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Atmor Tankless Water Heater Review 2020

Atmor Electric Tank-less Water Heater review

The Atmor tankless water heater is a reliable and affordable electric heater. By simply opening the shower or faucet, you activate the system. Water passes through the unit and heating elements found within the unit and comes out at your preferred temperature. What’s more, the flow is uninterrupted.

When the water is switched off, the heater automatically detects this action and disconnects itself from the source of power. This unit has an impressive GPM of 5.1. The flow rate is dependent on the temperature increase.



Atmor offers its electric tankless water heater in various forms like 11kW, 14kW, 18kW, 24 kW, and the 27kW. All of them require 240V of power to run smoothly and effectively. The Atmor electrical tankless water heater also needs three 8AWG wires together with three 40 amp DP breakers. It comes equipped with IP54 water splash protection.

Key Features of the Atmor Tankless Water Heater


You don’t need to wake early just to wait for your bath water to heat up. The unit conveniently responds to your demand which means hot water in only 15 seconds from turning on the tap.

Convenient, compact size

The gadget measures 12 x 3 x 6 inches and weighs a mere 4.5 pounds.

Easy Installation

 When it comes to the installation cost, this tank uses fewer expenses when compared to the competing heater types.

Adjustable Temperature

The Atmor Electric tankless water heater is easy to adjust the temperature with an off, low, medium and high switch clearly marked.

Cost of maintenance is low

The unit doesn’t need any maintenance since no elements will build up.

Greater Efficiency

 The user sets the unit to its desired temperature. The Atmor then heats it to the set temperature.

Considers every safety measure

It has an installed thermal switch which prevents the water from getting hotter than 58°C. The flow switch prevents the unit from turning on unless there is a flow of 1-2 liters per minute.


The Atmor only heats what you need and only uses electricity when water flows through it.


  • Controls through the digital meter easily.
  • It can be installed near the shower or sink.
  • Has to splash water protection.
  • Made mainly for the hot climate areas.
  • This unit is compact.
  • It comes with a display screen controlled by a knob.
  • Offered in a variety of options to suit your needs and your budget.
  • It is energy efficient.


  • The Atmor Electric tankless water heater requires an extra copper wiring for installation, but these are bought separately. This increases the cost of installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the water heater on the outside wall?

No, you cannot. The electric tankless water heater has splash protection, but it will not protect your heater from the snow or rain.

Is a pressure valve needed for this model of the water heater?

Yes, you can use it for a much better experience. The expansion tank can also enhance your experience along with the water heater.

Can I use a softener of water in this heater?

Yes, you can use the softener. The softener solution wouldn’t present any problems with the heater operations.

Does Atmor save electricity?

Yes, Atmor instant electric water heaters save up to 80% on electrical consumption compared to other water heaters.

Does the device conserve water?

Atmor water heaters automatically activate only when the hot water faucet is switched. There is zero standing heat loss as there is no stored water.

How many minutes does it take to heat up water?

It doesn’t take any noticeable duration. This electric water heater supplies instant hot water in seconds once the tap is opened.

Are there any restrictions on a 3kW with 110V unit?

Yes, there are. This particular unit is designed for only a single tap application. It requires a flow rate of 0.5 GPM to optimize temperature increase.


Atmor heater is tested for quality operation by major standard bodies. This tankless water heater is made by the reputable Atmor Industries, renowned for quality and reliability all over worldwide. The water heater has user-friendly features. This water heater will allow you to get fast water as it has an excellent rate of water flow. Further, the unit utilizes the latest in modern technology to present a line of tankless water heaters that offers consumers numerous benefits.

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