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Avalon Countertop Water Dispenser review

Avalon Countertop Water Dispenser

Do you need a practical dispenser for your home drinking water? Look no further than Avalon countertop bottle-less water dispenser. This unique standalone water holder is elegant yet versatile.

What makes this great unit one of the best water cooler is its tank-less as well as the tabletop feature. Its small size and portability make it attractive. But there are other conveniences you derive from purchasing this water dispenser. The outline below elaborates on these features.

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Key Features

No water loading

The dispenser doesn’t have any bottle for water. Instead, it has a pipe connected from the existing plumbing to it. This feature reduces the constant loading, offloading and checking for the water levels that are evident in the other pitchers holding water bottles.


Since you avoid buying bottled water, you get safe drinking water cheaply from this dispenser. You only need a connection to the existing house plumbing to start drawing clean drinking water.

LED indicator light

Fetching water at night sometimes becomes a bother. You are forced to switch on the light to locate your water dispenser. But for some people, once light shines on them, returning to sleep becomes a long slow process. If you have a water dispenser with an indicator bulb, like Avalon, you avoid such a situation.

Self-cleaning mechanism

Portable drinking water is intended to improve hygiene. But in some cases, having a water dispenser makes the situation worse. The moist, damp water funnels offer perfect grounds for bacterial and germs infestations. But if you have a self-cleaning ozone sphere inside a water dispenser such as Avalon, you eliminate this possibility. You and your family enjoy clean and sterile drinking water.

Hot and cold water supply

The dispenser can heat and chill water. It saves the hassle of switching on your microwave or cooking top to warm a cup of coffee.

Child lock

Another feature making this unit one of the best water coolers is the heating taps safety gadget mechanism present. This lock eliminates the apparent risk of a child burning from hot water or draining the supply.

Energy efficient

The Avalon water dispenser is also a certified energy-efficient water device. It uses low heat to operate, hence saves your utility costs.

Long life filter

The Avalon unit comes with unique filters. Each of these cleans about 3,000 gallons before replacement. This element purifies a vast quantity of water for home drinking. This feature makes the device one of the best water coolers to acquire.

Small, portable size

The product is small and free standing. You don’t need ample space to place it. It fits well, even on a countertop in a kitchen or on a bedside desk.

Safety certification

The product is certified and compliant with the US Council for and listed CUL US listed


  • Silent water dispensations.
  • Tank-less, hence you don’t need to keep bottles around.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Hygienic due to its unique self-cleaning mechanism
  • Protects children from burning with hot water child lock
  • Comes with replacement filters
  • Supplies both hot and cold water
  • A long-lasting water filtration system
  • Night indicator lamp
  • Available in two colors – white and black, blends well with all color schemes
  • A cheap supply of clean water


  • Difficult to fix. Installation should be done by experts only.
  • Once installed, you can’t be moved from location to another due to piping.
  • Expensive setup due to plumbing alterations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have an indicator light for the night spout?

Answer: Yes, the best water cooler has a night LED lamp to identify the dispenser at night.

How do you know the filter is due for a change?

Answer: The filter life for this product is 3,000 gallons. You can also replace the filter after one year of use.

What is the dimension of the unit?

Answer: The unit measures 13x12x41 inches.

What material is the dispenser made of?

Answer: The dispenser is made from high-quality plastic materials. It’s been tested for BPA and found to be free from harmful carcinogen matters.

Is this product NSF certified?

Answer: Yes, it is certified by the NSF.


Why should you consider this product? Avalon water dispenser is a convenient drinking water supply point. It doesn’t require regular purchase of bottles for water replacement. Further, it’s cheaper to maintain, using minimal power. The small size makes it attractive where space is a premium. It’s easy to set on top of a kitchen countertop or any suitable area. Certainly, it qualifies as one of the best water coolers you can depend on.

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