. It produces sufficiently cold water and warm water at higher temperatures. This ensures you never have to procure ice to further cool or heat the water using an additional device. In the first stage of purification, the water passes through a sediment filter that eliminates rust, dirt and dust particles. In the next stage, which also happens to be the final stage, it goes through an activated carbon block filter that ensures the removal of substances like chlorine, fluoride and eradicates bad odor.

This dispenser is equipped with a self-cleaning feature that works as an automated cleaning device and does a very efficient job of disinfecting the dispenser. Apart from the self-cleaning ozone system, it also features ultra-violet which further contributes to the cleaning process. The machine is proved to be 99% efficient when it comes to eliminating germs, bacteria and microbes. Because of these features, you are always sure of the fact that your water dispenser is clean and sanitized. The machine offers a large dispensing area that enables you to carry the largest of cups or glasses and get them refilled. This dispenser is made of premium quality stainless steel that ensures durability and strength.



Very large dispensing point

Built with high-quality 304 stainless steel

The LED digital nightlight feature lights up the water spouts

Self-cleaning feature and UV light ensure thorough cleaning


Professional help might be required during installation

Replacement filters are slightly expensive


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Avalon A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT Bottleless Water Dispenser

Avalon has been manufacturing water filters and dispensers for years. The brand is known for making products that are easy to install, use and maintain. The Avalon A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT bottleless water dispenser is no different. It boasts of a minimalistic and stylish design that draws your attention immediately. It works on a simple filtration mechanism that works towards providing quality water in a hassle-free manner. Apart from offering a one-year limited warranty on the product, the manufacturer also gives you the option to try the product for thirty days. If you do not find it satisfactory, you can return it within this period.

This water dispenser consists of two standalone filters which are designed to remove a wide variety of contaminants from the water. The sediment filter and the carbon block filters last well for around six months after which you might need to replace them. It features a hot water spout and a cold water spout which are responsible for dispensing generously warm and cold water respectively. You do not have to put any effort into cleaning the interiors of the machine as the self-cleaning ozone feature takes care of that. The device is very efficient at conserving energy and has a high Energy Star rating.

The installation kit provides you with a 20′ of 1/4″ tubing, a filter flushing adapter, a push connect adapter, an under-sink adapter with a shut-off valve and an instruction manual with detailed instructions and well-drawn illustrations. There is a child safety lock on the hot water faucet. It has been designed to ensure and protect the children in the house from using the faucet on their own and hurting themselves with hot water. You can also avail of touchless dispensing by buying this device. The paddle dispensing system helps you extract water out of the faucet by just pressing your cup against the paddle gently. This dispenser is also known for producing warm and cold water at a consistent temperature.



Touchless water dispensing system

Stylish design and compact size

Installation kit has all the necessary components for easy setup

Adheres to the safety guidelines laid out by international agencies


No option of getting water at room temperature

Made of plastic


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Avalon A12 Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser

With a weight of 30 pounds, the Avalon A12 bottleless water dispenser features three temperature settings that enable you to have a customized water drinking experience. It has a large number of high-utility features that make it a cost-effective product. A lot of people prefer top loading dispenser over bottom loading dispensers as the former helps you to check the water level in the bottle easily. Though this one is a bottleless water dispenser, it features a filter replacement indicator that lets you know when the filters need to be replaced. It is made of premium quality stainless that ensures durability and longevity.

This dispenser does not feature a reservoir wherein you can store water. So, whether you use it in an office or a personal space, you must install it in an area where most people can come and use it. It has two powerful filters that eliminate different kinds of impurities from the water. The installation kit comprises of all the tools and hardware that you would need to go about the installation process. After setting up the machine, you must let it run for a few minutes. Once it flushes out the waste material, it will release purified water out of the faucet. A child safety lock is installed on the hot water faucet to ensure the children in the house do not accidentally harm themselves with hot water.

The self cleaning ozone feature works effectively towards sanitizing the machine. Since the machine is quite compact, only smaller sized filters are compatible with it. Avalon manufactures filters that are compatible with its devices, so you would have to visit an Avalon store or look for Avalon filters online when you need to replace the original ones. When there is a power supply issue in the house or the office, you can switch on the in-built nightlight to illuminate the water spouts and extract purified water out of the faucet.



Compact design

Features a filter replacement indicator

Self-cleaning ozone system

In-built nightlight helps you consume water in the dark


High maintenance cost

Only compatible with smaller or lower capacity filters


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Avalon A13BLK Electric Bottleless Cooler Water Dispenser

As is the case with most water dispensers manufactured by Avalon, this one too features a set of two filters. Though the number of filters is two, you get as many as three temperature settings to choose from and customize your drinking experience. Cold, water and room temperature – you can get water at the kind of temperature you like. Apart from conserving energy well, this bottleless dispenser is also quite an economical device as it eliminates the need to buy new water bottles all the time.

The machine’s all-black design lends it a stylish and elegant look. It has been built with high-quality stainless that is known to be very effective in protecting itself against damages. The electric buttons are placed on the top of the device and easily accessible. The two filters, a sediment filter and a carbon block filter come as a part of the system’s packaging unit. The filters have a lifespan of around six months and produce more than 1500 gallons of purified water during their lifetime. If you are troubled by some unpleasant smell in your water, then you would be delighted to know that the filters are 100% efficient at removing bad odor.

An elaborate installation kit is provided with all the tools you need to install the device. If you possess basic DIY skills, you would be able to set up the dispenser easily. It requires around 120 volts of electricity to function smoothly. The system takes a while to filter the water. Though you might have to wait for some time before the water starts pouring out of the faucet, what you get is natural-tasting and high-quality water. At 1 pound, the machine is quite light-weight and easy to carry around. If you are on a budget, this is one of the best water dispensers you can buy.



Innovative and stylish design

With basic DIY skills, one can install the device easily

Its safety features are well-designed and are of high quality

Very effective at removing bad odor


The purification process takes a while to complete

Available in only black color


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Clover D1 Hot and Cold Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser

The Clover D1 bottleless water dispenser gets connected to the water line running through your home directly and saves you on the money that you would have spent on buying water bottles. The faucets are very user-friendly and one needs to just push them gently to use them. Its biggest strength lies in the speed with which it filters and delivers water. It offers a large dispensing area to the user, so using a large-sized jug to fill up water would not be a problem. It has a height of 17.2″ which makes it very easy for one to place it under standard cabinets.

It is made with premium quality components and hardware which lends it durability. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on the parts and a three-year warranty on the compressor. It is available in two different colors, black and white. The drip tray is made of good quality ABS plastic and can be removed easily. The side panels are made of coated metal. It has been certified by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and adheres to high safety standards. The filtration system is very effective at removing contaminants. The one downside is that it is sold separately.

The tanks are made of stainless steel and feature copper refrigerant lines and internal heating coils which help in maintaining the water temperature and improve the taste of the water. One of its standout features is a Dual Float with Emergency Shut Off System that limits the chances of water leaking out of the dispenser. The child safety lock works far more efficiently than similar locks found on dispensers in this range. It can be used in your home and also in a small-sized office space.



Cost-efficient and easy maintenance

Excellent water flow rate

Stainless steel build

Certified and approved by Underwriter Laboratories


The filters are sold separately

Unattractive design


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Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

If you find the entire process of setting up a water dispenser tedious, the Brio Countertop Self Cleaning bottleless water dispenser will make you think again. It comes with an elaborate installation kit featuring a wide range of tools or hardware that make the process of installing it very easy and convenient. The kit has 1/4″ tubing, under sink adapters with shut off valve, push connect adapters and a well-written instruction manual. The manual also features some good illustrations that will help you understand the process of installing and maintaining it better. One of the biggest benefits of buying this dispenser is that the manufacturer offers replacement filters for free.

The untreated water goes through a two-stage filtration process in which all the contaminants present inside it are thoroughly removed. The sediment filter and the activated carbon block filter are of very high quality and last for 6 months which is the standard lifespan for most water filters. During this period, they produce 1500 gallons of purified water. The filtration process is very powerful and the water that comes out of the faucet is as clean as it gets. The dispenser is known to provide clean water at a good flow rate and on a continuous basis.

The three temperature settings give you enough scope to customize the water temperature according to your preference. The dispenser offers cold, hot and room-temperature water. The filters do a very good job of neutralizing the flavor of the water and offer you a taste that is natural and pleasant. Because of features like self-cleaning ozone, you will have to put very minimal effort into maintaining this dispenser. It has the kind of mechanism that is designed to keep it in good shape without much supervision on the owner’s part. With a stainless steel build, Energy Star approval and UL certification, the manufacturers have made it clear that they have made no compromise while making this device.



Durable build and high-grade components

Filters can be accessed easily

Powerful two-stage filtration process

UV light technology helps in eradicating bacteria and germs


Inconsistencies in temperature at times

Bulky structure


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BottlesLess Water Dispenser Buying Guide:

Before buying a bottleless water dispenser, there are a few key aspects you need to consider. Blindly purchasing one with a high rating might backfire against you in the long run if it doesn’t meet your specific needs. Here are some of the important things to take into consideration to ensure you get the maximum value from your purchase. 

Finding the right water dispenser comes down to your individual needs. There are a plethora of dispensers of all types available.

  1. Ease of Installation – Ease of installation is one of the most vital aspects to look for if you have a tight budget. The tighter your budget, the less complex water dispenser you want to buy. Unlike bottled dispensers, these have to be connected to the main water supply which requires a certain level of experience on your part. Most of the products will come with all the necessary parts but sometimes a few parts may be missing. In these cases, you will have to either replace the product which will take some time or you will have to spend a little bit of extra cash and buy them from your local hardware store. So if you are on a tight budget, it would be wiser to go for one that is very easy to install. 
  2. Durability and Price – There are a few amazing products in the market today that offer excellent value when it comes to price and durability. However, in most cases, the higher quality products will always cost more as the materials used in the construction will be more expensive than the ones used in budget models. In terms of quality, water dispensers that utilize aluminum, steel or food-grade silicone parts are all considered to be quite durable and built to last for a long time. 
  3. Filtration System – This plays a very important role depending on the place where you live or work. If the water you get is well known for being filled with chemicals and pollutants, it is vital to go for a bottleless water dispenser that uses a very efficient filtration system like reverse osmosis. Depending on how bad the quality of your water is and scarcity, you have to look for a filtration system that best meets your needs. Sometimes the best way to go might be to compromise on water wastage (reverse osmosis filtration system) or the level of filtration. Before you make any decision, make sure you know exactly what is in your water. Once you know the prevalent contaminants, you can then research and buy the best product that will best suit your needs.
  4. Temperature Settings – Some bottleless water dispensers have the option to serve either cold or hot water whereas others serve both and even have a room temperature setting. The ones that have all the options will of course be more expensive but they will always offer you more value. You will be able to make tea, coffee, ice tea, or even soup if your water dispenser has both hot and cold valves. If you’re looking for a dispenser able to dispense hot water for teas or coffee, we recommend an instant hot water dispenser. Now if you don’t need to make tea or coffee and just want one that serves cold water, go for it. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. 
  5. Features – Some even come with the ability to make carbonated water which allows you to make homemade refreshing fizzy juices and so on. If you have children in your house who are constantly fiddling with buttons and objects in your kitchen, then you might want to invest in a dispenser that comes with a child lock safety feature. In terms of better energy consumption, some products come with an auto safety feature that will shut down the heating functionality when the machine is not being used for a certain amount of time. The more features it has, the more expensive it will be but in terms of value, it will always be well worth the price you pay.
  6. Daily Water Consumption: Estimate your daily water needs before purchasing a water dispenser. This will help you determine your cost of bottle replacement or filter replacements. As a rule of thumb, one standard 5 gallon (19L) jug can provide water to 8-10 people daily. If you need to provide for more people, we recommend additional coolers or a bottleless water dispenser.
  7. Available Space: Plan your space before making a purchase. If you have space near a water supply, consider going bottleless to save cost over water jugs. If there is no available floor space, you can use a countertop water dispenser.
  8. Daily Water Consumption: Estimate your daily water needs before purchasing a water dispenser. This will help you determine your cost of bottle replacement or filter replacements. As a rule of thumb, one standard 5 gallon (19L) jug can provide water to 8-10 people daily. If you need to provide for more people, we recommend additional coolers or a bottleless water dispenser.
  9. Wrapping Up: We are spoiled consumers when it comes to water dispensers. From instant hot water dispensers for the tea lovers to unlimited bottleless dispensers, there’s truly a product out there for anyone, at any budget.

FAQ About Best Bottleless Water Dispenser

1) What are the advantages of buying a bottleless water dispenser over a bottled one?

As mentioned above, water dispensers, whether they are bottled or bottleless, allow you to save a ton of plastic usage over the year. However, the bottleless one is far superior when it comes to this goal as you don’t have to use or replace a plastic container now and then. Companies, colleges and any large organization that has hundreds or thousands of employees can make use of these to not only significantly reduce plastic usage but also save a lot of time and effort.

2) Can a botttleless water dispenser be installed by one person or do you need a professional?

Most of the bottleless water dispensers are designed in such a way that they are relatively easy to install. However, you do need to be somewhat experienced in installation to have a hassle-free experience. These dispensers are always connected to the main water supply line and so making a mistake might lead to consequences. Almost all dispensers come with installation manuals but not every manual will be easy to understand especially for those who are not handy with tools. So if you don’t have a lot of experience in installing such systems or in using tools and hardware, it would be wiser to hire a plumber to take care of it.

3) What are the uses of a countertop water dispenser and a free-standing one?

Both of them are common types of water dispensers designed for the same purpose but different functionality in terms of usage. Countertop water dispensers are ideal for places that have limited space such as a home office, galley kitchen, studio apartment, office lobby and so on. A free-standing one on the other hand is better for offices, lounges, warehouses, medical centers, gyms and libraries as these places are often spacious. In terms of efficiency, both are on par with each other so the only main difference is the amount of space required.

4) Do bottleless water dispensers come with any additional features?

All bottleless water dispensers allow you to have hot, cool or room temperature water; however, some of them come with additional features. The features may vary from one model to another and will usually have an added cost to the product. The functionality will more or less remain the same but these features will offer you more convenience. Some of these features include a child safety lock, self-cleaning feature, large access points and in-built lighting. Modern ones may also have the option of serving sparkling water as carbonated water is in high demand these days.  

5) Are all bottleless water dispensers equally efficient at filtration?

No, they aren’t. If you already have a filtration system in your house, you won’t need to get a water dispenser with filters. Some models come with reverse osmosis filtration systems whereas others utilize either ion exchange or activated carbon. So if you don’t have a good filtration system in your home, then you can buy a water dispenser that comes with the filtration system you need. Depending on the filtration system, the cost of the dispenser will vary but in the long term, it will always save you a lot of money while keeping you healthy. 

Final Word

Buying a bottleless water dispenser may seem like a daunting task at first given all the different options out there today. However, with a little bit of research and reflection on your current needs, you will be able to shortlist products that will best meet your specific requirements. From there, the only decision you have to take is to figure out the one that gives you the most value and make the purchase. As a general rule of thumb, always read the full description of the product to better understand the pros and cons of the product. Happy shopping! 

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